Join us on Melbourne talk radio in the morning 7.05am AM 1377

One of our members is going to be interviewed on Melbourne talk radio tomorrow morning 15th December about Smart Meters at about 7.05 am. Tune into AM 1377 –

The Minister is going to be on at 7.40am.

What we need is for you all to phone in on the talk back number 131873, hopefully you can at that hour, if you don’t want to use your real names, make one up but please ring.

Lets jam the switchboard and show them we are not going to have Smart meters.

PS: send letters to your local newspapers etc too.

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2 Responses to Join us on Melbourne talk radio in the morning 7.05am AM 1377

  1. Linda Nemeth says:

    How dare you insist that members of the public have these potentially hazardous and dangerous meters in their homes. It is illegal to deprive people of essential services and I am keeping my current meter regardless of what politicians or power companies seem to think they can impose on me. So I’m now thinking its a class action we should be seeking ‘the people vs the power companies’ come on in Slater and Gordon make us an offer don’t hold back.

    • Rod McIntosh says:

      Hi, I’m feeling exactly the same as you do on this subject. Have you had any positive feedback over the last 18 months? Rod

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