Mornington Peninsula Shire Council supports its residents!


Last week the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council  voted to support its residents in their endeavours to protect themselves from the negatives impacts of the smart meter roll-out:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Moved: Cr. Eustace
Seconded: Cr. Rodgers
1. That Council notes the following resolution which was carried unanimously at a
Public Meeting on the subject of Smart Meters held at Seaford Community Hall on
Thursday, 9 August, 2012:
“ 1. That this meeting of residents of Frankston, the Mornington Peninsula
Shire, surrounding districts and other places, calls on the Victorian
Government to halt the ‘Smart Meter Rollout’ to allow for a full
investigation into community concerns;
2. That this meeting calls on the Victorian State Government to allow
electricity customers the right to ‘OPT OUT’ of the Smart meter Program.
In the interim this meeting supports the right of customers to refuse
installation of smart meters and to have their decision respected by the
electrical distributors;
3. Calls on the five distributors to immediately cease behaviour which some
people are finding threatening or bullying which appears to be occurring
as a result of the state government directed ‘Best Endeavours’ directive to
rollout meters by 2013;
4. That people who are experiencing health problems that are considered to
be caused by the installed smart meter should have the meter removed and
replaced with an analogue or non wireless meter;”
5. That customers who have had a smart meter installed against their wishes
should have the meter removed and replaced with an analogue or non
wireless meter;
6. That this meeting expresses strong concern with the ever-increasing cost
of electricity bills and calls on the State Government to impose stronger
regulatory control over electricity price setting;
7. The Federal Government to remove the GST from electricity and gas;
8. That the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council be asked to support
residents in their endeavours to protect themselves from the
negatives impacts of the smart meter roll-out. This includes:
 Escalating costs;
 Loss of Privacy;
 Billing problems;
 Safety matters; and
 Health issues.”
2. That Council writes a letter to Premier Baillieu requesting that as a matter of
urgency the Minister for Energy, Michael O’Brien, agrees to meet with
representatives of community groups concerned with the smart meter rollout to
hear and discuss their concerns.
Moved: Cr. Celi
Seconded: Cr. Colomb
That Council writes a letter to The Hon. Mr. David Davis, Minister for Health, to initiate and carry out a thorough researched investigation into the health and wellbeing
implications on humans arising from the exposure to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) frequency emitted from the Smart Meters, in particular, the impacts that relate to the Subjective Wellbeing Community Indicators Framework that is currently being run in partnership with the Victorian Government, Victorian Local Government Association, Municipal Association of Victoria, VicHealth and other stakeholders.
The Amendment was Put and Carried
Via: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Minutes September 10, 2012 


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22 Responses to Mornington Peninsula Shire Council supports its residents!

  1. ES says:

    I live in Mornington and I have a smart meter. I have had one for God knows how long but I can tell you about when I started to recognise that my health was out of control…About 12 months ago I received a letter telling me I was to receive a smart meter. I rang my landlord, who is an electrician, and told him I didn’t want the meter installed. He told me I couldn’t stop it…I’m not sure if that was because I am not the home owner or because they are mandatory for everyone? Anyway, when I think back to my health over the last 9 or 10 months it all adds up…Sinus problems, headaches, contsantly feeling like I was on the verge of a cold, waking every few hours, no dreams (very sad about that), a slow loss of bladder control (I am 40 and giving birth to 2 kids never had any effect on my bladder!), an ear ache that comes and goes every 20 minutes or so with a sharp pain in my head, loss of appetite…the list goes on. I went to my Doctor a few months ago and described all of my symptoms, including a racing heart with palpatations. She was so concerned about my heart she sent me straight of for a cariogram. No abnormalities were found so he prescribed me some antidepressants as the solutions. I didn’t take thema nd I am glad now I didn’t howver, I went back to my doctor last week to get a mental health plan (and some more antibiotics for what he thinks is an ear infection and throat infection again…). I think there is something wrong with me mentally (and yet logically I know there isn’t?)…I have no energy, I am down but don’t depressed, lethargic, easy to tear up, moody, impatient, forgetful and am experiencing anxiety for the first time in my life. I have no desire, a bad case of the CBF’s. I wake up with numb hands and numb feet. I can’t concentrate at work (and I work in schools where there is constant WI-FI, so I can’t even escape the radiation there). At home my light bulbs blow all the time and from what I have read the new type we were forced to buy emit even more electromagnetic things than the old ones and they are NOT cheap either. I have always struggled in large shopping centres with headaches due to the lights and now I am forced to live with the same type in my house!
    I used to pay $50 a fortnight towards my electric bill…the last bill I got, I still owed over $300, even after paying $50 each pay towards it. Baked beans for dinner again tonight kids!
    As mentioned earlier, I only rent this place so I can’t go painting the walls to fix the problem and I can’t imagine my Doctor diagnosing me with “allergic to smart meter” syndrome to get this one removed. It’s awesome the council has had a “meeting” but for some of us it’s too late. I’m sick of being sick and its costing me a fortune.

