Class action call on smart meters – The Standard

SMART meter opponent Chris Hynes was outsmarted by installers this week after a long campaign to avoid having one installed at his house went as high as the Premier’s office, only to fail.

But Mr Hynes aims to hit back with a possible class action with other disgruntled customers.

The Warrnambool man arrived home from work to find his old analogue electricity meter had been replaced with one of the controversial compact smart meters while his wife had been sleeping after night shift.

“I wasn’t very happy at all, but it looks like I’m stuck with it,” he told The Standard yesterday.

“Now I’m thinking of contacting other opponents and solicitors to see if they are interested in launching a class action against compulsory fitting of the new meters.

“It seems people’s rights are gone and the government can now authorise people to walk into your property and do these jobs. I had notices of objection stuck to my meter box and they were ignored.”

Mr Hynes had written to Premier Ted Baillieu with a list of 10 questions relating to health, insurance and fire risks.

It prompted a reply advising his concerns had been forwarded to Energy and Resources Minister David O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien’s office also did not answer his questions, Mr Hynes said. “I’m going to follow up with a letter to Powercor and to Mr O’Brien demanding answers,” he said.

“I will demand the installers come back again and refit the meter to a heat-resistant board that won’t have a risk of catching fire.”

Another Warrnambool opponent, pensioner Pam Densley, has locked her meter box and installed a piece of see-through perspex on the door.

“I don’t want a bloody smart meter fitted until they can answer all my questions about safety and health risks,” she said.


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25 Responses to Class action call on smart meters – The Standard

  1. Megan says:

    Ever since the smart meters were forcibly installed in my block of flats, my wireless Internet connection drops out with greater frequency than it did before. Though I have not experienced any adverse health effects (yet), they have interfered with the electronic gadgets in my home.

  2. Vera Mills says:

    I have locked my meter box and placed all the signs arpund my property. However my meter is one which requires the reader to push a button to get digital readings, so the window on it’s own is useless. Anyone else have this problem or this type of meter. We have had it for the last 14 years.

  3. Rosemary says:

    I just sold my home of 22 years thanks to a smart meter making us sick for 8 months. We plan to move interstate and will come back to Melbourne when the class actions begin.

  4. Jeanie Kirk says:

    Sent the registered letters 2 wks ago no reply from any of them?

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I had a reply from SPAusnet saying they would “not coerce their customers”. (For what that’s worth, if anything) They probably just mean that they will leave the coercion to the government. (Let’s remember that in a democracy WE are the government!)

  5. Colin S says:

    If people have the appropriate “Do Not Fit A Smart Meter” sign on their meter box, that states “You will be held accountable to the law of our Australian Constitution Act (1900-01) and the Privacy Act for trespassing and are liable for a $167,000.00 fine”, if what’s happened to Chris Hynes and countless other hundreds/thousands of people across the state, doesn’t that mean the electricity companies have broken the law, and therefore, need to be charged with trespass and fined appropriately, hopefully to the full extent of the law…..or, does this sign, that we all believe carries legal weight, in fact mean nothing?
    The law is the law, and from what I believe, there is no actual law that says we must except a “smartmeter”, but there are definately laws in place against “trespass” and other associated matters such as privacy, etc, that if breached, those responsible need to be held accountable, and made to pay out.
    Maybe then, those individuals involved with the replacement of these meters, and the companies they represent, will definately have to think seriously about replacing the meters on the properties of all those who has made it perfectly clear that they don’t consent to the “Smart Meter” install, when IT DOES carry the appropriate fine of up to $167,000.00, if they do so.
    A couple of thousand decent fines on this scale may help throw a spanner in the works of this totally flawed “Smart Meter” rollout project, and show those involved that there’s a price to pay for breaking the law.
    Would really like to hear the opinion of a proper legal person on this matter.

    • Lisa L says:

      I had my meter installed against my will today. The installers have been told to ignore all our signs. So what good are they if they are no longer paying attention to them. They will simply state that its their meter and they have the right to upgrade it. They pissed off the wrong citizen today!! Is there a class action law suit happening? I’m in!

