Smart meter protests step up – La Trobe Valley Express

LOCALS opposed to the widespread installation of smart metres across the Latrobe Valley have stepped up their campaign against SP Ausnet.

A public forum in Boolarra last week had 60 attendees, from Mirboo North, Morwell, Boolarra and Traralgon, unanimously agree to “resist smart meters and lock their switch boards”.

Despite SP Ausnet’s assurances smart metres complied with all “relevant international and Australian standards” and were safely installed, numerous householders have vowed to fight what they feared was risky technology with potentially harmful levels of radiation.

Central to more recent debate between householders and SP Ausnet were claims by some residents SP Ausnet had threatened to cut off their power supply if they did not allow access to their meter box for the installation of smart meters.

Churchill resident Ian Hamden is one resident accusing the energy company of making those threats.

He said when SP Ausnet first visited his Cedar Court property he advised them “when I pay for the house, this is my meter and I have it locked and I do not want a smart meter”.

“He (the SP Ausent employee) said I would have to have it whether I liked it or not and if I didn’t give him access he would disconnect the power,” Mr Hamden said.

“He had upset me enough so I told him if he did that then I would see him in court as the power supplier has a contract to supply me with power and I have a contract to pay said bill.”

Experts disagree on whether the provision of access is legally binding.

Legal advice sought by the Broadmeadows Progress Association, and provided to The Express by local anti-smart meter campaigners, said the Electricity Distribution Code did not contain “express terms to the effect that consumers are obliged to allow persons on to their property to install smart meters”.

Solicitor Eugene White also advised it was “misleading simply to advise customers that if they refuse to accept the installation of an AMI (advanced metering infrastructure), their power will be cut off”.

SP Ausnet, however, argued under the EDC a customer not complying with the code “may be disconnected” but said the company would “only ever consider this as a last resort” and proactively worked with customers to “understand their questions and concerns with the rollout”.

The spokesperson told The Express “we will never threaten or harass customers, but inform them of their rights and responsibilities…”

Mr Hamden disputes this, claiming the SP Ausent employee who visited him was “telling me lies… and I told him he would be out on the street with his arrogant attitude”.

He said when another employee visited his property weeks later “I told him my meter box was staying locked, he said okay… and left”.

Churchill Stop Smart Meter Action Group spokesperson Trevor Bridges, who helped organise last week’s forum, pointed to a recent decision by Greater Dandenong councillors to continue their fight against the meters, despite receiving legal advice they could not stop installation.

A Springvale Dandenong Leader report said that council would “look into the cost of hiring an independent contractor to measure electromagnetic waves and radiation”.

Concerns have long been raised by Mr Bridges who has warned three to four per cent of the population were sensitive to radio frequencies, which meant in Churchill there could be 141 radio sensitive people and in Traralgon the number could be as high as 660.

“A smart meter on their properties could be a real health problem for them,” he added.

By Lynda McRae, March 21, 2013 

Via: Smart meter protests step up 


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34 Responses to Smart meter protests step up – La Trobe Valley Express

  1. Anonymous says:

    The 2 letters from SP Ausnet have been received informing us that a smart meter will be installed in our Gippsland home between 8th & 19th July. My meter box is locked, with a Perspex window to allow reading of the analogue meter. A notice is in place to inform the installer that I do not wish them to install. I have phoned SP Ausnet & told them the same thing. Their response was to tell me I had no choice. I corrected them, quoting this web site & the paper written by Janobai Smith ‘Smart Meters in Victoria -Information & Concerns’ (March 2013). I also reminded them that lat year Prime Minister Julia Gillard said “The devices won’t be compulsory”.
    I gave my ‘NMI’ number, & repeated that I did not wish to have a Smart Meter installed, & was informed that it was likely the installer would come to our property anyway, but would leave is access to the old meter was refused. I commented that because we live in a relatively isolated bush location, it was my intent to save them a wasted journey.
    Will now wait to see what happens next.

    Central Gippsland.

  2. Churchill Stop Smart Meters Action Group. SMART METER-POWER verses BABY MONITOR’S

    Published on Mar 23, 2013

    GOVERNMENT say’s Smart Meters are safer then a “Baby Monitor” on the SPAusnet 2.4Ghz band?