  2. Lore says:

    It is great to see that the council is standing up for its residents. I have a solar meter, which I paid for after installation and have been told that it will have to be changed to a smart meter this year, which I will have to pay for too.
    I am hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields, the solar meter is on my bedroom wall and I can hear the music play before the electric alarm clock goes off, have at times palpitations in the bedroom when I go to bed, noise levels effect me greatly and there is constant ringing in my ears. The alarm clock is banned to the bathroom, but it does not make much difference.
    These symptoms accelerated since the Solar meter was installed. I get about every 2nd or 3rd night a good sleep. My anxiety is up and I need to take at times a sick day (work only part time), because of working in a high-tech environment. I wear coloured glasses to stop the glare and impact from computer screens and fluorescent lighting, can be vague with names and recognising faces at times, which I combat with a low sugar diet.

    • Informed Choice says:

      Sounds like you should think about moving bedrooms. Isn’t it wonderful how something that is claimed to be so ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ turns out anything but, like those awful CFL lightbulbs and fluorescent lights that give us all headaches and sore eyes, or does this only happen to me, I wonder?

  3. pierre quaglino says:

    Why should I have to pay for a stand-by light at the front of my house.
    Besides it would make it look like a brothel. My name isn’t Roxanne.

  4. Helena cunningham says:

    Come on Baw Baw Shire please follow Morington Peninsula city council and stop dangerous SMART METRES.

  5. Claire says:

    That’s wonderful news. I was just wondering what the best steps to take are to approach a local shire on this matter for best results. i am from the Vic Surf Coast. thanks 🙂

    • Pam says:

      Claire find out your Local Shire Rep. Ring your Council, and get them to give you his/her phone number. Either Ring him/her or write enclosing some of the recent posts on HEALTH SAFETY AND PRIVACY. Council Elections are coming up and they will want your VOTE. That’s what I did and my Shire Councillor is helping me to get rid of the “rubber-stampers”, in Local Council who don’t give a darn.,GOOD LUCK……………Cheers Pam 🙂

  6. V Mills says:

    If only the Geelong City Council represented it’s ratepayers like the Mornington Shire, but they are too busy wasting money on ridiculous monuments and ripping up roads that they just fixed a few years before. They won’t listen to the important issues.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Councillors usually do care about their community and positive outcomes. They deal with all kinds of problems and this is an issue that wont go away, believe me. When the meeting took place the Anti-smart meter activists packed the Shire office in demand of resolution. Cr Tim Rodgers stated ” This is the disease of the 21st century, we need to say this isn’t right and we need to get rid of it right now.” He said that he had heard from people who, just 30 minutes after smart meters had been installed, had suffered ill effects, including nausea and headaches from the electromagnetic radiation. It is only a matter of time, the game is up for the Jemenas and the Powercors who have been putting their customers through hell. They Will Not Win, no matter how hard they try! KARMA’S a bitch!

    • Pam says:

      V Mills – see Reply to Claire – Perhaps you could do the same……..Cheers Pam:-)

  7. Freddie says:

    Congratulations to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for showing leadership on an issue of such enormous importance to all of us in Victoria! Thank-you for putting our health, our Human Rights and our Democracy on the council’s and government’s agenda.

