Controversy continues over smart meters – ABC News Video

The Victorian Government is standing behind the roll out of electricity smart meters despite reports of a growing number of house fires. Watch the video via this link Controversy continues over smart meters – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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3 Responses to Controversy continues over smart meters – ABC News Video

  1. Yvonne says:

    I sent a letter to SP AusNet saying that I do not want a smart meter installed and have received a reply stating that “the government review is now complete as of 14th December and the Smart Meter program has been now mandated by the Victorian govenrment. As a result of this decision we are legally obliged to install the smart meter on your property”. Do we have any come back on this decision?

    • Terry says:

      Hi Yvonne, the response I got from SP Ausnet, some time back, was different and did not mention any so called “mandate” or so called “obligation” to install them. They provided information of tests carried out on the meter, to address my health concerns, and this link from DPI:

      Sounds like they have toughened their approach somewhat. Either way, your response or mine, it is basically just propaganda and spin and does not adequately address many of the arguments which are raised world wide against smart meters, on various grounds, privacy, safety, health etc. I haven’t responded. I will wait until I receive notification of their intention to install a meter, I will then garner some of the excellent arguments and information contained on this site and respond to SP Ausnet. I will also write to the DPI and the State Minister Michael O’Brien. I will keep my meter box locked with the laminated “STOP” sign attached and see what transpires from there.

      I truly think they are in as difficult a position trying to enforce these meters upon us as we are opposing them! I do not think any government can survive the television coverage of people having their electricity supply disconnected! However, I’m sure they are working feverishly in the background to come up with a way of coercing us into getting these monstrosities. It may be coercion by monetary pressure. That is, people with analogue meters may be slugged a penalty fee or higher tariffs. Who knows.

      The thing is, we will all come to a point in time where we have to decide how strongly we wish to defend our objection to these meters. Are we willing to pay more for our electricity? Or do we take a class action against them in court? I don’t think anybody believes this will be easy but I believe the issues will become clearer as they turn up the heat. We will all reach a point where we have to be strong and make a decision. Hang in there, you have lots of friends in this battle. I believe in time it will become clearer exactly what our options are. For now just keep saying no.

  2. Martin says:

    The government can not make decision on anything, they are just enslaved to the corporations like us. We are stronger than all of them, we can stop it if we really want. let us do it. because if we don’t, there will be much much more of the same in the future.

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