    The Problem with there CLAIM is My Home is 1 kilometre from the WiMax Smart meter Tower**

    a BABY MONITOR only has a Range of 20 to 70m Meters (max) on the 2.4 Ghz band REFERENCE:::

    ” DO THE MATHS” >> 1000metres – minus- 70 m = a (930 metre shadow area) “A no signal ZONE”

    • Eric says:

      I think he means….well below the Australian “COOKING” standards

      You don’t need to be cooked to develop a brain tumor with a 20 year latency period. Very low exposures over long periods of time will do the trick. And if you want to make it even more certain, throw in the more susceptible transmission frequency and make the exposure of a pulsed nature. I know just the device to facilitate that, a smart meter !

      Yep, I think the Australian “COOKING” standards have no relevance whatsoever in ascertaining brain tumor risk nor any other of the many potential harmful effects from smart meter radiation exposure. Time to go and find another argument friend.

  3. m.c. says:

    I wonder if the polititions have got one ?***

    • 1vimana1 says:

      If the politicians don’t all have a Smart Meter they they should have, what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

  4. Damaged says:

    A smart meter made us so sick we couldn’t live in our house. We ended up on the street for 6 months and eventually had to sell the house and move interstate. Sixteen months later our ears are still ringing and we have become sensitised to wi-Fi. This radiation is cumulative and we don’t know if the damage is permanant. The power company admitted to us that about 6% of the population is extremely sensitive to these frequencies, but they refused to remove the meter despite our doctor’s letter and repeated, desperate cries for help. They showed no sympathy, only abuse and didn’t care that our home was ruined. It is much easier to prevent installation than to get them removed once they are in. Keep up the fight.

    • Pam says:

      Damaged – so sorry to hear your story. These Power Companies admit there is a problem – where they get the 6% is beyond me. They have harassed you, bullied you installed a bloody smart meter and ruined your lives. Another Family forced to move interstate to get “some” peace. Seems to me the Damage is done as you are still ill. Have you Registered on the SSMA Health Register? I suggest this would be an avenue for you. It’s to the right of the comments “Health Issues and adverse health effects of smart meters”. It is completely Private and Confidential……….Good Luck to you and your Family………..Pam

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Everybody, simply lock your Electric Meter Box as thousands of us have already done. First of all Padlock that Box and then get up your Anti Trespass signs in that order. If you only put up the signs and don’t padlocke your Meter Box first you are wasting your time and playing into the hands of these Unprincipled C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies.

    • Eric says:

      Premier Denis Napthine said the impact of the tornadoes had been “absolutely devastating”.
      He said he would travel to Yarrawonga on Sunday to meet residents and “make sure that those who have been affected are properly looked after.”

      The rollout of smart meters has been “absolutely devastating” for some such as the family of the poster above known as Damaged. It is disgraceful that people have been forced to leave the state by the very same government that claims to “make sure they properly look after people affected” by some disaster. Smart meters are not just a disaster, their rollout has been an absolute tragedy for some people and this government is not even prepared to acknowledge those people but would rather sweep them under the carpet. Many of us don’t even have the option of leaving the state and have no choice but to endure the torture and the ill health associated with having these toxic devices all around us.

      One particular professional person whose health has been severely affected to the extent that she can no longer work nor live in her own house any more wrote to the now former Premier explaining the disaster that had occured in her’s and her family’s life through exposure to smart meter wireless communications and pleading for his understanding so that something could be done for her and for many many others affected and who will be potentially affected in the future. This letter can be easily found on the internet and so is the immoral response of a letter that she received. It was a DISGRACEFUL letter from the Premier’s department that masqueraded as a response only but was in actual fact a COMPLETE NON RESPONSE that only sung the praises of smart meter benefits but did not acknowledge that this woman’s life has been ruined although they had the audacity to thank her for her letter.

      Can this be the same government that says they “make sure that those who have been affected are properly looked after.” ?

      • Richard Leschen. says:

        Both the Labour and Liberal Governments of Victoria are an EVIL JOKE, They don’t give a Brass Razoo about human Health.


        Richard Leschen

    • Kaye Plummer says:

      I too am in a now desperate situation. My whole body vibrates like jelly during transmission and I can’t sleep. I have tried space blanket protection which works a bit, but in 36+ degree heat I can’t sleep with this huge insulator….. Help.

