Smart Meter concerns raised – Bairnsdale Advertiser

More than 20 local residents raised their concerns over the installation of Smart Meters at a Smart Meter Awareness Forum in Bairnsdale recently. (Related post BAIRNSDALE SMART METER COMMUNITY FORUM)

Residents from Bairnsdale, Maffra and Bruthen came together to ask questions and share concerns.

Coordinators, Maxine Harber and Allannah Nugent, both local people, were delighted with the interest.

“There wasn’t a dull moment. People had a lot of questions,” Ms Harber said.

Ms Harber said the idea to host the forum came about from customers coming into her Bairnsdale store.

“Many people would bring the topic up and unless you know where to look, information can be very hard to find,” she said.

“My friend has been researching the topic for the past year or more and works very closely with the Stop Smart Meter Australia groups, so she was the perfect person to do the speaking.”

The risk of wireless Smart Meters having a negative effect on animals and plants was discussed, as was time of use pricing.

Ms Haber said having a premium cost at the time when most people are at home, having dinner and putting the kids to bed is of great concern, especially with energy costs already so high.

Other concerns raised included security, both personal and physical and the likely-hood of the system being hacked into.

“By far the biggest concern was the health effects. With other countries around the world taking immediate action to slow or halt the application of wireless Smart Meters, they were wondering why our Government wasn’t doing the same,” she said.

Ms Harber said a lady, who shared her story at the meeting, is highly sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation and is fearing having to move from her home should the wireless mesh system for Smart Meters be introduced.

“Her bravery in telling strangers how her life is impacted by wireless transmissions helped many people understand the real personal side to this issue,” she said.

“You see, one of the biggest issues with wireless Smart Meters is that the microwave radiation from one home, mixes with the signals of the other homes around it and the radiation fills the air, with no escape. For someone in her position it means they have to go to extreme measures to protect their health.”

Read the full article via – Smart Meter concerns raised.

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9 Responses to Smart Meter concerns raised – Bairnsdale Advertiser

  1. myadvice says:

    Dear Readers,
    Please note that if you were to get a so-called Smart Meter installed on your property you will automatically be subject to the Variable Time Of Use Pricing which works like this……….
    From 11.00 P.M in Victoria to 7.00 A.M Electricity costs you say X units per Kilowatt Hour. From 7.00 A.M to 2.00 P.M it costs you twice as much =2X, but from 2.00. P.M to 11.00 P.M it costs you four times as much per Kilowatt hour =4X. Therefore anyone having had their Safe to Health and safe to their older and Passive Analog Electric Meter now STOLEN by the Smart Meter Installer Man or Men at the BEHEST of the EVIL C.E.O ‘s of these NOW MAFIA LIKE Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies is being RIPPED OFF SOMETHING SHOCKING. IN TRUTH THESE COMPANIES ARE EFFECTIVELY COMMITTING GRAND THEFT.

    You also run the very real risk of getting poisoned by the Now Proven To Be Class 2B Carcinogens caused by these DEADLY DANGEROUS so-called Smart Meters, which are not only dangerous to your health, but to animals as well. These Microwave Meters often do damage to private electrical goods such as Washing Machines, and or Computers and or Printers and or other electrical goods. These accursed Smart Meters, read here ( Deadly Dangerous Meters could easily cause Heart Failure if you are the wearer of a Heart Monitoring Device. PLEASE HEED THIS ADVICE,
    You have been WARNED !

    Richard Leschen.

    • Sharron says:

      So true Richard! In order for this roll-out to stop we MUST NOT ALLOW any more meters to be sneakily installed and need to educate as many citizens as possible to stand up for their rights. Keep these Power Robots off our properties, lock the meter box and gate, etc- this is the time to employ your loyal watchdog! There is wonderful support here on the Stop Smart meter website… Check back often as Pam says. There are so many problems with this technology….it is SO WRONG to force it… government will find out the hard way… CLASS ACTION!!!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Hi Sharron,
        You are correct with all your comments. By all people firstly locking their Electric Meter Boxes immediately with an Industrial Padlock, then putting up the Anti Trespassing signs, one on the front fence or gate and one on the Meter Box. This has kept these Sneaky Smart Meter Men off my property so far. Next write a Letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area, stating that you refuse to accept a so-called Smart Meter on your property. Then make sure you post it Registered mail so he has to sign for it. This is what I did. Also send a similar letter to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O ‘ Brien stating that you refuse to accept a Microwave Electric Smart Meter on your property. Send this Registered Mail also.

  2. myadvice says:

    Hi Rosemary and Steve,
    That is correct what Steve says. The first course of action must be to padlock your Electric Meter Boxes in every State of Australia. Second is to get up your Anti-Trespass Signs……see various signs available on the Victorian Stop Smart Meter Sites.
    Nobody can afford to be complacent, that is what these criminal C.E.O’s of these Foreign Owned Victoiran Electric Power Companies want, so that the Contracted Smart Meter Men can sneak in and whack in a truly dangerous so-called Smart Meter ( read bumb and DEADLY METER) onto your property whilst you are out shopping or away for some time.

  3. Pam Densley says:


  4. myadvice says:

    Dear Readers,
    Don’t just put up your Anti-Trespass Signs against the Smart Meters, but first of all you must Padlock your Electricity Meter Boxes.

  5. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Readers,
    Just Padlock your Electric Meter Boxes now……that’s the first step.

  6. Rosemary says:

    We have just sold our home because of a smart meter making us sick. Heading interstate to recover from 8 months of radiation hell.

    • Steve says:

      Rosemary this may only provide relief for a few years as it is my understanding that the smart meter rollout is a national program that is being implemented in NSW and VIC first. I believe other Australian States will follow suit unless we can stop it.

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