State Government says smart meters are safe – ABC Gippsland Vic

State Minister for Energy and Resources Michael O’Brien has rejected claims that smart meters pose health risks.

Activist group Stop the Smart Meters Australia is calling on the State Government to stop the roll out of smart meters across Gippsland.

The group has collected about 1000 signatures from East Gippsland residents who support the group’s fight against the smart meters.

Allanah Nugent from Stop the Smart Meters Australia says ‘the risk of smart meters far outweigh the benefits.’

She says international studies prove that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMF levels) emitted by the smart meters pose health risks.

“We know that what we’ve got now isn’t safe, it’s only going to get worse if we allow this blanket of electromagnetic pollution,” she told ABC Gippsland’s Mornings program.

Listen to the interview with Allanah Nugent from Stop the Smart Meters Australia talking with Celine Foenander

Read the rest of the article and listen to the interview with Michael O’Brien, Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources talking to Celine Foenander via State Government says smart meters are safe – ABC Gippsland Vic – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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21 Responses to State Government says smart meters are safe – ABC Gippsland Vic

  1. Ms Rebel says:

    All I can say to that is read the PETITION!!! This is what Victoria thinks of your crappy smart meters!!

  2. David Rogerson says:

    It is bad enough the ‘Democracy’ in this country is limited to electing who represents us. It is an all to common breach of the politicians oath to serve the community when they choose the word of big business over us. This smart meter fiasco only exists because of a monopoly that exists with the energy providers, of which we (the end user) know very little about, and our so called ‘representatives’ who don’t have the strength to stand up to them. If this happened in France, the people would be filling the streets.
    What about the frequency effects of microwaves on house hold Wiring? When will this be researched. Remember the insulation debacle? They came up with a second rate idea, packaged it up in rhetoric, gave it to the building industry then wondered, why it was corrupted. Sound Familiar? Politicians want all of the glory and none of the accountability. State or Federal there is no difference, these people need to get outside, live with us and ask what we want, not make decisions in board rooms looking out of windows.

  3. the challenge letter
    Who is really spreading misinformation?
    An open letter to Michael O’Brien Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources

    On the 10th July 2012 you spoke on ABC Radio Gippsland. It was in response to an earlier interview dealing with an anti-smart meter petition and during that interview you said the following quotes:
    “…I am very concerned about the level of misinformation in the community…”
    “…smart meters have had problems but these problems don’t include safety…”
    “…the smart meter programme is safe…”
    Then you specifically referred to me by name and continued ‘…spreading misinformation and quite frankly scaring people who have got every right to reject the information…”
    You also said that you knew of no actual evidence that smart meters pose health risks.
    So, my challenge to you is this:
    You have accused me of promoting unsubstantiated information, yet I can supply over 100 independent research articles from experts all around the world, saying the same thing I did:
    …Wireless technology is potentially harmful, the standards used by Governments and industry are outdated and irrelevant, and that EMF should be treated with caution, particularly around children. Many scientists, biologists and environmental researchers believe the rapid deployment of smart meters is dangerous and should be halted.
    I can back up my statements (research links have been supplied with this letter). Can you back up yours?
    Minister O’Brien, can you supply over 100 credible, NON industry research papers that show smart meters are safe? Many Victorians await your reply.

  4. dawn potocnik says:

    Is it possible that as fairfax has a very large share in Landis and Gyr the company that makes the meters that they don’t wan’t to give it too much coverage to this topic?

  5. Steve says:

    I sent the following comment to ABC Gippsland. Not sure if anything will happen.

    I would like to respond to Michael O’Briens comments that he believes smart meters are safe. Firstly he is incorrect when he says “”EMF emissions from a smart meter are far less than ….. wireless internet … It’s tested and demonstrated to not pose any risk at all,”

    Please refer to the this URL from the Department of Primary Industries which clearly shows outside readings from a smart meter are much higher than a wireless modem (provides wirless network functions). RF signals penetrate brick and wood structures. The measurement for the inside reading is most likely for a single smart meter installed on a premises but without other neighboring smart meters (to prove that the inward facing part of the meter has some shielding). Housing density is so high now days that neighbouring outward facing signals will be penetrating inside neighbouring peoples homes. More often than not smart meters are located near bedrooms.

    Also the statement from SP Ausnet is also incorrect. I was advised by Powercor that transmissions are every 4 hours not 4 times a day. What neither SP Ausnet, Powercor or Mr O’brien are saying is that smart meters are likely to be set up in a meshed network. This means that a smart meter can be fowarding data from other smart meters, network helath message and not just the data collected from the house it is monitoring. This means 4 transmissions a day is a significant distortion of the facts.

