Moreland smart meter scare – Moreland Leader

MORELAND residents’ safety fears over smart meters have prompted Wills federal Labor MP Kelvin Thomson to investigate the electricity distributor installing them.

Mr Thomson last week wrote to distributor Jemena calling on it to look into claims it used inferior meters and tell him who tested the technology prior to installation in Pascoe Vale, Coburg, Glenroy, Hadfield and Coburg North.

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It comes amid confusion over whether the new meters are “exploding” after Jemena replaced 11 meters in the Moreland area, which it said were damaged by power surges and vandalism.

Mr Thomson wrote that he was “advised that the electronic switching component in your model is of poor quality and that it can fail, following a power surge event”.

Jemena spokesman Scott Parker said there was no basis for Mr Thomson’s claims. He said it was one of four distributors using Secure Australasia meters.

Mr Parker said Jemena and the National Association of Testing Authorities tested the meters, whose components were designed and tested to be compliant with 13 different Australian standards.

Broadmeadows Progress Association will call on Moreland Council to join its fight to halt the roll out of smart meters “until there is a satisfactory resolution to their safety”.

Spokeswoman Sonia Rutherford invited concerned residents to join its push at this week’s council meeting on March 14.

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3 Responses to Moreland smart meter scare – Moreland Leader

  1. Medshop Equipment says:

    @ Henry, great letter. I understand the purpose of the smart meters and the efforts to get energy consumption down. However, I agree with Henry, until you get these meters to a safety standard I don’t think that you can just continue installing them. I love the no trespassing sign by the way. 🙂

  2. Henry Leschen says:

    Dear Moreland Councillors,
    My brother Richard and I lived in Glenroy for nearly twenty years and we are both thrilled that your council has taken such a courageous step to stop the installation of ” Smart Meters” a blight on our democratic rights for which the present minister the Right Dishonerable Mr Michael O’Brien has lacked the intestinal courage to halt such meters until a thought investigation is carried out on these fire causing and electrical damaging to fridges, TV’s. Washing machines, freezers and sundry electrical equipment in sufferers homes and businesses.

    Please note that my Insurance Company has indicated that it is very doubtful they will cover any electrical fusion on my property here in Ararat -Victoria if I am so foolish as to allow a Smart Meter read DUMB meter to be installed on my premises.
    We have padlocked our Electrical meter box which is my property together with my home and contents and we have also attached a NO TRESPASS NOTICE – c/o- the Commonwealth of Australia 1901 to 2008 and into the future which states that should any person enter our property without Written Permission a fine of $167,000.00 – yes One hundred and sixty seven thousand dollars will be imposed by the Commonwealth of Australia whose laws and powers over rides all states of Australia.
    I suggest that every citizen in the Moreland Council area should send to Mr Michael O’Brien their medical bills for sickness and loss of sleep which may have been caused by the so called Smart Meters.

    Yours faithfully,

    Henry Leschen.

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