How Smart Meters Affect Your Body (Dr. Darren Schmidt)

Despite hundreds of thousands of people experiencing negative health effects following “smart” meter installation, there have been no health studies undertaken by any regulatory agency to demonstrate safety, prior to mass deployment upon populations around the globe.  This is rather astonishing, when one considers that there are thousands of published studies which do show clear health risks to this type of chronic microwave radiation exposure.

In this total absence of regulatory responsibility, Dr. Darren Schmidt of The Nutritional Healing Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan visually summarizes real-world data now being collected on negative health effects caused by installed “smart” meters.  Data and charts are both from his own patients’ experiences and lab work; and the work of other independent researchers. The first 10 minutes are foundational information, then specific effects on humans are shown.

Please share this video especially with those who work in health and government.  Demand accountability.

How Smart Meters Affect Your Body –

Full story online here


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8 Responses to How Smart Meters Affect Your Body (Dr. Darren Schmidt)

  1. Excellent video i really enjoyed it.
    He suggests levels no greater then 5 microwatts /m2 in the home if it is a higher reading he says its an unacceptable sleeping Location

  2. Eric says:

    Couple of videos concerning the situation in the UK re the dangers of WI-FI and mobile phone masts. Many of the issues are very relevant to those at that relate to smart meters. In the second video see at 10:20 the reaction of Dr Mike Repacholi to the question “Are you truly independant do you think ? … a scientist ?”
    This is the man who said on the WHO website “there are no known health effects”. He was the one who founded the standard setting body ICNIRP whose guidelines form the basis of ARPANSA’s LUDICROUS exposure limits. All I can say is heaven help us all.

    Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (1of 2)

    Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (2 of 2)

  3. Pam says:

    I have watched the Video – Dr. Schmidt”s Video is an eye opener for me. At last I can understand EMR and how the various frequencies and appliances affect our bodies. I am going to get my Doc tor to view this Video also. SMART METERS are killing us whether we have one or not. I don’t, but am surrounded by the bloody things. This Video along with all the other relevant information available on this Website is ENOUGH TO STOP THE ROLL-OUT AND HAVE ALL DEADLY SMART METERS REPLACED WITH SAFE ANNALOGUE METERS…………………PAM

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cover the inner wall of your meter box with lead sheeting (available at any hardware store). This should reduce the amount of radiation.

  5. Eric says:

    Well well well, here is a 1971 research report from US Naval Medical Research Institute archives showing REPORTED biological phenomena and manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation

    Click to access Navy_Radiowave_Brief.pdf

    And to think that there are no standards that cater for the protection from biological effects from pulsed microwave and radiofrequency radiation whilst at the same time being told that “the meters are safe”…………

    The reason there are no safety standards is because such pulsed radiation is not safe PERIOD !!!!

    Carl-Magnus Larsson, big question mark in my eyes about you ! Very big question mark actually.

    • Eric

      Click to access 002is_rfstandard.pdf

      (fact sheet 2)
      On 7 May 2002, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) published the Radiation Protection Standard – Maximum Exposure Levels to Radio frequency Fields – 3 kHz to 300 GHz

      Significant safety factors are incorporated into the exposure limits–that is, the limits are set well below the level at which all known adverse health effects occur.

      The health implications of biological effects below limits specified in the RF Standard are not known. Accordingly, there is no established data for bio effects below the limits that could be used for setting the levels of basic restrictions.

      There is an extensive worldwide research program into the possible health effects of low level RF exposure.ARPANSA will review the limits of the Standard

      (if) ?????????????????????????

      evidence does emerge of a > causal link < between low level RF exposure and
      ( adverse health effects in humans)

      Doesn't that just make ya feel like LAB RAT or what?

      • Pam says:

        Sure does!!!!!!! and it is the ‘RATES’ in Governmment, who are too darn GUTLESS to pull the pin on the installation of Smart Meters in Victoreia, because they all seem to have their fingers in the pie. They are aware of the Dangers, they MUST look at this Website and the Comments we make and the Information that SSMA Post. “He who laughs laughs last”. I will never give in —end of story……………………………..Pam

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