Valuable Advice – Spread the word!

Word travels and the old saying word of mouth is true and I believe we are already worrying the people responsible for this outrageous mandate.  To me the fact that the government and power companies are having to continually spin their propaganda to con people that they will be better off with these radiation emitting smart meters makes it clear they are worried.

The reason they are worried is that more and more wise citizens are standing up and taking a stand for what they truly believe and know is wrong.  We and in particular this site and the people who contribute to it, have helped open people’s eyes to the deception that we are dealing with.  My advice to all is to tweet, talk at work, tell your friends on Facebook, tell everyone you know – we can spread the message and the more locked meter boxes in Australia means we are putting a major spanner in the works – and let them try and punish us all!

We can and will make a difference.  Just remember, get the word out.  I have converted a few sceptics who thought I was over reacting.  These same people who I have proven my case to and shown what I have learnt  have now locked their boxes.  Good luck all and thank you to Stop Smart Meters Australia.




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5 Responses to Valuable Advice – Spread the word!

  1. Archie says:

    To Pam Densley,ask your unconvinced friends “do you trust politicians & C.E.O.s of overseas owned companies?” This should put their doubts in perspective,& cause them to ACTUALLY THINK!

  2. myadvice says:

    You are dead right there Vickie,
    These Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies are only thinking of the Big Bucks or Money they hope to make out of Victorians who do not know Their Rights In Common Law, which are as follows…….. ‘That No One is allowed to be Forced or Coerced or Bullied or Lied to by any business or single person or group of people to take a Smart Meter of any kind, that is a Microwave Smart Meter or even a Hard Wired Smart Meter against their Will and Better Judgement.’ Please see the Victorian Charter Of Human Rights, via the Internet Clauses 10 and 13 as I have done and copy them out to take to your Lawyer as well. He will then see that you have done your homework.

    We are still a Democracy where we as individuals have the Right To Choose and not be dictated to by Corrupt C.E.O ‘s of Corrupt Electric Power Companies and their equally corrupt minions for example such as their supporting so-called Human Relations or Sales People who tell fat Lies in an endeavour to force Victorians to take these Deadly Evil Microwave so-called Smart Meters, which are now proving to be a deadly poison to ones bodily health, as well as a fire risk to ones Electrical goods.

    The World Health Organisation has already found that these meters are a producer of Class 2B Carcinogens. Not only are they deadly owing to the Cumulative Poisonous effect from their Microwave Rays to Humans, but to Animals as well and now the latest findings by many customers who have sadly adopted these devices, is that these so-called Smart Meters are also killing off many delicate ferns and creepers within range of these Machines.

    Don’t forget dear readers, If you are suffering ill health after a so-called Smart Meter has been installed on your property, you are entitled by LAW to SUE the C.E.O of the Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Company and or any of his agents including the Smart Meter Installer Man for Full Compensation for all medical bills and medicines needed to exacerbate or remedy your state of Ill Health caused by the Smart Meters. Don’t forget to SUE for as much money as you are legally allowed; prhaps MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Firstly see your Lawyer. The first half hour of consultation should be free, as it was for me. Please phone your Lawyer, then when an appointment date has been set, gather all your medical bills and medical receipts together and present this as evidence together with the date when the Accursed Smart Meter was first installed on your property. Take some photos of the Accursed Smart Meter now foisted upon your property for your Lawyer as well. Then see your Lawyer on the appointed time with both the original Doctors Bills and the Medicine Bills and copies of same and your photographs of the Accursed Smart Meter for Legal Purposes.

    In California right now the people are succesfully SUING these C.E.O ‘s and winning with huge Class Actions. In many cases those Sherrifs who supported the Californian Electric Power Companies like Pacific General Electric Power Co. = P.G and E etc have not only lost their jobs but have been thrown into Gaol for very long prison terms, and some of these C.E.O’ s have also been severely punished as well, for their gross ongoing wickedness towards their Electricity Customers.

    For anyone who has stil not padlocked their Electrical Meter Box…….” Please Padlock it with a stout padlock RIGHT NOW, Tomorrow may be too late to stop these Meter Installer People from taking the Safe and Passive Analog Meter you still have in your Electrical Meter Box.”

  3. Pam Densley says:

    Vickie – My Thoughts exactly I have taken a Stance against these SMART METERS. I too have converted a lot of folk here in Warrnambool. My BOX IS LOCKED AND STAYING LOCKED. My Energy Company is aware of this and to them it is not a problem. I have a perspex cut-out, so my Meter can be read. I have written to Powercor advising them access is denied and tresspassers will be prosecuted if they try and install a SMART METER when I am not home.(Registered Letter – they have received it) but no answer from them. My Solicitor has also written to them – he has had no response either. Many folk including some friends also feel I am over-reacting, but they are too darn lazy to get on this fantastic Website and find out information for themselves. We will win,……. I have sent my Submission to ESV……………and now await their Report. A big THANK YOU TO ‘STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA’ for collating all this impoprtant Information.

  4. Cedar Wilde says:

    The government may think that they will make plenty of money out of the process of installing these (so-called) Smart-meters, (though I’m not sure how) but they will have an enormous health bill for all the people who will get sick from these death-dealing devices.

  5. mohsen says:

    Great, thank you Vickie.

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