Mount Alexander Shire questions meters – Bendigo Advertiser, 19 September 2012

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4 Responses to Mount Alexander Shire questions meters – Bendigo Advertiser, 19 September 2012

  1. Jimmy says:

    SMART meters is an abrreviation for Scheduled Monitoring Artifical Radiation Transmitter. I had my meter box locked and nothing was installed, but I got a massive dose from the neighbours meters. Like a bolt being screwed into your temples every few minutes and joint pain, awoken by a ‘buzzing’ sensation in the head which was one horrid feeling. Out of the house for most of the day you would look fwd to coming home and relaxing, but I was scared to go home for the above reasons.
    A friend purchased a kf35c rf meter which measures the signal strength of electro-radiation signals. We found they transmit or receive from every 30secs to 90secs and the strength was ‘too much’ for the meter to handle. Compared a cell-phone to a smeter and the smeter was more than 10 times the strength. Powercor boss must have a long nose as they said it was onlt transmitting 4 times a day and at 1/2 the strength of a cell-phone. Nasty piece of unwanted technology.

    • Pam says:

      Jimmy – I find myself in the same situation – surrounded by them but I don’t have one and never will. I have heard Power Cor will turn the frequency down if it is requested. How are your neighbours who have them??? do they have any ill effects???? or are they just putting up with them through lack of knowledge!!!!!! or purely dis-interest!!!!? Hope you are on the Health Register because I am….Good Luck Pam 🙂

  2. Ms Rebel says:

    Castlemaine residents have been putting up with this disgraceful attack on their human rights and health for far too long. More power to You!

  3. Pam says:

    Congratulations to the Mount Alexander Shire Council for listening to the concerns of residents. This has been a long hard battle for so many people all over Victoria. Smart Meters are a danger to our Health, Safety and Privacy and like Mr. Clarke , my BOX IS STAYING LOCKED AND MY SIGNS DISPLAYED. If Councils can listen to the people WHY CAN’T THE GOVERNMENT??? Surely after all this time and all the information supplied by Stop Smart Meters Australia the Government quite obviously couldn’t give a dam about the people who they are supposed to represent. I AM SO SURE NOW WE WILL WIN THIS and have a CHOICE as to whether we want to have a SMART METER or Our trusy and Safe ANLOGUE METER. I know what I prefer. Cheers……………………..Panm 🙂

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