High-tech eyesores blot suburban landscapes | Herald Sun


HUGE smart-meter towers being built in parts of Melbourne are distressing residents and councils powerless to stop them.

Electricity company SP AusNet, which insists radio frequencies emitted from the structures are safe, has constructed eight “monopoles” 30-40m high. More sites are being assessed.

Knox City Council’s Angelo Kourambas said riled residents living nearby were mainly concerned about the “visual blight” of the towers.

“They stick out like the proverbial,” Mr Kourambas said.

Planning permits are not needed as they are an essential service under the Telecommunications and Electricity Industry Acts.

The towers transmit digital meter data in a similar way to mobile telephone technology.

SP AusNet, which services 640,000 customers in eastern Victoria, is erecting the structures to support a wireless system known as WiMax.

Other distributors said they did not need to build separate towers, as they were using different technology.

Monopoles constructed over the past three years are at a Rowville shopping centre carpark, a VicRoads reserve in Greensborough, and within power sub-stations in Croydon, Boronia, Bayswater North, Ringwood North, Ferntree Gully and Pakenham North.

Antennas or radio equipment have instead been attached to existing poles such as high-voltage and telco towers at another 11 locations.

The company said smart-meter communications equipment was only installed in residential zones when industrial areas were unsuitable.

Maximum radiofrequency exposure was less than 1 per cent of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’s allowable limit.

“‘SP AusNet conducts a comprehensive site selection and design process to identify the most appropriate location for each WiMax base station to provide the most effective communications coverage in the area and to minimise the impact on local communities,” the company said in a statement.



>> How many are there?


>> How big are they?

30-40m (a mobile phone tower is typically 30m)

Why a tower?

>> Reasons include the geographical spread of SP AusNet’s customer base, and the forecast growth of its region. SP AusNet says it is more efficient and reliable than other systems.

>> What radiation do they emit?

Radio frequency levels are within Australian guidelines, governed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. The standard enforced in Australia is the Radiation Protection Standard for Maximum Exposure Levels to Radio frequency Fields – 3kHz to 300GHz


* Dorset Rd, Croydon substation

* Wadhurst Dr, Boronia substation

* Glen Park Rd, Bayswater North substation

* Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood North substation

* Beales Rd, Greensborough VicRoads Reserve

* Glenfern Rd, Ferntree Gully substation

* Kelletts Rd, Rowville Rowville Lakes Shopping Centre

* Racecourse Rd, Pakenham North substation

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13 Responses to High-tech eyesores blot suburban landscapes | Herald Sun

  1. Don Maisch says:

    12 March 2012 was the deadline for submissions for a Senate Bill proposed by Senator Bob Brown. Titled the Telecommunications Amendment (Mobile Phone Towers) Bill 2011, it proposes to give the community and local governments more say in the siting of mobile phone towers. See the various submissions here.

    Unfortunately after all this work, along comes large smart meter towers that, because they are defined an “essential service” under the Telecommunications and Electricity Industry Acts, no planning permits are needed. My understanding is that as an “essential service”, neither the public nor local governments have any say where these towers will be located. Watch for “high impact” (visual impact) WiMax smart meter towers springing up all over the place. No need to be concerned, however, because “SP AusNet conducts a comprehensive site selection and design process to identify the most appropriate location for each WiMax base station”. For some reason I am not assured by this statement…..

    Never to miss an opportunity, now watch telecommunications providers line up to co-locate their mobile phone antennas on smart meter towers and therefore sidestep any need to consult at all with pesky local governments and communities.

    Don Maisch

    • Don

      There must be something that can be done to reverse this situation, as this will affect the health of so many people. The telecommunications industry needs to be regulated and stop conducting business like a Mafia cartel. When the government can no longer govern properly because they are in the pockets of industry, they no longer serve the interests of the people who have elected them in good faith.

      It makes one question if there is any point in voting at all. The whole system is seriously flawed with no thought of the future, only short term gains. At this rate the Digital Economy cannot sustain itself, and no doubt it has the biggest carbon footprint out of all the industry, but we will never hear that being mentioned, as it is not convenient to do so.

      We are being led by the people who claim to look into the future, but they clearly have not performed their due diligence at all. As a result we will all pay the price for their disillusioned fiscal policy made from a house of cards.

  2. Ryan says:

    I guess we all have to sit and hope and pray that we dont end up with one of these monstrocities out the front of our houses. where is all this going to end? http://streetcorner.com.au/news/showPost.cfm?bid=21016&mycomm=WC

    • Ryan says:

      Are we fighting a losing battle ? it appears the government has given full control to the power companies, if Councils cannot stop this madness how can we? the news of these towers has made me feel that everything is going full steam ahead, I feel sad, I will keep trying to fight but i cant help feeling a sensation of losing the fight, it seems these towers are going ahead and no one will stop it, once all the towers are in place more pressure will be applied to us and maybe new laws will be passed, Australia has changed, we no longer count, our concerns, our stress it is all going on deaf ears and greed and money now rule and our human rights are meaningless.

      • Ryan,

        They are the few and we are many. Many are becoming aware. What is happening is global and these fools are playing with not only our lives at that of future generations, but also their own lives. They are too foolish/arrogant to see the error of their ways. They cannot or will not understand that these frequencies disrupt the communication of cells within our body. Those who deployed this technology upon us will also be affected with ill health. It is not possible for humans to adapt physiologically to these (RF) radio-frequencies, through the evolutionary process.

