Boolarra (Latrobe Valley) Smart Meter Public Forum

Boolara Smart Meter Meeting March 13th, 2013

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27 Responses to Boolarra (Latrobe Valley) Smart Meter Public Forum

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m wondering if someone can give me some basic for/against info about smart meters.
    and compulsory installation etc

  2. 13 March 2013 VIDEO

    Churchill Stop Smart Meter Action Group spokesperson Trevor Bridges. “Boolarra Smart Meter Forum

    • Pam says:

      Thanks Trev – keep up the good work. All starts again tomorrow. “ON ALERT” FOR THE NEXT 4 DAYS. Hope all the Installers go away over Easter and give us a break. Regards Pam 🙂

    • Andrew Samman says:

      Hi Trevor

      On recent posts you have mentioned that 3 to 4 percent people in our population are electro sensitive. I have diagnosed my wife & son with this condition (my wife starts neuroscience at St Vincent’s hospital in August). I would like to know where this figure came from, as I’m trying to organise a class action for residents that live nearby the Ferntree Gully smart meter base station. I have notified MP’s & press with very slow responses to date.

      Please can you help us.

      Andrew Samman

  3. Hi Sharon,
    The Refusal Rate was 60% in Churchill that figure is from November last year Sharon

    Regards Trevor from Churchill

  4. Hi Pam,
    yes i have the meeting Videos here only problem the audio acoustics aren’t The best. nevertheless i will post the other Videos as soon as i can soon
    Regards from Trevor from Churchill

    *Mr O’Brien said there would be no penalties or fines for people who refuse to have meters installed Dec 15, 2011

    • Pam says:

      Thanks Trevor – look forward to viewing them…Pam

    • Eric says:

      Trevor the link didn’t work but I have found it. This link should work
      “This analysis shows that if you were looking at it with a blank sheet of paper you probably wouldn’t go down this path,” Mr O’Brien said.”
      AS far as I am concerned O’Brien has conceded that we have chosen to go down the WRONG path for the WRONG reasons.

      “Energy Minister Michael O’Brien said a cost-benefit analysis of the scheme showed it would be too costly to halt the roll-out”
      This acknowledges that halting the rollout has merit and is indeed the desirable thing for most people. He is openly saying that the state government is not going to do the right thing by the people of Victoria for money reasons. CRIMINAL……………… The state deserves to go broke !!!!!!!!!!

      “Mr O’Brien said there would be no penalties or fines for people who refuse to have meters installed”
      This is the same person who recently made threats in Ballarat that people refusing the meters “risked having thei power cut off”
      Bloody Charleton………………..

  5. The meeting at Boolarra went very well 😛

    • Sharron says:

      Keep up the Great Leadership Trevor!! Would someone be able to estimate (guess?) the numbers of those still refusing smart meters in your local area. i am sure this would be of great benefit to many… Thanks!

  6. John Rutherford speaking at the Boolarra Stop Smart Meter Forum.

    John spoke on the history of the Broad Meadows Progress Association in its dealings with the Victorian Stop Smart Meter Roll-out Campaign since 2009.

    • Pam says:

      Trevor – Can I view the whole Meeting or just the opening 3 minutes with John Rutherford opening the Meeting?? It is great to hear the Meeting went well. I have only been involved for about two years, following an Article by Chris Hines that was in our Local Paper. Chris was a staunch advocate against Smart Meters, so I phoned him and that is when I started then I looked up this Website and the rest is History. We do not have a Group in Warrnambool. I have had a couple of Articles in our Local Paper and have my box Locked and signs everywhere and have a Solicitor handling my issues. I try and keep up with what is going on around the State by checking this Website daily and make lots of Comments. We even have the new Premier living here. I approached him regarding Smart Meters (no joy) he referred me to Power Cor!!!!! I have said over and over I WILL NEVER EVER HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED. end of Story…………….Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Sharron says:

        Pam – what a joke that Denis guy who calls himself the Premier is! Who exactly is running this state, I wonder??? It is too bad there isn’t more support for you there in Warrnambool but you’ve still got us! Thank god for this website making people aware of the facts, or we would all feel very alone indeed. Who knows what will happen by the end of 2013?

        • Pam says:

          Thanks Sharon. I know I have a lot of support from all of our Huge Group. I put a Comment on “Forum” tonite – check it out. It was just an idea. Pam 🙂

  7. Jay says:

    Would someone report about this meeting on this site for those of us who can’t get there please?

