Smart Meter video – A Current Affair

It’s the ongoing campaign by Australian families against so-called Smart Meters. At issue, serious questions over their cost effectiveness and health concerns.

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31 Responses to Smart Meter video – A Current Affair

  1. Helen Barbu says:

    My sons electricity bill is 600 thousand dollars and he does not know why.

  2. S.K.Behm says:

    We were given a smart meter and had our charges graded (different fees for different parts of the day) without our consent.We have no power bill for the last 11 months.Ausgrid and Energy Australia blame each other for our problems.
    When we had 16 solar plates put on our roof the Energy provider said we would have to pay double per KW (ie 100% more) because people with solar plates were charged more.They have stolen solar feedback from us and not credited what we send back.
    We want no Smart meter. We never contracted for this. We want a fair FLAT rate and we want to be fairly credited for what we feed to the grid.We want and old fashioned meter that works.We want a bill with our meter number on it and start and finish readings clearly listed.
    We want the EWON Onbudsmens’ office to close down the current system and put it all under Govt. Control. At least then when they stuff it up we can vote them out.
    We know our meter was corrupt.Why don’t Energy Australia just admit it and come out to our house and work it out. I guess the reason is that there are so many dissatisfied customers like us it would take years.Okay Pollies …get cracking and work out a solution.Ausgrid doesn’t seem to be able to.

  3. AussieMum says:

    Whatever happened to the saying “IF IT AREN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!”
    The BIG Corporations are the ones running this country!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Their Behaviour, or actual misbehaviour is nothing short of CRIMINAL and they all need to be punished. Best way is to lock your Electric Meter Boxes and put up the Legal Commonwealth Anti-trespass signs with the $167,000:00 fine to be imposed on these so-called Smart Meter Installer Chaps. So far it has kept these pests off my property.

      • Eric says:

        1vimana1, I take it that sign you refer to is a very specific sign in that it actually carries special legal standing that is based on the constitution….if I’m correct ???
        Do you know if it is (also) available from this website ?

  4. Ian says:

    We had a smart meter installed at our property yesterday. It was against my will and better judgement,but as my wife was fairly neutral on it, we couldnt form a serious power block to match Powercors very manipulative and intimidating spiel- the bottom line of which was ‘we will cut off your power if you dont aquiesce to our agenda’ THATS VERY HEAVY POLITICS INDEED.
    I am struck in all of this by one thing – the quashing of objections seems to turn on rational point -scoring rather than a respect for peoples feelings and i know im naieve but IM ALLOWED TO FEEL THIS WAY!! People dont get sick from smart meters due to their own sensitivity as much as from the power companies insensitivity. I m not exhibiting signs of illness that can be ascribed to smart meter radiation, but the point is that I didnt want the meter… and feel uncomfortable now being on my front verandah and garden because I dont know which minute of which half hour the device is going to zap out its invisible waves back to base and I dont particularly want those waves going through me, Powercor, do you get that? The rationalisations make me sick too,- this guy yesterday on my verandah telling me ‘its only a pulse that it sends out, every half hour’ (as if that would change my mind!)
    and ‘everyone will have to get one eventually’ (youre makin me sick mate)
    The reasons we have had these meters thrust on us is down to the complex relationship between corporate power and our State Governments complicity, in these dealings…theres so much that is obscurred from our gaze.
    I dont like being on the receiving end of these power games. That makes me feel very sick indeed.

    • Pam says:

      Ian – only thing I can suggest, now that you have been BULLIED in to having a SMART METER INSTALLED and You have been bullied no doubt about it. I would get advice from a Solicitor and have a Registered Letter sent to them – pay the extra so that you know they have received it and ask them to REMOVE THE BLOODY THING BECAUSE IT IS MAKING YOU ILL. YOUR PRIVACY HAS BEEN INVADED. FINANCIALLY YOU WILL BE WORSE OFF. SAFETY WISE – WELL THEY ARE NOT SAFE (see ACA PROGRAMME). IT IS YOUR HOME – NOT THEIRS – HOW DARE THEY THE MONGRELS. iT’S THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR REARING IT’S HEAD AGAIN IAN – I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. LET’S KNOW HOW YOU GET ON……………………CHEERS PAM:-)

      • Pam says:


        • Ian says:

          Thanks Pam for your comments and advice .I didnt have the meter box locked because my wife didnt want us to make a scene,and so all hinged on that doorstep confrontation with the installer that day. If my wife and i had been on the same page we could have achieved a victory . But i have learned from this that the loser is actually blessed, with the knowledge that he is right -the other one is in the wrong. Ironically this gives me a feeling of power – .Keep on!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Were you aware you could have stood your ground and objected, as well as asking the smart arse bullying installer to leave your property ?
      Or did you find this site only after the meter was installed ? 😦

    • Gwen says:

      So sorry to hear you have a smartmeter Ian. That relationship you speak of between Power Companies and now the Federal Government is MONEY.
      ‘Fot the love of money is the root of all evil…’ 1 Timothy 6:10
      We the people have been sold out.
      All the best.

