Anti-Smart Meter March – 5 May

May Day March 2013

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6 Responses to Anti-Smart Meter March – 5 May

  1. Anon-nim-mouse says:

    Awesome experience to walk with friends today at the May Day rally. It was wonderful to exchange information and be part of an enthusiastic team. Thank you to the organizers of our march. “Smart meters, smart meters, NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!!”

  2. Paul & Di McMahon says:

    Fantastic!!! Was at the first march last year and hope to see as many people as possible this year………..We know you are out there, so this is your opportunity to voice your concerns in public and show the government and all the energy power mongers that we mean BUSINESS, HANDS OFF OUR HOMES….OUR FAMILIES……OUR HEALTH….AND YES, WE DO HAVE A CHOICE!!!!!!
    NO SMART METERS!!!!!!!

  3. Melbourne Mum says:

    YES! Thanks for organising – Let’s show our Strength in numbers!

  4. Linda Reid says:

    Cool I have been waiting to March, I will hand out flyers at work, with me there are six people in my store without a smart meter, all due to me telling them they have an option. Linda, from SP ausnet covered Broadford.

  5. Pam says:

    John – Please accept my apologies – I will not be able to attend the March on 5th May 2013. I hope it is a huge success for all of us who are againt the Installation of SMART METERS in our Homes. You and Sonia work so hard for our Cause. We will WIN I have no doubt about it. Good Luck…Pam 🙂

  6. I am waiting for the occasion when they turn up. I don’t give consent – as the signage says… so it opens up a huge class action for people who didn’t consent to having damaging technology installed …later on

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