  8. John Wilson says:

    I believe that until the public understand that Victorian government is a registered corporation operating under admiralty/corporation/commerce law and an invalid 1975 Victorian constitution and local government act 1989.
    The 1975 constitution and the local government act 1989 are nothing more than a document worth only the value of the paper it is written on. They have not been through Due Process, i.e. there has been no signed Constitutional Monarch’s Assent. It has not gone to the people via a referendum to receive approval or rejection. Finally the 1855 Victorian constitution has never been repealed, therefore remains the lawful Victorian constitution. I also believe that it would need to go to the Commonwealth for a referendum. The corporation called the Victorian government breaches the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 as local government has no standing under the Commonwealth constitution as the state is the local government. There can be no lawful government of Victoria as essentially what is being attempted is to govern as a sovereign state. The states handed over their sovereignty when the Federation of states were signed to form the nation called the Commonwealth of Australia.
    Regarding local government these corporations posing as councils can be no more than extensions of the State Local government Department. The Victorian State is also a corporation registered overseas. WHAT NEEDS TO BE UNSTOOD IS THAT WE, THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PARLIAMENT IS OUR SERVANT. Once that is understood we need to take action against the political factions and other vested interests that are using corporate laws to take away the rights of the people; selling off the lands and assets of the people.
    Lands belong to the Crown that holds it in trust for the sovereign people that forms the Commonwealth of Australia.
    Any parliament since 1975, using the invalid 1975 Victorian constitution to make new Acts/Legislation or to amend old Acts and legislation may find that challenged in the High court that they are invalid, unless they are consistent with the Victorian 1855 Constitution and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. This is likely to apply to the Smart Meter Act which breaches the Commonwealth Constitution 1901; the 1855 Victorian Constitution, the Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act; The trade Practices Act where a private company is using its power in the market place to force goods and services on the public that have not been asked for or wanted.
    The Victorian government has moved the smart meter out of ACCC and included it in DPI, although I fail to understand why the Department of Primary Industry would be suitable, unless it is to hide it from the public.
    I received advice from PowerCor that the government has mandated that we have to have it now because it is a government mandate. I spoke with an officer of DPI (Department of Primary Industry) and this was confirmed and I was told that I might just as well get used to it and if I did not allow the installation PowerCor would disconnect the power; take away the meter box.
    I asked for a signed copy of the legislation that mandated this action. Knowing this we can then work on the public servants and politicians who mandated the authority and have them charged.
    I advised them that the meter box did not belong to them and was told that when power was privatised the power company took over all of the essentials that included the power box and meters.
    I responded by saying the government did not have the power to sell something that did not belong to them and I would have them in court for theft and trespass. I was then told that the police would be called in to ensure the company could take the property.
    As the police department was now a corporation they would be facing charges of trespass, aiding and abetting and whatever other charges I could find.
    I am already seeking legal advice about charging PowerCor for 2 years of pressurising, intimidation and threats if I don’t allow the installation.
    Such is the bullying mentality of these corporation they do not understand that despite their initial sweet taking about the benefit, the threat of disconnection, imposition of a 500 dollar fine they will not install the meter. I told the CEO that if by some chance they were successful, they would be contacted to disconnect the power immediately and I was prepared to go public.
    It would be a David and Goliath situation where a large multinational corporation was threatening and trying to intimidate a pensioner to accept what was not wanted. I am an ex engineer and I am not convinced of the safety or accuracy of the equipment. There appears to be collusion between large corporations and these invalid governments. However, despite the many issues, I also resent any corporation attempting to take away my Common Law Rights. I am a real flesh and blood person and not a cypher and will fight for my rights.
    I am a notarised CPO (Commonwealth Public Official) and am prepared to include charges of treason and sedition or whatever is appropriate, against anyone who supports the undermining of the lawful government (We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia).
    I have submitted a Mandate to our corporate council asking it provide a signed copy of where it gets it authority to sell public assets and lands. The council was provide with all of the legal documentation, yet refuses to provide that information. I believe they are fully aware they do not have the authority. A councillor passed a resolution to continue the sale of assets and published a letter in the paper reiterating its authority came for the invalid 1975 Victorian constitution and the 1989 Local Government Act, knowing full well that these were invalid.
    Ask yourself, why is the Local Government so anxious to try and gain recognition under the constitution if it had the authority it claims. It is even worse as it is also trying to gain support from the UN agenda 21.
    Study your constitution and you will understand just how much political factions have taken away your rights. I am 80 years of age and I dare say there is little benefit for me, except I will fight for the rights of my children and their children. I have been studying the Constitution and the history of how our governments have amended, deleted and modified our laws to suit vested interests and taken away Common Law Rights from the people.
    Our Constitution has been built on Imperial Laws that are dated from the Magna Carta and were designed to protect the rights of the people. In fact some of these laws stem right back to Dyfnwal Moelmud) , around 540 BC, was a legendary king of the Britons as accounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the son of Cloten, the King of Cornwall. He created a set of rules for the kingdom called the Molmutine Laws which lasted for many centuries. Also, robbery throughout the kingdom nearly ended for fear of Dunvallo and his laws. He reigned in peace and prosperity for forty years then died and was buried in the Temple of Concord, a tribute to his laws,
    Our constitutional framers were smart enough to realise that as we developed into a Nation there would be a need to make some changes. However, to ensure these changes were agreed to by the people they required a referendum, which required a majority of the state/colonies and territories and also a majority of voters from within those states and territories.
    This meant that power was spread right across the board and not be vested into the hands of a few.