      • Pam says:

        Kaye – Please Register on the SSMA Health Register. You will find the link at the top right hand side of this Post. It is Private and Confidential. As I have said to many other ill people – GO TO YOUR LOCAL PAPER WITH ‘YOUR STORY’. We have to get as much Publicity as we can to force the Powers (pardon the Pun) that be to STOP THE ROLL-OUT OF THESE DANGEROUS SMART METERS…… GOOD LUCK ……PAM 🙂

        • Sharron says:

          I have to agree with Pam – please don’t suffer in silence. Contact your local MP and councillors, whoever will listen! Get your symptoms verified by a GP and get tests done asap. Best of luck to you 🙂

      • Beatrix Vant says:

        Hi Kaye, I paid 600 dollars and the installer put the antenna on to the roof. We have metal roof and we moved the bedroom to the opposite end and across the house. We have outside shutters on the windows (German, good stuff, metal and insulated inside like a sandwich, “security” shutters, NOT the Modern Shutters flimsy type). I let all shutters down at night, back of house is new and that is where we moved our bedroom, that has modern foil insulation, the blue/silver stuff. No mobile reception in bedroom after all the above action taken, so I am hoping there is no vibration from the mobile tower and the smart meter grid. Once the grid is in place there is no escape, the neighbouring meters will effect you even if there is no smart meter on your own property. I think the whole community must to stick together to stop the nonsense. People living on “acre” properties may escape….?? not sure. Lovely couple lives next-door with two young children, the younger one would scream at night “head hurts” she is only 2 years old!!! I am stating facts, not opinions. I still have headaches at night, take 2XNurofen plus and 2XPanadol Osteo when waken from sleep by the headache, I do all sort of shifts. The nightmare started with the smartmeter installed. No trouble when I go back to Budapest, just have to keep away from places that offer free WiFi or put up with it, when I am awake it is only a feeling like the head blowing up, bearable compared to the lack of sleep, which is a form of torture. Oh, I also take Melatonin to help sleep. There is a curtain you can put over the bed, that stops the vibration from the matrace coils, creates the Faraday Cage, my husband resists so I have not done this as yet, working on it. There was a quote for 3500 dollars to paint the inside of the old bedroom with Yshiled – well, not convinced it would have worked. I am in the process of buying a gadget to measure the waives. It is illegal to get a smartmeter scrambler in AU…Apple has one but that only scrambles and does not protect from the microwaves I guess. Any other thoughts? Civil disobedience? Love you all

        • Pam says:

          Beatrix – have you Registered on the SSMA Health Register??? if you haven’t please do so. Yes we all will STICK TOGETHER – We should not have to live like this. .Pam 🙂

  5. Melbourne Mum says:

    Hopefully, there are enough red flags going up for people with this ridiculous technology being forced onto homeowners all over Victoria. Stick to your beliefs and never let anyone persuade you otherwise – it is for their benefit only, NOT the customers!

  6. Terry says:

    To keep trespassers off and or out of your property declare it ‘Closed Land’ with entry to be only by invitation or in writing signed by the property owner. Draw up a Statuatory Declaration to that effect and have it witnessed by a Notary. Display this Declaration along with a NO TRESPASS sign to the entrance of your property. You then have full protection under both Commonwealth and State law.
    Greater Dandenong Council obviously have more go in them when it comes to protecting their ratepayers than either Latrobe or Wellington councils. Makes you wonder what the councillors interpretations of Occupational Health and Safety really are, doesn’t it?

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      We still live in a Democracy and nobody can LEGALLY force you or anyone to accept a Dopey and Now Proving to be Deadly Dangerous Microwav Electric Smart Meter against one’s Will and Better Judgement. Firstly EVERYBODY Securely Padlock your Electric Meter Boxes with an INDUSTRIAL PADLOCK as I and mounting thousands of us Victoirans have done and get up your Commonwealth of Australia Constitutional Anti-Trespass Signs.

      Most important of all is to firstly Padlock YOUR METER BOX, You own it and not these Lyers who would have you believe that these foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s own it. They do not !!! You own the Electric Power Box.

      Richard Leschen.