    The biggest issue I have however is that smart meter RF safety is based on antequated and almost irrelvent standards set by ARPANSA. These standards only look at the heat effects of RF radiation on cells. There is no consideration for non thermal effects. The ARPANSA standards also do not take into consideration the level of RF saturation in the environment. The standards are also based on exposure for a set period of time and not continuously (what I mean here is day after day). By setting standards on very narrow criteria it is very easy to see why the conclusion is that RF is considered safe. There is plenty of research that is ignored by the industry that says quite the opposite when non thermal effects are taken into consideration.

    I am one those small manority of people who suffer from EHS which is recognised by the W.H.O. I am sensitive Wireless RF frequencies which results in headaches, heart palpations, prickling sensations on my skin etc. I get this when I am using my mobile phone and if I am using a wireless network (which is less than the RF radiation from a smart meter). I have sent a letter to Mr O’Brien, Powercor, DPI and my local memeber Jill Hennessy. I have received a response from Dept of Energy (representing Mr O’Brien) that he is receiving advice from the DPI and will respond as soon as it has been reviewed. I am yet to receive this advice and it has been over a month since I wrote the letter. If it was so clear cut as the minister says then I would have expected a reply by now. If you are interested in seeing the letter I wrote you can refer to the one I sent Powercor (which is almost identical) that I sent to the Stopmeters website. It can be found here

    Note: I am not a stopsmartmeters representative, just a concerned citizen.

  6. Pam Densley says:

    Allanah “Thank You” – Minister O’Brien – Yes it was the previous Government who decided we all should have a SMART METER in stalled in our homes. Why is it so hard for you to understand that these darn Meters are a HEALTH RISK. Have you ever taken the time to speak with the people who have had to leave their homes because of SMART METERS . The people who are
    ill because of SMART METERS. Can you disregard all the Meetings that are being held throughout Victoria explaining the DANGERS of these SMART METERS. Surely as our Government Representative it is YOUR JOB to stop passing the buck to every Department you can think of and go and have a look at how these darn things are affecting people and how these darn things are installed. Boxes are supposed to be lined………….some are……. .most are not – WHY NOT??????? IF SMART METERS ARE SO SAFE WHY DO THE BOXES HAVE TO BE LINED AT ALL??????????? GET ON THIS WEBSITE and see OUR CONCERNS. Thank God for our Website. EVERYONE LOCK YOUR BOXES……DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS. I always thought we lived in a Democracy, our Government was supposed to protect us. I know where my Vote is going come next Election, definately not with your Government and I will not be bullied into having a SMART METER installed. Again a big Thank You to STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA for all your hard work and advice.

  7. Rosemary says:

    Hi John
    Thanks for your comments. I have just sold my home of 22 years because a smart meter made us so sick. We haven’t been able to live there since the meter was installed 9 months ago. It is totally wrong and the government has a lot to answer for.

    • Pam Densley says:

      Rosemary Download the Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register Form and send it away. It was on the Website Monday. I feel so sorry for you and your Family – Good Luck.Pam

  8. Helen says:

    I listed my complaint on the form in 2007 re-high magnetic fields in my home and had many direct telephone conversations asking whom they were actually supposedly protecting. I came to the conclusion that they are basically protecting their own jobs and not interested in any health issues. They ridicule anyone who has health issues suggesting that they should be tested with radiation to see if it’s true. That is like telling someone with a peanut allergy to eat more peanuts so we can see what happens. ARPANSA, shame on you!

    • Informed Choice says:

      I am in total disbelief as to how corrupt this all sounds!!! Why have a complaint form if you’re going to ‘shoot the messenger’? Load of nonsense, ARPANSA!!!

  9. David Lee says:

    Re SP Ausnet’s statement that their smart meters only transmit four times a day:-

    “The new meters use a wireless signal to only transmit around four times a day for 10 seconds at a time”

    Wonder if they would be prepared to specify exactly at what times the transmissions occurred?

    • anon says:

      i actually brought a rf meter 300$ and they send signals every min ranging from .00005 constantly to .01127 every minute or so and have been told they constantly send signals all day from the fuse box to the power plugs to read if anything is on , thats my house anyway thats a lie from power core i believe . ive had my smart meter for around 16 months and its killed me allmost , im hyposensetive now and cant even use a mobile phone or wifi ive been working at home so id say most of the health risks will happen within the next year or so to people that are not home all the time. ive tried the pm the power company and the obessman and the dpi all with no luck and hours wasted on phone calls . good luck and lets hope we can get a roll back for these killer devices .

