Meter just appeared!

I went to my meter box yesterday, I live in rural Drouin west in Victoria, and found a box inside which has no resemblance to the meter which was there not so long ago. No one sent me anything, asked me whether I wanted it, it just appeared and I don’t know how. I palliatively look after my nearly 90 year old dad and have no idea who came and when to install this. No one sent a notification or knocked on the door and we are ALWAYS here – and then I had a notification from Origin energy that my fortnighty direct debit payment of $100 would increase to $702.00 – they must be mad. We are a household of three people with only lights, a couple of televisions, rarely use a dryer, have a wood burning stove for heating and the usual electric hotplates and oven. My pension – carers – doesn’t even come to $702 per fortnight – what recourse do I have – surely there must be a mistake and can I get it taken out. I don’t want it but have read that it is compulsory in victoria. I had an electrician out last week to install some new power points and when I rang him he said he didn’t notice if it was a smart meter in the box???? – I was wondering whether he installed it when he was here. He said not.

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  1. Brian Walker says:

    The farm house in Droun,electriction fitted smart meters too.If he fitted power points.He would have notice the smart meter.

  2. mohsen says:

    Hello, just a general comment. I am thinking of making a short film on smart meter that can be
    posted on you tube. I don’t have smart meter installed. They will never install it on our house even if they disconnect the power. Let me know if anyone would like to share their story, it would be even better if I could film the installer trying to install the meter against someone’s will. I am in Melbourne outer eastern suburb.

  3. Informed Citizen says:

    I know this may be off topic slightly, but in my opinion this is important. I have been in contact with many Victorians. Some non English speakers whom are suffering from (EHS) require a platform to get the message across to their ethnic community in support of their health and the greater awareness of the smart meter issue will be a great public health asset to the whole community.

    One person whom comes to mind is the Greek lady whom is (EHS) and was interviewed on TV, and naturally there are also other ethnic persons in other demographical areas. I have noticed from overseas observations, that close nit ethnic communities, that when one is suffering and the others are aware of it, that they all unite to help “Especially The Elderly And The Children”.

    Possibly this could be an avenue which could be explored in Victoria. I know that in Canada, non English speakers were more than happy to translate information into their language at no cost as a service to their community, which in turn serves the greater community. We are all connected in one way or another: Microwave RF radiation is connecting us all (quickly or in time with ill health) and we cannot escape it.

    Reaching every person is the key to awareness and I think that all possibilities must be considered, as time is running out. Once Victoria falls to the smart meter grid, the whole of Australia will follow in a heart beat, (the infrastructure is already in place and is documented).

    I hope you are reading this Powercor and associates.
    We have eyes to see and we do see everything

    • Eva says:

      You are right about reaching every person- it is essential! Unfortunately, most mainstream media is ignoring the very REAL issues making our job all the more difficult. There are too many pro – smart meter/smart appliance messages in the community that are causing (deliberate, I believe) confusion for many people. If Australians are going to be so misled and blinded by this nonsensical rubbish put out by these power utilities, with government backing for eco/green/smart/solar whatever then I honestly don’t see a rosy future for the next generation – All I see is Pain, Financial ruin & Uncertainty… regards, Eva

  4. Lets take the Power Back says:

    So sorry to hear your story. This is the same plight as more and more Victorians are in every day. Suggest you cancel your Direct debit agreement immediately as they won’t care if you have enough to eat or live, they only care about their “power” money.
    Go straight to the Ombudsman – ph 1800 500 509 – jot down all your notes before ringing, have your NMI code off the back of your power bill as they will need that to help you too. Also ask them to help you cancel the direct debit if you are not sure how to do that.
    Register for RSS feeds on the upper right side of this site so you receive emails as they are posted to the site – there have been many helpful posts.
    Good luck and we are all with you in the fight

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Reader, ( Meter just appeared ! )
      This is a case of somebody from Origin Energy it would appear, who has used the Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Company servicing the Western Victorian Area into effectively forcing what is most likely the Microwave Electric Smart Meter onto your property without your permission, a truly WICKED THING TO DO.

      Before installing any of these Microwave Smart Meters on any customer or customers property The Smart Meter Man by law and also by common decency is supposed to knock on your door and get your permission to install this meter. If you did not want this Smart Meter he had no authority In Law to just whack it onto your property. Please try to find out if it was PowerCor who forced this Smart Meter on you or one of the other four Electric Power Companies. You must firstly phone PowerCor and try to find out if it was their Smart Meter Installer Man or another Electric Power Company Microwave Smart Meter Installer Man.

      As your Electric Bill is seemingly so ridiculously high you must first take this up with your Electricity Retailer……Origin Energy it seems. Please ask them to clarify exactly how they get an increase of $702.00 dollars per fortnight in the first place when you normally pay only $100.00 per fortnight. As it seems so exhorbitant to me, challenge them. If they cannot satisfy you, then tell Origin Energy that you will first have to take this matter to the Victorian Ombudsman for Electricity, Gas and Water. It seems to me they Origin Energy are out to rip you off. With any luck Origin Energy will apologise for this, what seems to me gross error or Rip-Off in Electricity Billing and cancell this bill so you should not have to pay anything at all.