  7. Jay says:

    As I understand it by law all we are obligated to do is to allow them “reasonable access” to be able to read the meter manually, which can be done by locking your meter box and cutting a hole for the analogue meter to be read (or have a perspex door on it). If we have done that then any threats by the power companies to cut off our supply are against their own customer contracts and they expose themselves to accusations of harassment/bullying.
    I think Greater Dandenong council hiring an independent contractor to measure radiation would be a fantastic step forward for us in our fight against SMs. I commend that council’s stance on the matter – more power to them! (pun intended)

    • Pam says:

      Jay – Agree with everything you have said. I have the cut-out – my box locked – signs everywhere. They have only been here twice and first time, they said I had been listening to too much of Neil Mitchell – I said to them it was just as well I had and told them to leave. Second time – I just said NO to two installers and that was when I went to my Local Paper. I also have a Solicitor acting for me, because I just refuse to write or ring the mongrels anymore. Councils seem to be doing more than Govts. Be interesting to see what the readings are!!!!! Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Michael Bland says:

        Hi Pam
        My wife just finished chemo an doesn’t think she needs anymore radiation, im thinking of disconnecting from the grid all together, as you an others have said they are just low life an cant be trusted, a friend of mine just got his smart meter a month or so an is now complaining of headaches if he’s inside to long, so we are hopping the councils do some good !!

        • Pam says:

          Michael – tell anyone that is suffering (including your Wife) to register with the SSMA health register – you will find the link to the right at the top of the page. It is Private and Confidential. I can’t emphasize enough. If you haven’t got one LOCK YOUR BOXES AND DISPLAY ALL THE SIGNS (again available on this Website especially the NO TRESSPASS SIGN the one with the huge Fine. TAKE PHOTOS WITH YOUR MOBILE IF NECESSARY. Our Councils can only do so much to change the Govts mind. We THE PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THE REST. Go to your local paper and tell them your story and get your friends to do the same. I have had two articles printed an d will be doing another shortly (Warrnambool Standard). I COMMEN TED ON THE fORUM 2 NITES AGO AND SUGGESTED WE FLOOD OUR NEW PREMIER WITH EMAILS OR LETTERS OF YOUR PARTICULAR PROBLEM AND PUT HIS ADDRSS AND EMAILL ADDRESS ON THAT COMMENT……………..GIVE MY REGARDS TO YOUR WIFE AND DO HOPE SHE IMPROVES………….CHEERS PAM 🙂

    • Eric says:

      In “measuring radiation” we need to be careful how we do it.

      We don’t want to get sucked in a totally false sense of security by making a safety call that is based solely on the strength of the readings.

      It is WRONG to look at the smart meter EMR situation on the basis of transmission signal strength alone.

      Wireless communications from smart meters produce PULSED EMR
      ie. short sharp bursts of repetetive exposure.

      Three reasons why signal strength alone is deceptive and constitutes a flawed argument from the Distribution Companies in respect to safety.
      1. Pulsed EMR from smart meters is harmful even at low signal strength.
      2. Smart meter pulsing exposure is continuous all day long every day
      ie. it’s ongoing long term exposure without end
      3. Transmitting frequencies of smart meters are particularly harmful with SP Ausnet being quoted as saying that 6% fo the population are particularly sensitive to THESE FREQUENCIES

      I am waking up in my house with headaches every single day. Smart meters all around me are without doubt the cause. Looking at signal strength alone would lull you into a completely FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. All these other factors mentioned above need to be considered tiogether with any other X FACTORS.

      The fact of the matter is that proper smart meter testing has ALREADY BEGUN being performed on LIVE GUINEA PIGS in the suburbs of Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. As one of those guinea pigs I can confirm first hand that these devices are extremely damaging and harmful to human health and life.

