Blackout and Surgery

I would like to share a story regarding my adult son. He had the smart meters (two) installed at his property sometime in June/July, 2011. The 2 meters (one for hot water the other power) is located directly outside his bedroom wall – near his bed head. Since the installation of the meters he and his 2 years old son have experienced ringing the ears and dizziness. This only occurs at night. We reported this to Powercor and the Ombudsman. Powercor denied there are any health issues however sent a Powercor person to his home to inspect this. In the meantime my son had a blackout one morning after getting out of bed and has sustained severe damage to his face which has resulted in major surgery to face ie 2 metal plates inserted into face. Whilst in hospital my son did not experience any health issues however on the 1st day at home the ringing in the ears again appeared and he sustained dizziness in the morning. We have since replaced the electric water system with a gas water unit. When Powercor come to property in Horsham they disconnected one of the smart meters and stated my sons problems could have been occurring as a result of frequency coming from the electric water unit to the smart meter at night. Since the smart meter has been disconnected and we changed to the gas water service my son has not experienced any further dizziness or ringing in his ears. We hope this continues however this does not fix the major surgery my son has had to have to his face.

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