  8. Cedar Wilde says:

    Congratulations to Mornington Shire for having the guts to stand up to a government which obviously doesn’t care about it’s electorate and is just in the pockets of these power companies. Let’s hope some more councils stand up to be counted too. There are too many people suffering (myself for one) from the effects of these meters to just brush it under the carpet. I think if Mr Baillieu was suffering the same as many of us are he would be certain to find a way of stopping these installations. Why is it that in Australia we are so eager to hand over our country to foreigners for money? (And yet call ourselves patriotic!) Yes we need money to live but we have to find better, more pro-survival ways of getting it.

  9. Pam says:

    CONGRATULATIONS another Council who has concerns for the people. We are growing in numbers every minute of every day. Minister O’Brien has no other choice than to ‘FACE THE PEOPLE” and LISTEN TO THEIR CONCERNS. Hopefully the Minister for Health will carry out a thorough INVESTIGATION into the effects of these darn Smart Meters are causing to Peoples’ Health,Safety and Privacy…………………………… Cheers Everyone…..Pam 🙂

  10. Informed Choice says:

    Thankyou MPSC so much! Have been waiting to hear some good news coming from the meetings so far & this is the Best yet… still a long way to go in convincing O’Brien and the Premier but there is HOPE. Many thanks to Stop smart meters website and all who contribute on here… each and every one of you deserves the credit. Never Surrender!

  11. Julie says:

    Congratulations Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for listening to and supporting your residents and well done Residents!!!! God I wish I lived there 🙂

  12. Terry says:

    Lets hope the wellington shire council has the gonads to do the same!…I.E. Stand up for their ratepayers and copy the Mornington Shire Councils decision in total.

  13. Beatrix Vant says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! We are selling up and moving to the other side of the Bay!
    Lara is already “gridded” I have continuous headache etc, etc, etc. We got smartmetered against our will and the damned thing is on the other side of the wall inside!!!! the brick veneer attached 2 cm from our head. The bed was against the smartmeter wall. I was treated for a sinus infection for about 5 months, bombarded with top-max antibiotics for 3 months and was pumping cortisone into my nose!!! The Specialist kept saying that he saw no sign of sinus infection but the SYMPTOMS presented were similar therefore he treated me – in vain. I remember one night when I was WIDE AWAKE all night, did not feel tiredness, I just could not sleep at all. No, I was not taking “speed” – as matter of fact installing the smart meter for “speed” consumers might be the drug-replacement solution for a widespread drug problem in Australia…
    My husband is on insulin, he lost his sleep, waking up at odd hours, getting up at 7am on a Sunday, that he had NEVER done before! We were sleepwalking in the middle of the night, waking up every 2 hours, I was scared to death that one day he crashes on the way to work to Melbourne (he drives 3 hours to and from work every day).
    Until I opened the electricity box about 4 weeks ago and found that the damned thing was IN!!! It was installed in December 2011, I did not even know about it! We WORK, surprise, surprise, were not at home when this happened. (The notice probably went into the rubbish with the junk mail). I started my “sinus” infection in January 2012 shortly after its installation – as I found out later in the course of a conversation with a less-than-helpful representative of Powercor.
    There is no escape, the neighborhood is gridded. We were forced out of our bedroom of who-knows-how-many-years, to the back of the house into another room (lucky we could!) and it is a modern extension to a 40 year old house and the walls are sealed with that shiny blue sheet in between the plastering and the brick veneer. No reception for mobile phone, I am hoping that the same occurs with the smartmeter waives.
    SHAME! Said good bye to our old bedroom, shot the door and sealed the door and the walls, “foiled” in. We will put the shiny stuff on the old part of the house INSIDE the walls hoping this will help a bit. It looks hilarious, like a space ship in an old movie 🙂

    Still I do not understand the logic: there will be no reduction in electricity costs! Creating electricity costs exactly the same whether it is done by the companies day or night. It does not reduce consumption if I get up in the middle of the night to bake a (diabetic:) ) cake! I may pay less for it – but a lot more if I do not want to get up in the middle of the night to bake…UNREAL!!! Love you all Beatrix

    • Pam says:

      Beatrix – Aren’t we lucky we still have our sense of humour and each other that’s something NO BLOODY ONE CAN TAK AWAY FROM US. We are going to WIN THIS FIGHT it is just a matter of time now. Hopefully you will get your old bedroom back when you get the darn Smart Meter replaced. Thank God I had my boxed locked. O’BRIEN AND BAILLIEU will have to face us sooner or later, either AT ONE OF OUR MEETINGS, OR AT THE BALLOT BOX – then we will see who has the upper hand. I just wish we could bring a CLASS ACTION AGAINST the lot of them. Keep your chin up.Cheers Pam 🙂

