UPDATE TO :Delegation to visit the Energy Minister!

This is an update to the Delegation to visit the Energy Minister! of last week.

The Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources, was nowhere to be found last Friday the 2nd of March when a delegation of over 20 representatives visited him at his electoral office.

Numerous letters of request, dating back to early December 2011, have been sent to Minister O’Brien, asking him to meet with representatives from community groups around Victoria concerned with the smart meter rollout. To date no reply had been received.

For this reason, a community delegation decided to visit Mr O’Brien’s electoral office (after being informed that Fridays are his electoral office days) to hand deliver another letter requesting that he meet with community representatives as a matter of urgency. A petition and resolution from a recent community meeting were also left with his office staff.

Despite two witnesses allegedly sighting Mr O’Brien in his office about half an hour prior to the delegation arriving, Mr O’Brien was nowhere to be found at 11:00 am.

When his electoral staff were asked if they knew where he was, they replied they didn’t know of his whereabouts. Not even his staff could explain where he was?

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18 Responses to UPDATE TO :Delegation to visit the Energy Minister!

  1. Eric says:

    Michael O’Brien no longer the Energy Minister but still pushing out this same dirty poison upon a non consenting population

    This cruel man belongs behind bars at the very least

    • Minnie says:

      Perhaps wi-fi is being spread around to detract from the damage smart meters are causing. No one will be able to pinpoint what actually made them sick as wi-fi is everywhere. The Smart People will probably also sleep better at night knowing that smart meters alone, can’t be blamed. They don’t want to go to jail for a long time.
      Perhaps they are only protecting themselves by spreading wi-fi. People will become sick they will keep on going to the doctor’s not knowing what is actually making them sick. They will be prescribed medication or told it is anxiety. No one will ever find out as most doctor’s can’t or won’t investigate.

  2. Yes here in Canada, we have a very active group involved in the “Smart meters”. It’s good to see, that it has become a world wide concern. Part of my family is in Australia and needless to say, my concern are for them as well. What is the hurry for B.C.Hydro to roll out these contraptions at an alarming speed? Does it have something to do with “New world order”. Heaven forbid.. Let’s not forget, it is the 1% that is trying to control the other 99%. So the power is with the people. We will not give up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Archie Burke says:

      Sorina,I for one am very worried that the “new world Order” IS behind this prying contraption! Even worse it can be controlled remotely,say from Singapore,so we could all have our defence forces rendered helpless,with NO COMPUTERS to assist them in defending us!

      • Sorina says:

        Hello Archie! Yes we have all the reasons to worry, but what is with us? We are the power. 99%/ where the other 1% runs or ruins the planet . We now have corporations
        run governments and of course that includes the politicians. Are they not elected by us? Are they then therefore not our servants? They have to cater to us and we not to them.! We voted them in and can vote them out again . We have democratic rights and is worth fighting for This present government must take control over the corporations and that means that corporations are under the law and not above it. Bullying, deceit and fraud is the name of the game with the Hydro soldiers as I like to call them marching on. Stay firm in what you believe to be right and steadfast They have no right to install something that has not been proven to be safe, and why would you put your family at risk. No seal of approval or any other related certification which states these contraptions to be safe. So you are not alone in this. 1.8 million B.C.”s are against these meters. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??????????

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Let’s meet up next time on Parliament stairs and embarrass him in front of his colleagues. Lets publicize it more and let EVERYONE know to come and show their disagreement – NO ONE WANTS SMART METERS!!!

  4. peterrocker says:

    A Class Action would indeed wake the buggers up. However it’s a very expensive operation & the government has very deep pockets. They would have no hesitation in spending taxpayer’s funds to stymie & delay such an action.

  5. Ken White says:

    Michael O’Brien’s non appearance at a pre-arranged meeting with deeply concerned citizens on the deleterious effects of smart meters shows his absolute contempt for the welfare of Victorians. The only way he and his government can be brought to their senses (that is, if they have any) is to launch a class action. There is enough evidence to, if not scuttle the roll-out, then at least to curtail it.