      • Ian says:

        Thanks for your reply Gwen. This has certainly been an eye opener into the machinations of things…Its food for thought; how can these people (The Government) be our servants when they are beholden to such dark masters? .. They can not! and , ‘MONEY DOESNT TALK ,IT SWEARS’ (Bob Dylan)

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Hi Ian, I see they have used the ‘divide and conquer’ routine this time around. You have every right to feel this way. The ‘everyone will have to get one eventually’ line is very offensive to us all – make no mistake, we ALL have rights and for them to go around saying that we don’t is a form of bullying – the exact same thing that we are trying to prevent in our children’s schools. Who are these insensitive morons anyway? What’s in it for them? They are not worthy of our time or attention in my opinion. Hopefully, there can be a class action against them in the very near future to force them to wake up to the fact they cannot control people in this way, nor ruin lives and cause unneccessary stress because of their warped vision of how things should be. All the best, let us know how you’re going.

      • Ian says:

        Hi Freedom Rules- sorry i have not replied earlier but I have been feeling like I dont want to know anymore, but realise that this is not the time to get like that . Yes we all do have rights and the Power companies are sure doing the bullying -thats how I feel about my experience with them. Stunned by being victim to the smart meter rollout I Learned not to agree to any thing on the doorstep with these people ( or anyone else who has an agenda) I feel sorry for people who accept the lies that are put over, and who carry om as if smart meters are alright -,their position is based on ignorance. The Govt. should have acted with more concern for the public, in a role of protection rather than exploitation .Mr. Baillieu, Michael O Brien and the Power cos. heads – Yes I feel one day we will see them in court over a class action, for gross negligence of their constituents, and these smart meters will get removed from properties of people who were coerced into accepting them against their better judgement.
        Thanks for your comment, Cheers

    • Eric says:

      The golden rule is do not allow yourself to be in any way persuaded by ANYTHING THAT PROCEEEDS OUT OF THEIR MOUTH.

      If it comes out of their mouth, it is not to effect you !!!!!!

      Do not change your action or your determinination as a result of the craftiness that is in their choice of words.

      It is all flatulance and they are prepared to blow any type of wind just to persuade.

      • Ian says:

        This is so true Eric and its given me great insight into the way manipulation works. Words people say can mean less than the truth at times,-they re just words… words can be used to deceive.. .. .. I value your support-Thanks

  5. Bearded Baboon Loather says:

    Further interesting finds on the ESAA website under “Benefits of esaa membership”
    “As a member of the esaa, you will have access to a range of benefits and services”.
    Down the list of these we find…….
    “CEO forums
    The esaa is a CEO-led body and our strategic direction is set by our twice-yearly CEO forums.
    Member CEOs set the esaa’s focus on what is most important to the industry. This ensures our
    policy positions and advocacy strategy align with what members want.
    These forums also provide member CEOs with valuable engagement opportunities with key
    industry participants, Ministers and other stakeholders.”

    ESAA is a CEO led body. In other words the ESAA spokesperson is speaking for an organisation whose direction is actually set by Paul Adams and the other Dist Co. CEO cohorts. It’s like ESAA is just a different manifestation of the Distribution Companies.

    • Informed Choice says:

      They are a bunch of sucks, sucking the life out of the general public and ‘sucking-up’ to one another. It is high time people woke up to their sick game of control, and programs such as ACA should go after them with no holds barred, not meekly accept THEIR VERSION OF THE TRUTH. We are all aware of their corrupt practices… and it absolutely STINKS!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Dear Informed Choice,
        All of these foreign owned Victorian Based Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and the past Victorian Minister for Power the truly Dishonourable Mr Michael O’Brien have been in Collusion all the time. Now that O’Brien is not the Minister for Power any more, should not protect him against the Righteous Wroth of the Victorian People, he and all of the C.E.O’s of these five Electric Power Companies deserve to be dragged Kicking and Screaming into Court to be punished for their wickedness. What we need is a fair trial for all of them and when they are found guilty of these most HEINOUS of Crimes AGAINST The Victorian People we need a Judge with a MORAL BACKBONE to fling all of these Malefactors into prison for 50 years……that’s right for fifty years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour. These so named C.E.O’s and their ILK have already wrecked and are still wrecking now so many decent Victorians lives.

        • Eric says:

          Actually, with these vile persons I would go that one step further.

          They have certainly made a havoc of my life.