      • Informed Choice says:

        I’m sorry to hear that Lisa, they cannot be trusted and that is why many are padlocking their meter boxes as a little bit of insurance against these thugs, mind you – we can’t be at home all the bloody time to stand guard and they know it… mongrels! Is it ‘their’ meter when we homeowners have been paying for these dumb things for almost three years to date??? Don’t think so.

  6. John says:

    For gods sake someone get this class action happening it’s too long overdue. My other half has already had a fight with the Dumb Meter Installer tyrannt &amp to get rid of him. I built a thick sturdy Box to protect my old analogue meter, 1cm thick perspex sheet $30 from bunnings to view it through a door with 3 padlocks on it. I bet the Cabal Globalist Elite & government dictators of the like are not getting these big brother , radiation spewing machines installed within their own living dwellings so then why should we. SO SICK OF THEIR CRAP & AIN’T GONNA TAKE IT NO MORE.

  7. Market St; Brunswick says:

    By what right does the Govt.remove your right of choice? Many overseas countries HAVE BANNED these meters for various reasons INCLUDING HEALTH! SEND E-mails also to JEFF KENNETT; He privatised our power resources! (wonder if he has shares?)

  8. Julie Howard says:

    This is a violation of our rights. It seems the Government has put through legislation that no person can refuse installation, but I don’t believe enough information has been provided, and too many unanswered questions remain. Not to mention “who” are really installing these units? What are their real qualifications? I have heard they should take about 40 mins to instal properly, whereas people are saying they are only taking 10-15 mins. Pink batts here we go again?

    • Vickie says:

      Julie, I thought I would share this interview with you and other members, approx 5 months ago I received my notices that I would be receiving a smart meter, I called and i asked service stream , the company organising the instalment if it would be an A grade Electrician doing the job as I do live in a house that is over 80 yrs old and have seen and heard evidence that older houses can have wiring problems and thus create problems with a smart meter, the man replied we do have some A grade Electricians here, but I cannot guarantee that you will have one doing your installation, as you can imagine I said well forget it!, I have heard that the installers only need to sit trough a 2 hr training session and they receive their certificate, I thought this could not be right, but my opinion is that it is right and if you read this whistle blowers account of what is going on like me you will even more horrified. have included the link for all to read regards Vickie

      • Gwen says:

        If you look at the Government website, this is the response from the Auditor-General.
        ‘ The decision is based on advice from the Auditor-General, who stated in his report on Smart Meters that: “If the project’s emerging risks delay the installation of Smart Meters it is likely that consumers will face further cost increases and gain fewer benefits”.’ What are the ”emerging risks” that are delaying installation. I am going out to get a padlock
        for my meter box.


  9. Pam Densley says:

    Chris Hynes was the Man who first made me aware of the dangers of SMART METERS here in Warrnambool. We keep in constant touch, He had dotted all his I’s and crossed all his T’s, written dozens of letters to Bailieu and O’Brien. Never got the written responses he requested – had all his Signs up, but unfortunately never LOCKED HIS BOX and they INSTALLED A SMART METER, in his absence, to his Home. L O C K YOUR B O X E S. Check Daily with this Web Site for current information and BRING ON A CLASS ACTION as soon as we can……

  10. Richard Leschen. says:

    Dear Readers,
    I warn you every one, if you haven’t yet locked your Electricity Meter Boxes with a good strong Industrial Padlock and you only rely on the No Trespass Warning Signs, then the majority of Smart Meter Installer Men will as is now obvious, take no notice of these Notices and just go ahead and take the Safe Analog Electric Meter from your Meter Box and in its place install one of these now proving to be Very Dangerous Microwave Electric Smart Meters. Yes, the World Health Organisation has now Conclusively Proven that the Microwave Smart Meters cause Type 2B Carcinogens in both Humans and Animals.
    Don’t worry about cutting out a viewing window immediately and putting in a clear perspex sheet, you can do that later. If you are at work and cannot be home for the Meter Reader Man to get his readings he will estimate the reading. Then, when you have your Perspex Window fitted he can easily adjust the next bill to be accurate when he calls at your property some three months later.

