Letter addressed to state Liberal Party delegates

A letter addressed to state Liberal Party delegates about smart meters was distributed at the Victorian State Liberal Party conference on the weekend.

The letter was well received with many delegates indicating they were also against smart meters and had serious concerns. One delegate even mentioned she had her meter box locked up to prevent installation.

The letter requested delegates to appeal to Premier Baillieu and Minister O’Brien to implement measures to immediately halt to the so-called ‘mandatory’ rollout of smart meters.

There seems to be a clear divergence of views about smart meters between ordinary Liberal members and the Party leadership. Let us hope the Liberal Party leadership will not only start listening to their Victorian constituents, but also to their party members!!

A copy of the letter can be downloaded at: SKMBT_C45112042716500.pdf

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3 Responses to Letter addressed to state Liberal Party delegates

  1. Informed Citizen says:

    Congratulations to the letter writer/s, co-signers, and all involved. Keep up the fantastic work in Victoria. I just read the letter in pdf. All the points raised in the letter are totally undeniable!

    It is good news that some of the politicians (Liberal Party delegates) have locked up their meter box, after all the box is the property of the home owner.

    The comments about the EMC technologies report are spot on. Much of the data is missing.
    The report is a poor attempt to obfuscate the technical and health issues regarding the smart meter deployment. EMC technologies report is an EPIC FAILURE. The attempt to convince the public that all is OK with the smart meters is certainly not working as had been perceived.
    The public is waking up to the smart meter deception and actually measuring the smart meters with (RF electrosmog detectors) and people do notice that smart meters transmit constantly in contrast to what we have been repeatedly told by the utility industry and their lobbyists.

    If the EMC technologies report were to go to a prestigious journal it would never pass the peer review process. It would be thrown in the trash can where it belongs. It is in no way scientific.
    All the report tries to achieve is to protect an industry which allows smart meters to be imported from India at a cost of $100 AU, then placed on a home, with the chances of a home burning down are like gambling at the casino.

    I wonder if smart meters which catch fire are insured under home and contents?
    Who is liable when a home catches fire due to the smart meter, does anyone have this info?

    In my opinion this mess can not continue indefinitely, the cracks are already starting to show.

    • Pam Densley says:

      I Emailed my Insurance Co. and have a return Email stating that my house and contents would be covered should a Smart Meter be installed at my Home (which is not going to happen anyway – my Box is Locked and I have Signs everywhere).I have sent my Submission to ESV and have received a reply that it has been received. I have my medical file noted that all this is causing me undue stress. I have written to Power Cor “ACCESS DENIED LETTER” – they have received it because I registered it and have confirmation that it has been received……NO REPLY YET!!!! and my Solicitor also wrote to them today, telling them I DO NOT WANT A SMART METER. My Local Newspaper is most interested in their replies – should we ever get them. As you say this mess can not continue indefinately. We are suppoosed to live in a democratic Country..but I feel democracy has gone out the window in the cast of these darn Smart Meters. It is about time the powers that organised for these things to be installed, started taking notice of the people interests and STOPPED THE ROLLOUT OF THESE SMART METERS ONCE AND FOR ALL, so we can all get on with our lives…I just hope we can organise a CLASS ACTION against these people and let the Law decide what to do with them, because I am sick of it……..This Website has worked so hard to inform us of the Health and Safety issues.it is my Lifeline – I check it before I go to bed every nite………Thanks you are doing a great job!

  2. Carmela Leone says:

    How lovely to receive some positive news for a change!
    Let’s keep the pressure on: write letters to the government asking for guarantees about microwave radiation safety and surveillance protection, phone the power companies to register your protest against their Smart Meter rollout and demand they remove their surveillance device from your house, inform others by sharing information and facts about the known hazards of Smart Meters. Let’s use this opportunity!

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