  14. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Sirs and Me dames,
    Congratulations on a truly wonderful letter regarding ” Mornington Peninsula Shire Council supports its residents ! ”
    Congratulations to all of you hard workers in the Mornington Council and other concerned citizens supporting the total ban with your letters and clear objections to any more of these Accursed and now proving to be Dangerous to both Human and Animals’ Health, from these so-called Smart Meters, now found to be making so many and now mounting numbers of people worldwide very sick from the constant Microwave Radiation being emitted from these Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters.

    I agree with the Eight Points raised in this letter and others implicit that nobody should be forced to allow a so-called Smart Meter……read……….. ” Now proving to be damaging to many people and animals’ health and also now proving to be damaging to many peoples’ private Electrical Goods from the often intimidatory and forced installation of these so-called Smart Meters.

    The Law in both England and Holland has recently been changed for the good of Peoples’ Health. No longer is it ‘ Mandatory ‘ for the residents of these two countries to be forced or coerced to take a Smart Meter against their Will and Better Judgement. In fact, any home owner or small business in both Holland or England who now wishes to be rid of their Microwave Smart Meter/s for any reason, can now call the appropriate Electrical Power Company for their district to have the Smart Meter removed and at the Total Expense to that aforesaid Electrical Power Company. This is now the LAW in Holland and England and must be obeyed. This is exactly what needs to be done here in Victoria Australia as well.

    Please note the these Foreign Owned Victorian Electrical Power Companies constantly try to pull, which is that their Chief Executive Officers or C.E.O’s and their Human Relations Officers send out letters instructing their customers that every private home owner and small business in Victoria has to allow the Smart Meter Installer Men to remove the old and trusty and Passive Analog Meter and replace it with a Microwave Smart Meter. They state in their letters that no one is allowed to opt out of this program. This is a Bold Faced LIE on the part of these five foreign owned Victorian Electrical Power Companies. The truth is that this so-called Mandate is not The Law and never has been for the simple reason, ” That at no time in the past when the John Brumby Labour Government was in power was such a law ever put to both houses of the Victorian Parliament to be passed into LAW, as John Brumby was certain that the Liberal and Opposition Party would not allow this proposed act to become the LAW. And neither has the present and incumbent Ted Baillieu Victorian Government ever tried to Make the Imposition of Smart Meters a new Law by trying to get it passed in both houses of Parliament. Therefore it is UNLAWFUL of this present Victorian Liberal Government and its officers and the servants of the five foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies to state that. ” It is THE LAW that every Victorian home owner and small business must allow a Smart Meter to be installed on their property.”

    When the now overthrown past John Brumby Labour Government was in power some years ago and he, John Brumby was convinced that the Smart Meters could not be Made The LAW in Victoria, he did a very cunning thing, which was to convene a meeting or several meetings with the then C.E.O ‘s of the five Foreign Owned Victorian Electrical Power Companies and with the then Governor of Victoria and the three or four or more of his, John Brumbies Trusted Henchmen to bypass the Rule of Parliamentary Law, and thus create what is known today as, ” An Order In Council.” This Order In Council is THE FLY IN THE OINTMENT which is responsible for all this trouble and strife being fomented here in Victoria, which these TRULY NEFARIOUS powers are using Illegally to try to force Victorians to give up their safe and Passive Analog Meters and allow these now proving to be Dangerous Smart Meters to be imposed upon the Victorian People against us the Peoples’ Will and Better Judgement. This to my mind and thousand of us and an ever growing number of very concerned citizens, this is wrong, to which we refuse to submit. We are not in any way LAMBS TO BE LED ASTRAY!

  15. Phil says:

    Thankgoodness we have a Council that listens to the voice of the people and is willing to communicate with the Government over the issues! The question over the legality of the Government statements that it is compulsory for residents to have microwave surveillance device smartmeters on and within their properties – where is that legislaton? – makes the Government position on the matter very unsound. Councls who blindly follow that logic need to think again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    fantastic! a council that represents the people! (-:

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