    • Pam says:

      John – Thank You for this Comment and I agree with what you have said. I am 68 years old and am sick and tired of all the harrassment and bullying going on over the installation of Smart Meters. I will NEVER HAVE ONE and will fight tooth and nail to protect my Grand kids and Great Grand children from these dangerous things. In the present economic climate one would never know what will happen now with Cabinet resuffle etc. New Premier Napthine will not help as I approached him ages ago as my Local Member and he referred me back to Power Cor. I have been to my Local Paper and had two stories published and have a Solicitor acting for me. He wrote to Power Cor before Christmas, requesting that I be placed on the Refusal List and to date not even the decency of a Reply from them and I am not wasting anymore money writing to them. I too am on a Pension and look out if they decide to cut my power off. Just got back from Melbourne and am rather tired. I check this website every night and the comments, like the one from yourself keep me sane.Thanks John……Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Thanks for your advice, John. Corruption is rife on this issue and I also believe freedom from deception is worth fighting for- Hell Yeah! Like Pam, I wouldn’t waste my valuable time trying to write back to these disgraceful companies, they already have my objection. Next time anyone attempts to install their crap on my property or try to convince me that it is safe they will know exactly what I think of their dirty rotten smart meter SCAM and that I am spreading those words far and wide. I refuse to believe Victorians will sit idle on this once they realise what is at stake. Wait and see what happens towards the end of 2013 when they expect the remaining householders/businesses to get on board – I’m not giving in and I suspect I wont be alone in that attitude. Cheers All!

    • Eric says:

      “I was told that I might just as well get used to it and if I did not allow the installation PowerCor would disconnect the power; take away the meter box.”

      “I advised them that the meter box did not belong to them and was told that when power was privatised the power company took over all of the essentials that included the power box and meters.”

      John, firstly thank you so much for your contributions. I am very interested in your approach and in the line of thinking that you speak about especially in respect to the standing of legal legitimacy of the Constitution.

      I have had a NEW BOX built for me and installed over the existing meter box. Thus I have a meter within a box which has itself recently also been enclosed within another box. So this new outward box for which I have JUST RECENTLY shelled out good money for it’s workmanship, installation and SECURITY FEATURES…..who does it belong to ? Well it’s fully paid for and I have made that payment so I think there is NO DOUBT that it BELONGS TO ME. You can not argue otherwise can you ? So why then is the other inward box any different ? And why then would anybody’s meter boxes be any different. Powercor’s claim of owning the meter box also (in addition to the other equipment) is surely BOGUS.


      • 1vimana1 says:

        Of course we do, I have the sales docket to prove it. Don’t let these stand-over merchants hood-wink you. We live in a democracy were no one can force you to take anything which you perceive will even possibly make you sick in any way at all or damage your private electrical goods. Please see the World Charter of Human Rights of 1948 which applies to all Free Countries of the world including Australia and all of its States including Victoria. Please also see the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 as well giving you effective protection against the enforced installation of these so-called Smart Meters which are not SMART in any way at all. Don’t be bullied by these deceitful foreign owned electric power companies, who don’t give a damn for your health but only worship Mamon or Filthy Lucre and are wrecking their Eternal Souls.

  9. Pam says:

    Hope your Meeting is a huge success. Yes – We do have the RIGHT TO SAY ‘NO’ to SMART METERS. Look forward to up-dates from your Meeting…………………..Cheers Pam 🙂

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