Castlemaine smart meter battle should be praised | Bendigo Advertiser

I wish to congratulate you and reporter Josh Fagan on the recent story about Brian Clarke in Castlemaine and his opposition to having a smart meter installed at his house.

Mr Clarke is a courageous individual for daring to stand up for his health and safety, as well as his rights as an individual consumer against the considerable propaganda and spin put out by the authorities in regard to the “safety” of smart meters.

Here in Daylesford, there are many who are fighting the same battle. But for the most part our stories have been ignored by the local journel, The Advocate, which appears to consider this issue not worthy of being reported in the local press, for whatever reason.

Thank you Bendigo Advertiser and Mr Fagan for having the courage to report on a controversial local issue.

Zachary Casper,


via Castlemaine smart meter battle should be praised | Bendigo Advertiser.

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6 Responses to Castlemaine smart meter battle should be praised | Bendigo Advertiser

  1. David says:

    I have sent an article stating some of my personal opinions on the effects of smart meters to the Dayelsford Advocate today, based on reading many documents from both sides of the debate. There is clearly an issue here and although many people will no doubt overreact, the fact still remains we ‘DO NOT’ know what the long term effects are going to be. This is aside from the fact that they are being forced on us by companies who are only interested in their bottom lines.

  2. Mike says:

    Corporate control of media? Why yes, yes it is, for profit.
    The person who has made 2300% profit in only 8 years, off the smart meters, Cameron O’Reilly, who is also head of the electricity retailers association of Australia, started his company Bayard Capital in 2003 with 100 million dollars some from the Singapore government (who owns our electricity retailers), and some from John Fairfax who owns the media.
    Bit of a conflict of interest that is, but no one ever talks about it.
    Cameron O’Reilly bought Landis and Gyr the electricity metering company which sells the smart meters with only 100 million capital in 2003.
    And sold it to Toshiba in 2011 for 2.3 billion dollars.
    All off the backs of electricity customers.

  3. Pam says:

    I have an Article going in my local paper with the Support of my Local Shire Councilor in a couple of days time…..It will be posted on Website when printed. WE NEED ALL THE PUBLICITY WE CAN GET. GO TO YOUR LOCAL PAPER WITH YOUR STORY – TRY AND GET SUPPORT FROM YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL OR LOCAL SHIRE COUNCIL…………………PAM 🙂

  4. Lets take the Power Back says:

    Most papers in most areas of Victoria do not publish articles sent in by those against Smart Meters. You have to wonder what is behind it – corporate control of media as well?????? Not about expressing the views of the people.

  5. Cedar Wilde says:

    It’s a pity your local paper is in favour of “smart” meters” (If they were not in favour they would report people’s problems with them, obviously) We have to keep on fighting, there is so much ignorance about the subject. Maybe if each person on this site printed a flyer of some of the World Health Organisation’s information and distributed just to our own street we could spread the word. Government and big business rely on the fact that we don’t have access to the large amounts of money that they have to advertise their propaganda. I’ve been expecting a big media blitz and I suppose it will come, so the more people who are “on to them” the better our chance of getting them stopped.

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