    You own the Electricity Meter Box and not these Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies.
    Please, Please lock your Electric Meter Boxes IMMEDIATELY.


    Richard Leschen.

    • Vera says:

      Hi Richard, I have just had a keyed lock installed on my powerbox with a laminated stop sign and a laminated copy of my refusal letter on the front of the door. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they can’t get in. 🙂 I have a perspex viewing window coming in the next few days and just had the last reading last week. My meter screen is very faint and I am not sure if it can be read through the perspex, but I will be happy with estimates if it means no smart meter.

  11. Arron says:

    Class action sounds like a great idea!

  12. Helen says:

    Yes we need a class action suit to stop this madness. Count me in!

  13. dear chris hynes i’m sorry to hear that u now have a smart meter. as has also happened to others recently even though they had no consent signs etc for a smart meter. if u don’t want a smart meter u MUST LOCK yr meter box. just signs alone will not stop them at all now. i wish to send a strong urgent message here to everyone who does not want a smart meter and have not yet locked it. it is the no.1 most important thing to do. if you just have signs up yr a sitting duck for a smart meter. i am on a disability pension and can’t afford much but i was able to get a solid lock put on my meter box for $30 including the cost of the latch fr my local handyman. i would also urge people to get a handyman to put a window on yr box over the meter so u don’t have to leave it unlocked at reading time. we need to be aware and prepared in advance. have courage and empower yourself and make this a priority. have peace of mind . be proactive protect yourself and take positive action. i have seen the lengths some people are going to in america on these sites to prevent getting a smart meter. they are paddlocking their meter boxes and also wrapping thick chains around them and then paddlocking the chains. and sometimes placing a strong metal cage over the meter and taking a photo of the meter at reading time. each to their own but do something that works for u. serious issues require serious measures. best wishes to everyone here. thank u. Leenah

  14. Chezza says:

    In response to “Class Action, Chris Hynes”:

    I had signs up on my front window and on the meter box itself opposing (so called} smart meter installation. I’d been away interstate and on my return in hospital and obviously not caught up with my mail, and therefore missed the letter advising of pending installation.. Never the less the day after I’d arrived home from hospital I realized a workman was installing a ‘smart meter’, so up I got from my bed and told this workman to leave my property immediately. He obviously did not leave as later that day I discovered a smart meter had been installed!!!

    This prompted me to write a letter to Powercor, my provider and also to the Minister for Energy and Resources. I’m totally disgusted and made this very clear in my letter.

    I’ve had Powercor phone me approx. 3 times to discuss my letter. I refuse to engage with them and be potentially coerced into their legal speil that smart meters are part of the Gov’s overall plan.. I’ve also received a response from our environmental minister’s office, acknowledging my complaint.

    However in summary, I feel my fight is over now that I have one of those dreaded meters installed, but would be more than willing to be part of any class action taken..

    • Pete says:

      Hi All
      I have asked several times on this site if anyone who has had one of these devices installed against their consent, if they have written to their power company and the government DEMANDING the removal of a device you have not consented to.There is no law permitting anyone to install a devise you do not consent to. There is no law which states that the power companies can disconnect your electricity simply because you refuse this type of machine. You are not denying access for maintenance etc, you are not refusing to have your electricity metered and you are not refusing to pay for the power you are using. You are execising your DEMOCRATIC right to say NO.

    • dom says:

      So by the meter installer trespassing when we have clear signs up saying no means no
      & them coming on our properties & raping us with a smart meter total disregard for trespass law
      means we now need to fight back & fight back hard
      power companies put stickers in our boxes saying meter tampering is against the law
      so now that they have broken the law & given no respect for the trespass law do you
      think we should smash the meter so its in operable giving total disregard for their sign i think they would come down hard on us with the law so we need to come down hard with the law to them for breaching trespass

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