    • Ryan says:

      Scientific research is suggesting that we may already be affected by the amount of wireless radiation in the Environment and in our homes, Scientific Evidence also shows that the most vulnerable people to this form of radiation are babies and children, there are even alerts by scientists to pregnant women to dramatically reduce their exposure to wireless radiation, how can anyone reduce their exposure when the Government is forcing these devices in our own homes, In my opinion it seems Criminal.

      • Richard Leschen says:

        Hi Ryan,
        It is Truly Criminal for the Victorian Government and the Electric Power Companies to even try to force everyone to allow these Now Proving To Be Dangerous Electric Smart Meters…..Dumb And Dangerously Smarting to your Health and Pocket Meters onto your property. It is not the Law that you must give into these Bully Boys. It is all bluster on their part. Many of these Smart Meters have and still do start fires in many Electric Meter boxes and have done and still do damage to computers and or fax machines and or washing machines and or printers and or T.V sets etc. Simply lock your meter boxes with a good stout padlock and put up a Legal No Trespass sign on your front Fence and on your Electric Meter Box and photograph these signs for Legal Purposes. There is a $167,000.00 fine for those caught treapassing on your property without written permission by order of the Australian Constitution Act (1900- 1901 and still effective). Next, send a registered letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company in your area as I have done refusing the Stupid and now proving to be Very Dangerous Electric Smart Meter on your property. Why would anyone be so reckless as to allow this Devilish Device on their property or properties in the first place. I have found out that my Insurace Company will not cover me for fire risk to my house or any of my electrical goods or clothing or contents, were I so stupid as to allow one of these now proving to be Deadly Dangerous to Human and Animal Health Damaging Smart Meter on my or anybodys’ property. From the many fires which have broken out, and will contiune to break out after many of these Dangerous Smart Meter have been installed on home owners’ and small business premises. These untested Smart Meters are truly INCENDIARY DEVICES.
        Please heed my warning !


        Richard Leschen.

        • arcjie Burke says:

          I say that NOW we need to hold accountable the politicians who made the decision to foist S.M.s on our population! Name them! We must do a “MURDOCH” type grilling of these people,to get to the TRUTH!

  6. Joe M says:

    Well done to the organisers for Friday.
    But please give us more notice next time, I would have loved to be part of the delegation.
    Keep up the fight people, this DISGRACE must not be allowed to continue.

  7. Archie Burke says:

    We cannot allow his gutless “disappearance” to leave AUSTRALIA defenceless if our power is turned off in Singapore! NO computers for the ARMY,NAVY,AIR FORCE,POLICE,HOSPITALS,ADMINISTRATION,etc; HE MUST ANSWER FOR THIS BEFORE NEXT WEEK! Even if that means “OCCUPY HIS OFFICE_SPACE!” This MAN MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

  8. Phyl says:

    Maybe the newspapers or TV would be interested in the Ministers seeming lack of interest?

  9. Martin says:

    Hello everyone, we could organize another day to visit the minister office again but this time with a larger number of people. Make a date and count me in.Thank you

  10. peterrocker says:

    Like most politicians, the people who we elect to represent us, DON’T!!!
    He wasn’t there because of one reason. He can’t address the issues that will be raised because cute phrases won’t answer serious concerns nad he knows that despite what his press releases state, Jemena cannot force us to allow installation.
    I feel sorry for his staff being forced to lie to protect the coward.

  11. R says:

    What a pathetic gutless wonder!

  12. Butterfly says:

    It doesn’t suprise me at all. These Govt bodies don’t care if we are opposed to the smart-dumb meters. Obviously someone has to get seriously injured before they even think about looking at the situation. The Govt needs to stop filling up their own Ego’s & think of the People, who at the end of the day matter most.

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