        Pathophysiology. 2009 Aug;16(2-3):157-77. Epub 2009 Apr 23.
        “Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields-A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment”. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19398310

        These fools must be put on notice and made accountable for their actions which have complete disregard for human life. Australia and indeed the world are not nations, but corporations, which are sold to the highest bidder. All I can say to people is to keep up the pressure for full disclosure, transparency, and for people to measure the ambient (RF) levels before and after the smart meters are placed on homes. This is very important to do as a method of monitoring (RF) exposure. If we do not monitor and look after our health, no-one will do it for us.

        After all ARPANSA says that all is well, what they do not tell the public is that they are hand in glove with the telecommunications industry and it is not good business for them to bite the hand that feeds them. How many people know that ICNIRP is not a legal entity but rather an industry big boys club that have introduced so-called (RF) standards which have no validity whatsoever, but rather have (RF) levels so high that only industry financial interests are protected. The industry standards protect industry and not human health. The collateral damage that they have created and allowed is beyond criminal neglect and I hope I live long enough to witness global class actions.

        I know this whole situation is a mess and many times I honestly feel like giving up, then when I look into the faces of the innocent children I know it is correct to fight, to make these fools accountable to ensure a just and safer world, for the future generations.

        If we do not fight this tooth and nail we will all be microwaved a slow painful death.

        I refuse to be an industry lab rat experiment. It is necessary to spread vital health information far and wide, as some people do not have access to the truth, only to the industry propaganda which is definitely not in our health interests.

        “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”. Margaret Mead

    • Ryan says:

      Informed Citizen, You write with passion and brilliance, everything you wrote describes my innermost feelings, betrayal, anger, sadness, hurt and frustration, they, the ones dictating to us do not care, and they themselves and their children and babies will suffer the effects of the decisions they are making, god help the generations ahead of us if this is an example of things to come, sometimes I feel this must be a bad dream, this couldnt really be happening, how could it? being forced to have a dangerous device in our own homes that can make us very ill, maybe even a huge radiation emitting tower in our front yard. Informed Citizen indeed you are informed and you have put the fighting spirit right back in me, I am real ANGRY ! BRING IT ON SELFISH MONGRELS, WE ARE UP FOR THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!

  3. jackV says:

    The “My Will” letter is a good idea.
    We must continue to bombard these imbeciles.

    I’m also looking for a 2nd hand tank in working order, please let me know if you have one.

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  5. Power to the People says:

    Constitution says – “Parliament is accountable to the People”
    It’s time we held them accountable, but for everyone who does the usual “Aussie thing and sits back and says “they should do this” and “they shouldn’t do that” YOU need to remember, YOU are one the people the Constitution refers to. So stand up, and lets all make them accountable. Laws are made and altered and reversed all the time. So lets get them reversed. It’s no wonder people overseas say we are a bunch of whingers who sit back and do nothing.
    We can’t just elect them and think they know what we want on each issue, so lets tell them. Let’s make our Constitution work for us as it was designed to do, not work for the will of the individuals who make up Parliament, or the Corporations working behind the scenes to force things like smart meters and towers onto us.
    I have just sent the following “MY WILL” letter to my local Member, the Minister and the Premier.
    Let’s all tell them what we want as we are the People under our Constitution.

    Here’s my letter:
    I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before Parliament or that should come before Parliament.
    IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to stop the “roll-out” of the Smart Meter installation and repeal the Advanced Metering Infrastructure program of smart meters and all associated Legislation.

    Subject to the LAW OF THE LAND, a State referendum should have been undertaken if the Parliament wanted to introduce such a flawed system well before this implementation, and a thorough and comprehensive look into its many problems, otherwise the ‘responsible authorities’ leave themselves wide open to litigation. This was obviously not done, now look at the disastrous mess this Parliament is in with smart meters.

    Thank you.
    Signed ………………………………. Date ………………………..
    Every letter of alphabet must be visible.
    Print Name ……………………………………….
    Street ……………………………………………..
    Suburb ………………………………
    State ……………………..… Post Code ………..

    Let’s make it work for us before those getting angrier by the minute decide to take the law into their own hands like overseas where they are putting chains around the towers and pulling them down with tractors because of the effects of the towers and the effects of the emissions from them on health.

  6. Linda Jones says:

    WiMax has been described as WiFi on steroids and is potentially orders of magnitude more dangerous states following article. Please read!

  7. Eco-Friendly says:

    RF jammers will scramble cell phone transmissions but they still emit RF by transmitting other signals on the same frequency. Now I know why there is WiMax everywhere, it is because the frequency travels over 50 kms and is to be used for smart meters, talk about getting fried !!!

    The people who devised the smart meter system have not thought it out well at all. I suppose they put them so high so they cannot be tampered with.

    I find this quote insane “Maximum radiofrequency exposure was less than 1 per cent of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’s allowable limit”. Notice how they do not give any power density numeric values? It is because they speak with forked tongue.

    ARPANSA standards for telecommunications were developed with the telecommunications industry, so ARPANSA is in no way impartial. This quote is a beauty > “Planning permits are not needed as they are an essential service under the Telecommunications and Electricity Industry Acts.” < says who: the utility industry, communications industry, or both?

    What part of the legislation can this be found, if it exists at all?

    People the whole situation is a complete SCAM just to drain our wallets !!!

    Put them all on notice and demand answers from these clowns posing as intelligent persons whom are trying to deceive us that what they are doing is for our benefit, which is clearly not the case.


    • Lindy-loo says:

      I agree with Eco friendly, they are idiots! Our health is suffering and will get worse when they connect these towers to the meters!

  8. TheBThing says:

    Maybe people can research RF scamblers.

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