      Before any older Analog Meter is removed from any Victorian Home Owner’s property or Small business and the new Microwave Electric Smart Meter is installed, the Smart Meter Installer Man is supposed to firstly see you the homeowner and ask you if you want the new Microwave Smart Meter Installed or not. Remember that you did not enter into a Contract with the Electric Power Company for the installation of a Microwave Smart Meter in the first place. Therefore they have No Right In Law to foist this ” Now proving to be Very Dangerous Microwave Smart Meter On Your Property,” especially as you did not enter into a Legal Contract to take the Smart Meter in the first place.
      You do have a perfectly Legal Right to have the Smart Meter removed from your property as it was forced on you, but the Very Sneaky Smart Meter Man will not tell you this. Most of these Smart Meter Installer Men are telling the Victorian Home Owners and Small Business Owners the following, ” That, IT IS THE LAW THAT EVERYBODY HAS TO HAVE AN ELECTRIC SMART METER INSTALLED ON THEIR PROPERTY AND SMALL BUSINESS ! ”
      THAT STATEMENT OF THEIRS IS A DOWNRIGHT LIE! AND WELL THEY KNOW IT. Just as guilty are all of the five Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria who are also spreading this LIE. It is being constantly spread by their Chief Executive Officers like Mr Shane Breheny the C.E.O of PowerCor who services the Victorian Western Districts and all their Public Relations officers, as well at the other four Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies.

      I have had to resort to the desperate measure of firmly padlocking my Electric Meter Box which I own and not PowerCor. I have had it locked with a stout padlock for many months now and posted Legal NO TRESSPASS SIGNS both on my front fence and in my Lounge Window and on my Meter Box since August of 2011 and photographed these signs for Legal Reasons. These legal signs by the High Court of Australia and the Australian Constitution (1900-1901 and still effective) warn anyone who may want to trespass on my property, that they will be liable for a $167,000.00 fine should they come onto my property without permission from me in writing.

      I caught the Smart Meter Installer Man some months ago wanting to force a Microwave Smart Meter on my property. I politely but sternly warned him not to even attempt to put a foot on my driveway, or I would fine him the $167,000. 00 fine as posted on the notice in front of him, and asked him politely to read the notice. He did as bidden and said in a clear and rather shocked tone. ” S**t Mate, I’m not putting a Smart Meter on your property.”
      ” No, you certainly are not, because you’ll find that my Electric Meter box which I own is firmly padlocked against these now-proving-to-be VERY DANGEROUS SMART METERS WHICH ARE VERY DAMAGING TO PEOPLES HEALTH AND WELL BEING AND CAN AND OFTEN DO SERIOUS DAMAGE TO MANY PEOPLES’ ELECTRICAL GOODS FROM THESE NOW PROVING TO BE VERY DANGEROUS MICROWAVE SMART METERS. I added that I had spent over a year of my time researching these so-called Smart Meters not only in Victorian Australia but in may other countries of the world. These so-callled Smart Meteres are anything but SMART ! In fact they are proving to be extremely dangerous to not only peoples health, giving them such complaints as Tinnitis or ringing in the ears and or heart palpitations and or nausia and or headaches and or feelings of dizzienes, to a whole host of other medical ailments in so many countries of the world. I told him that these VERY DANGEROUS MICROWAVE SMART METERS should all be ripped out and replaced by the Safe Proven and Very Reliable Analog Electric Meters one of which I still had safely padlocked in My Electric Meter Box, which I was keeping to protect my health and well being at all costs.

      Please write a polite but very firm letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company which services your area DEMANDING that the Microwave Electric Smart Meter that has been forced on you, be removed immediately and replaced with the older and Safe Proven Analog Electric Meter, give the date and time as accurately as you can.
      Next post this letter to the C.E.O of this Electric Power Company by Registered Post and note on your letter and a copy of same the Registered Post Number Ticket, in case you need it for COURT.

      Please then go and get some good free advice from your lawyer as I did many months ago.
      This Lawyer told me That if I did not want a Microwave Smart Meter because I believed that it would be both dangerous to my health and to my electrical goods then they, the Electrical Power Companies cannot LEGALLY FORCE ME TO TAKE ONE, AGAINST MY WILL AND BETTER JUDGEMENT. This what I am telling you, IS THE LAW. No one can legally make you take any form of Electrical Smart Meter or any goods or services which you feel might do you or your loved ones or any of your Electrical Equipment any harm or even perceived harm at all, either now or in the future.

      Please note that regarding Legal Advice the first half hour of this advice should not cost you anything at all. I got my 30 minutes of advice for free. Here is a start for you. Please phone the following…….
      The Victorian Law Foundation. Law Institute of Victoria ( LIV ) LIV members are lawyers from across Victoria. Use their referrall service and you should get the first thirty minutes of advice for free. Phone 9607 9550 ( referral service) or Web =
      Please do not phone the Electric Power Company at any time. Best to comunicate with them by Registered Letter. If you phone the Electric Power Company, they will only try to force you to accept this so-called but now proving to be all over the world very dangerous Microwave Smart Meter against your will and better judgement, for they are all a bunch of Bully Boys and Girls as has been proven to myself over many bitter months.
      You can contact me via Email….
      or by phone care of ……. 03 5352 3639 = my home phone number or via post.
      Mr Richard Leschen, P.O. Box 311, Ararat Victoria 3377.

      Yours In Truth,

      Richard Leschen.

  5. Butterfly says:

    Hi, it sounds a bit fishy for sure, perhaps the electrician did install it. I would ask origin to remove it immediately & with the payments increase, tell them you will go to another electricity company if they don’t sort it out asap. I really do feel for you & your dad, sorry that this has happened. I wish you much luck, cheers, butterfly.

  6. anon says:

    Try the electricity ombudsman. Origin is used to that ! I had some sucess that way- in checking the bill anyway….

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