HOPE of better health from lessened Radio Waves.

Can we stop this RF wave of madness? Smart Meters, Wi-Fi? Mobile Phones? “YES WE CAN!” said ‘O’, but now his policies are failing by the day. In all reality? No, I think not, unless you wanna live in Sweden and spend the rest of your life in a log cabin or worse; but we can protect our most valuable asset – our health and well-being. I believe there is only one scientifically proved system to do this, but I will get to that in a moment. Ever since Edison turned on the electrical transformers in the 1880′s and lit up a wired-up Chicago, he gave us heat and he gave us light, but he inadvertently unleashed a WAVE of sickness, disease and epidemics on an unwary population. Carried on those wires is a toxic pollutant and is what we now call dirty power or dirty electricity.

Dear friends, it’s not just the wireless technology that his killing us, and their will be more of it, but the wired! and in your own home, office, school and dwellings. We are the proverbial mass lab rat experiment by the Public Electrical utilities and Teleco’s, and you are the canary in the coal mine, and the lights are dimming fast!!
My name is Stephen Hall and I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2001. I moved from Chatswood (North Shore, east side) to lovely new apartment in St. Leonards 2004-05. Gee, close to SBS, Channel 2 and 9, I thought how lucky, as well as a Radio Station close by and other high-powered Hospital transmitters and satellites. Previously, I had my MS symptoms under control. Able to walk and function better as I began to use vitamin D (Recommended by Sam Milham) and a heap of other antioxidants and other natural health products, and O did I mention being only 10 meters from the NorthShore Railway line, how convenient, how deadly!. Within a short period of time, my MS symptoms began to worsen! Ok, I knew I had remitting-relapsing MS, but I was relapsing much quicker and definitely getting worse, and was not recovering like before. Ever since moving to Herbert Street, St. Leonards, an apartment opposite the RNS Hospital, and now it looked like I was going to be going there (to the dreaded hospital) sooner rather than later.

During 2006, I managed to purchase a Graham-Stetzer (STETZERiZER) Microsurge Meter (Prof. Magda Havas and some other experts in EHS had already used it to determine the RF radiation (E&H) levels more accurately than a 3 axis gauss meter.) and using it to demonstrate what is unsafe in Electric & Magnetic Fields, and what is safe (is anything “safe?” I found that the GS units reading on the Meter (If !, and that was during the day when no-one was using much power. At around that time I managed to get hold several STETZERiZER Filters and plugged them in, turned them on, and they immediately began bringing the GS units (EMF) down much lower to around 27-35 GS units. Now, for the first time I felt “safe”, now my hope for a recovery from MS is real.

I will always look back on that day when, 24 hours after installing many STETZERIZER filters I began to sleep better and feel better. The pain in the limbs lessened, my vision improved, the dizziness had reduced, now I could get up out of bed with a feeling hope. It is nearly 6 years on and I have had another MRI scan (putting myself through all that EM RADIATION just to prove to myself and the world that I have not only “medically” improved with lessened MS symptoms but, irregardless of the of the onslaught of EM Radiation being thrown at me in this unhealthy place, I can still live well.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and to Prof. Marty Graham and Dave Stetzer who spent vast amounts of money (designing, manufacturing and waking up the world) to clean up our electrical environment and wires, and for the HOPE of better health from lessened Radio Waves.

http://www.site.stetzerizeraustralasia.com (+612 411372210)

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3 Responses to HOPE of better health from lessened Radio Waves.

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  2. Bill Robinson says:

    The article above says “I found that the GS units reading on the Meter (If !, and that was during the day …..”.

    What WAS the reading on the Stetzer Meter BEFORE the filters were installed?

  3. Pete says:

    We now live in a world where the slogan “Greed Is Good” has been adopted as a Mantra.
    Whilst higher profits can be made by the 1% at the expense of the 99%, it will continue.
    It is the ultimate outcome of rampant Capitalism.
    The checks & balances have been eroded by the very people we elect to protect us.
    To all the greedy & stupid politicians who have aided & perpetuated this, I can only say – I hope you enjoy your wealth whislt laying in your graves.

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