  6. Bearded Baboon Loather says:

    Stupid Bloody guy from Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) makes the following ridiculous statements

    “I don’t understand why people would claim that smart meters are making them sick”

    Bloody fool, the pattern is widespread that some people are getting very sick and the timing coincides with the installation of smart meters. Also bloody fool, when people leave the smart meter environment they notice their health pick up again. And when they return to their smart meter homes and suburbs they fall sick again. Bloody fool, two weeks after smart meters were installed in my street and suburb I developed a headache that just doesn’t leave me and at times it is crippling. Please do not insult people’s intelligence in making your stupid ridiculous statements. You see you bloody fool, people have no reason to claim they are feeling sick unless they actually are feeling sick. Did it ever strike you that these people are actually feeling sick ????

    Let’s put this into context. What is ESAA about ? If you go into ESAA’s website you’ll see on their homepage the following “The Energy Supply Association of Australia seeks to positively influence government policy decisions”.

    It seems ESAA is an organisation with very vested interests.

    If you click on the option “For Members”, we have Full Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members. When we look into the Full Member’s list, surprise surprise……..we find some very familiar names. Let’s read out a few of them……..

    UNITED ENERGY Distribution

    No wonder the Bloody Fool makes stupid ridiculous statements.

    Look at the stupid look on his face when he says
    “They’re a perfectly safe normal 21st century technology, arr…there is no evidence of any issue”

    Have a listen to this one. He diverts away from making any further comment about the real issues people are having and says “what’s is important is that they deliver real benefits to households”. Absolute TRIPE as many can testify and you well know it Bloody Fool.

    And have a listen to this one…”they’re almost immeasurable in the radiation that they generate”. As he is saying this we see an image of David Mould with a measurement of 381 microwatt/m2 on his electrosmog reader. Fact of the matter is these transmitters small though they may be can transmit signals with the same strength as a mini telephone tower.

  7. Janine says:

    I sent letter trying to stop installation but within 2 days of receiving my letter they said they would be installing within the next 10 days regardless of my objection. My partner is now locking the meter box!! Can they force us to instal ??

    • Pam says:

      Janine – NO they cant. See my Comments down further. Keep your Box Locked and Signs displayed….Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Tim says:

      Janine, you have to shut them out as Pam says, just like many many others are doing. They can’t force you to install, they can only deceive you so that you yourself allow them to install. That’s the game they play and they have no other avenue of legality.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      No they cannot legally force you to do anything. They are just a pack of bullying thugs. Go ahead and lock up that Electric Meter Box of yours which you own PRONTO !

  8. Pam says:

    I saw that ACA SHOW last night. We are getting the message across. Long Weekend Coming up everyone and they should leave us alone. “Australia Day” tomorrow. I sometimes feel Victoria is not part of Australia anymore. We have been guinea pigs long enough, but we have shown the rest of Australia that we will NEVER GIVE INTO HAVING A DUMB SMART METER INSTALLED AT OUR PROPERTIES. Tracy Grimshaw said if anyone had another story on Smart Meters to Email her show. If anyone feels they have a “Story” why not do just that. More Media attention we can get the better. A lot of people watch ACA. … CHEERS PAM 🙂

  9. Maud Crossing says:

    The Victorian.Government is derelict in its duty if it does not acknowledge the proven dangers of smart meter pulse radiation.

  10. Don & Sharon Gamble says:

    “Jemena ” notified us this morning by postal mail that they intend to start installing smart meters in Sunbury shortly , I am now about to lock up my meter etc , the attached “important Information” leaflet that they enclosed was a real masterpiece of “Spin” which among other things said ” In December 2011 after a six month review of the A.M.I . Program the Victorian government confirmed that all existing meters must be upgraded to digital Smart Meters by the end of 2013″ —-
    Looking forward to the holdin of a S.S.M. meeting here in Sunbury very soon .

  11. Bill Dobell says:

    Another main concern is democracy, in a democracy people have freedom of choice, in an autocracy there are no choices just like the smart meter situation. Jusy obey orders.

  12. david griffith says:

    Good to see the video clip and hard to understand how that presentable looking bloke can so glibly trot out reassurances regarding health.
    No evidence?
    Are we all delusional?
    Where did this idea form that smart meters are of ANY benefit to people?
    …. and as they’re obviously not wanted anywhere how is it that they’ve arrived on our respective doorsteps, fully formed and with no obvious good use intended?
    Do I see conspiracy? Probably and sadly so.
    Incompetance and a blind belief by our politicians that everything handed to them on a plate is digestible is also possible.
    Funny thing about corporations. Their legal requirement – correct me if I’m wrong – is to maximise profit to the shareholder.
    They have no moral obligation to anything but that imperative.
    So – I don’t ‘trust’ that my interests are of any value there – except when I withold my cash.
    Sunny country – why haven’t we all got solar panels?

    • Miriam. says:

      NO – do not go solar as they will insist you have an AMI so that they can accurately measure what you put back into the grid (& cheat you on your tariff cos if they do it with an analogue it will only go backwards …).
      Maybe go off-grid but beware of where you place an inverter!

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