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DETAILED information about electricity customers’ power usage, which gives insights into when a house is occupied, is being shared with third parties including mail houses, debt collectors, data processing analysts and government agencies.

Customers with smart meters who sign up for Origin Energy’s online portal must consent to their data being shared with a string of third parties. The data is stored in Australia but shared with US company Tendril, which is described by Origin as a smart energy technology provider.

Australia’s privacy watchdog said the technology could threaten people’s privacy. ”We are starting to see people voicing concern about the level of data that these meters can collect,” federal Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim said.

Smart meters were a common concern among Age readers who responded to our series on privacy.

Mr Pilgrim said electricity companies had a legal responsibility to delete or ”de-identify” personal information that was no longer needed. However, an Origin spokesman said the company kept former customers’ data for retrospective queries and ”tax and compliance purposes”.

The state government aims to install smart meters – which log electricity use every half-hour – in all Victorian homes by the end of next year.

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8 Responses to Smart meter data shared far and wide – The Age

  1. Stephnie says:

    We agree with you 100% on this privacy issue Pam. What a dreadful thought that is, every time we flicked a switch on/off, EACH DAY, EVERY DAY, YEAR IN, YEAR OUT….. SOMEONE WOULD KNOW !!!

  2. Con says:

    This is interesting!! When I wrote to the The Federal Privacy Commissioner to voice my concerns on the matter I was given a totally different response, which was:

    “Personal information is defined in the Act as being information or an opinion about an individual, whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained, from the information or opinion.
    This means that information about a dwelling, rather than a specific individual, would not generally meet the definition of personal information in the Act. Therefore, an organisation’s handling of that information would not appear to be covered by the Privacy Act”

    But then again I am just an individual (with no human rights, a tax payer, trying to protect my family’s heath and privacy…etc) that could be brushed off by bureaucracy.
    One has to wonder why wasn’t the same answer given to THE AGE and all of a sudden the federal Privacy Commissioner is concerned about the threat to people’s privacy.

  3. Robert Schmeer says:

    > Please post this: > Smart meter or no power at all? Nevada energy sends armed men to disconnect power just for opting out energy-sends-armed-men-disconnect-power-just-opting-out/

    By Adonai September 21, 2012Posted in: Cashless society , Editors’ picks , Health > > > > > > > Stop Smart Meters Australia posted: ” DETAILED information about electricity > customers’ power usage, which gives insights into when a house is occupied, is > being shared with third parties including mail houses, debt collectors, data > processing analysts and government agencies. Cu” >

    • Pam says:

      Robert – I truly hope we are NEVER treated like this Lady has been. I too choose to opt-out for all the reasons everyone else has. By God if anyone tries to tamper with my meter Box and remove my perfectly SAFE analogue meter I will prosecute them for Tresspass. This whole thing is really getting to me. I have a Solicitor acting for me. I am not sleeping always “on alert” etc etc. Reading this Article it makes one wonder where it is all going to end for us here in Australia. This Website has gathered so much information over the last couple of years and more information is Posted Daily on the DANGERS of these darn SMART METERS. I can’t understand why O’BRIEN AND BAILLEAU can’t give us a Choice – WHY THEY CAN’T GET THE INFORMATION STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA HAS UNCOVERED………….could go on forever but I want to watch the Brownlow Medal Count – may not get a chance next year lol………..Cheers Pam 🙂

  4. Terry says:

    I’m with Pam. Maybe we should consider seceding from the state of Victoria. A public notice in THE AGE declaring our properties ‘Closed Lands’ would start the ball rolling?

    • Pam says:

      Terry I have already sent them an Email on the Privacy issue. I don’t want anyone to know when I cook, clean, wash iron etc etc – how many rooms I have in my Home etc etc – none of their business. Why don’t you send one too – we might get the ball rolling like you said….Cheers Pam 🙂

  5. Pam says:

    OK – Now we have made the Age. I do not trust anyone anymore. I will not fill in any paper work any Electriity Company sends me. It is none of their business how many rooms, people, dogs, cats etc etc live in my home or how many times I wash, iron, cook or anything else I do. To me that’s PRIVATE and not to be shared with the Energy Company or their Employees. No one will ever force me to have a SMART METER……………..end of Story………………Pam 🙂

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