  10. Melbourne Mum says:

    Minister O’Brien, what a pathetic excuse for a public servant you are. Not only do you invalidate all our concerns about this dangerous technology to ‘save face’ but you continue to LIE to the Australian people on radio, t.v. and whenever you are given a voice. Have you nothing better to say? We are tired of your half-hearted attempts to convince everyone that Smart Meters are not the evil devices we now know them to be. Get online and do the research as we all have and you will be left in no doubt that you are making a BIG MISTAKE in forcing your fellow Victorians into accepting what these foreign owned power companies dish out to us under the ‘disguise’ of improved electricity management & benefits to the customer….NONSENSE!! And while on the subject of harmful EMR and EMF’s, I also object to the number of mobile super towers going up around my suburb and in close proximity to my neighbourhood. It is an absolute disgrace to OUR RIGHTS to not be given any warnings or choice from this so-called government. We should not be living anywhere NEAR these monstrosities you impose on us… but what industry wants, industry gets , it seems …in your money grubby world. You don’t give a damn about this State or the people who live in it….and it shows!

  11. Melbourne Resident says:

    Do they not understand the word ‘NO’!?
    We dont want smart meters, no one I know – wants a smart meter! Why are they spending billions of dollars on technology which is emitting radiation in our own homes!?

    This is a disgrace! We do NOT want smart meters! No!

  12. Tom Oliver says:

    I totally agree with John Cornish. I too have checked out the information coming out from overseas and am also disgusted that the Government are not taking any notice. This is a great site, but we need the public to become more aware of what is happening with a bigger campaign in the media, rather than just on this site

  13. John Cornish says:

    “I am surprised at the lack of information from the media about the health risks associated with smart meters.
    With our (Swan Hill) region next in line for the installation of smart meters into our homes I believe it is only proper that people should be made aware of the dangers associated with them – dangers which are played down (or not mentioned) through the official spiel given out to residents.

    There is overwhelming evidence from around the world that continuing the roll out of these devices is not a good idea. In numerous parts of America and Europe installations have been halted due to serious concerns about health safety, privacy and cost issues. World wide, many thousands of people have become sick since smart meters were installed in their homes – many have been forced out because of their sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

    With all the evidence from scientists and medical professionals world wide regarding health hazards from wireless radiation, it is hard to believe that the Australian governments continue to allow ongoing installation of these meters in our homes. Highly respected Sydney neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo has been warning of the dangers of (cumulative) wireless radiation for many years. Dr Teo is one of a growing number of eminent health professionals who cite the damage that EMR (electromagnetic radiation) emissions from mobile phones, iPhones and other wireless gadgets can do to a growing child’s brain.

    The Copenhagen Resolution – raised serious concerns which came from The World Health Organization and the European Environment Agency and were made public at a conference in 2010. Nevertheless here we are two years later and the Governments are virtually dismissing all this information. Australian Governments have put money ahead of the health and lives of all Australians – it is criminal.

    The underhanded rush by greedy foreign owned power companies using bullying tactics to force smart meters into our homes could well be the cause of the major health scourge of the 21st century. The accumulative effects of electromagnetic radiation on society will be much more destructive than what asbestos and smoking was in past years. It is not too far fetched to say that we will be slowly microwaving ourselves to death.

    I am dismayed that money hungry Governments are prepared to be hoodwinked into believing that smart meters are good for us. I am dismayed that the weak kneed Victorian government sees fit to allow a continuation of the ill considered smart meter program despite alarming EMR health risks being exposed by credible research agencies in several countries.”

    • peterrocker says:

      Perhaps the Government isn’t actually “hoodwinked” as you suggest. I would be more inclined to think there is money, big money in it for them. It’s the politician’s contempt for people to whom they owe their existence that enable them to lie & utilise weasel words without conscience.

      • John Cornish says:

        I agree with your statement. I wouldn’t mind betting that those who have initiated the smart meter program in Victoria are now (privately) facing their catch 22 “moral dilemma”. Dammed if they continue with this smart meter madness which might become the scourge of the 21st century. Dammed if they don’t abort the program at colossal expense to the taxpayers of this state.. .

    • Pam Densley says:

      John – and the people of SWAN HILL – LOCK YOUR BOXES, PUT YOUR SIGNS UP and Protect your SAFE ANALOGUE METER – DON’T BE BULLIED INTO HAVE ANYONE INSTALL A SMART METER to your property. Check our Website Daily for Up – Dates. It’s a disgrace our Politicians don’t do likewise – STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA AND ALL THEIR SUPPORTERS (us) have done a lot of research into the DANGERS OF SMART METERS. We all can’t be wrong. NO SMART METER FOR ME EVER…..I have written to Power Cor with my Concerns (no response as yet – my letter was received on 14/6/2012). GOOD LUCK………. PAM

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