Public meeting about Smart Meters – Frankston 6th June 7PM

Download the Flyer here

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8 Responses to Public meeting about Smart Meters – Frankston 6th June 7PM

  1. Pam Densley says:

    Paul and Di – Can you let us know how the Meeting went…….I had a funeral that day and live too far away. Look forweard to your comments.Pam [It was a great success, over 150 people attended and a large Frankston action group has been formed – SSMA]

  2. Andrew says:

    Well I think the meeting went well, many thanks to all who attended.

  3. Colin S says:

    Whatever you have on this Wednesday night (6th June, 2012 at 7.00pm), Cancel It!
    Attend this meeting instead! It’s way more important.
    If you really care, you will be there.

  4. Pam Densley says:

    Hi ALL – I wish I could be there but have other appointments that night. Can someone
    please post how this Meeting went. Thanks and Good Luck

  5. Andrew says:

    I wish i could be there , my two boys have training that night.
    Maybe someone could do an audio recording and post it on this site ??

  6. Paul & Di McMahon says:

    Hi all,
    PLEASE everyone in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas, take the time to attend to voice your concerns and ask questions. This is a great opportunity and there is strength in numbers……we may be heading down the path of class action soon and group support is vital.
    Both my husband and I are prepared to face off with SP Ausnet when the time comes and will be there Wed night to get as much info as we can……..Thanks to the organizers and hope to see standing room only and beyond…………..See you there armed and willing!!!!!!

    • Sharron says:

      Well said! We need as many of you as possible to attend this meeting – Absolutely intend to be there myself. Please try to make it – Thanks!!

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