Couple forced to sleep in their car because of electricity meter health fears | Herald Sun


A MELBOURNE couple who have slept in their car for almost six months say they have been forced from their home because of debilitating health problems suffered since the installation of their new electricity meter.

But, as the State Government stands by the controversial electricity monitoring devices, reports continue to emerge linking smart meters with new health scares including heart palpitations, chest pains, dizziness and lethargy.

Rosemary and Vic Trudeau said they had abandoned their Mt Eliza home of 22 years since the device was installed in October, causing them nausea, chest pains, tinnitus and insomnia.

“Scientists are saying we have to reduce our exposure to radio frequencies and now they’re putting them on our houses,” Ms Trudeau said.

“I’ve had two people from (energy company) Jemena admit to me that about 5-6 per cent of the population are very sensitive to radio frequency, but if you are it’s just bad luck.”

After five months of fighting, Jemena last week agreed to replace the device.

A spokeswoman for Energy Minister Michael O’Brien said a government-commissioned review had found the meters were safe.

via Couple forced to sleep in their car because of electricity meter health fears | Herald Sun.

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6 Responses to Couple forced to sleep in their car because of electricity meter health fears | Herald Sun

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are silently becoming a Police state – wake up and stop hoping all will be well. Just follow the money and you will find who really runs this country.

  2. Pamela says:

    Would be great if lots of people could write in to the Herald Sun, try to publicize this further

    • Vickie says:

      Pamela. I have lost count of the amount of letters i have written to the Herald sun regarding Smart Meters and only one was published, saying that I agree with you, even if they only publish one it is all worth it and I do believe there is a degree of censorship going on involving smart meters but if they do receive a large response it will make them realise that there is power in the numbers, the Media is getting behind this story a little and we need it to be lots more and I am sure with our determination and strength we can do it, keep up the good work people.

  3. What did Jemena they replace it with then.?

    • Damaged says:

      Jemena reneged on their promise to replace the meter. We said we didn’t want another smart meter and asked what guarantee we had that a new smart meter wouldn’t cause the same problems. Energy Safe said they “didn’t like our attitude” and that the meter would not be replaced. After 6 months of sleeping on the street, 3 months house-sitting for a friend, selling and giving away nearly everything we owned, we moved interstate, away from all family and many friends.

  4. Maureen says:

    Well done Vic & Rosemary!! A win for the little people. A win for common sense.
    Hopefully this will set a precedence for other sufferers.
    Let’s keep the momentum going!!

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