      • Eric says:

        Throw in more reasons why signal strength alone is deceptive and constitutes a flawed argument from the Distribution Companies in respect to safety

        1. PULSED EMR from smart meters is harmful even at low signal strength.
        2. Smart meter pulsing exposure is continuous all day long every day
        ie. it’s ongoing long term exposure WITHOUT END
        3. Transmitting frequencies of smart meters are particularly harmful with SP Ausnet being quoted as saying that 6% fo the population are extremely sensitive to THESE FREQUENCIES
        4. Overnight exposure factor (adversely affecting nighttime melatonin production) must be taken into account. Smart meters pulse while we sleep.
        5. EMR exposure effect is cumulative. How does the reading level alone reflect on how the effects of EMR exposure has “accumulated” for each individual. Adding to that, each individual has differing levels of sensitivity and differing LIMITS OF ACCUMULATION TOLERANCE. When those limits are reached, it is very understandable that one BECOMES SENSITIZED to any extra exposure even at lesser signal strengths and from transmission frequencies once thought safe at times prior to their EMR tolerance LIMITS BEING HIT. In this situation even low readings from other transmission sources will start to have detrimental affects on an individual.
        6. Individual exposure is not limited to emissions from one smart meter such as your own or your neighbor’s. Our exposure is to a NETWORK OF SMART METERS. The rollout exposes a person to a whole haze of electrosmog due to emissions from constant transmissions required to maintain a WIRELESS NETWORK that SPANS ACROSS THE WHOLE CITY and state. So even when you are not home you are being exposed and the effects of this exposure are cumulative. The city of Melbourne has now become immersed in electrosmog. The ROLLOUT OF SMART METERS is the prevailing factor that has caused this electrosmog to become ONE SOLID CLOUD that is encompassing THE WHOLE CITY. No wonder we have cases where people’s HEADACHES JUST DON’T GO AWAY.

        Any attempt by the Distribution Companies or people(?) such as EMR Technologies to claim that smart meter exposure is safe and that is MADE ON THE BASIS OF READINGS ALONE is just a COMPLETELY BOGUS DIALOGUE.

        • Eric says:

          The effects of EMR exposure from smart meters is not just the effects that come from the wireless “chatter” that maintains the “NETWORK OF SMART METERS” (which spans all the city and surrounding suburtbs) but from this “NETWORK OF SMART METERS” in conjunction with EMR exposure from all the other source factors concurrently present in each area that you may be situated or may be commuting to and through, with such sources being mobile phone masts, airport and police radar emitters, wi-fi, cordless phones, mobile phones, baby monitors etc.

          Today I was shocked to find out for the first time that there is a mobile phone mast quite near to my place. The location of this mast is virtually on the footpath of a main road. I went and visited this site and took some readings with my emr reading device. My goodness how defensive a certain person that was present there became when they saw me take those readings. I feel so sorry for the residents living in a very lovely set of appartments situated virtually next door to this mobile tower.

          The installation of smart meters in the area just seems to be the factor that has tipped everything over the edge so that people are now feeling the detrimental health effects that come not just from your’s or your neighbor’s smart meter, not just from a whole network of smart meters but from many exposure factors working together as a collaboration having a multiplied and amalgamated negative impact on human health. The network of smart meters that is an exposure source that is at the forefront of this horrific collaboration of toxicicity that has now crept up on all of us unawares. All sources in this collaboration are contributors to the cumulative factor that dictates how and when people react to any emr exposure from any source even at levels thought to safe.

      • Eric,
        why not try making a faraday shield for your home to shield you from the Radiation?

        • Eric says:

          Hi Trevor, happy to hear any thoughts from you on how best I could do this.

          I’m not very good at doing any of this sort of stuff. Also due to severe financial constraints I’ve been holding back on purchasing x rolls of aluminium flywire which I thought I could try and wrap around my house. Although the idea seems ridiculous and would look ridiculous, this is the desperation that many of us are being forced into. Very unjust situation to say the very very least.

          This is not a good time at all to be financially restricted.

          • Eric,
            I am currently shielding my Master Bedroom using a Roll of sisalation
            i will have the room completed soon and i’ll let you know what the results are.
            I am using the faraday shield principle, to stop the Radiation from a nearby Phone Tower. So far from early testing it appears to be effective even with only 3/4 of the room completed so far.
            cheers trevor

  8. Jason says:

    I wish the LaTrobe protesters had advertised their meeting more widely; a number of people would certainly have attended.
    Despite any health issues, I think of far greater concern is the issue of civil liberties and the rapidly-encroaching Police State, which can also be seen in every other aspect of our society today. The insidiously permeating dictatorship of the political and bureaucratic needs to be challenged on every level, and the ‘smart meter’ issue is a good place to draw the line in the sand.

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