ORSAA | Important information for councils regarding 5G

Scientists and researchers from the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) have created a letter for local councils that provides a general overview of the science around proposed 5G technology.  Anybody is free to use this letter in their local area.

ORSAA is the only independent scientific organisation in the Australia-New Zealand region investigating the health risks of low-intensity radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR).  Towards this end, ORSAA has established the world’s largest freely available categorised database of peer-reviewed scientific research on radiofrequency RF-EMR biological/health effects.

The letter points out that the weight of evidence clearly demonstrates that exposure to wireless technologies has ‘significant effects on humans, animals and plants’.  Objective searches of the ORSAA database reveal that 68% of scientific papers show significant biological or health effects.

ORSAA highlights that although there is a large volume of scientific studies showing clear health risks with the frequencies used in the first phase of 5G deployment, little research has been done to-date on the health effects of the frequencies (6 – 86 GHz) to be used in the second phase.  However, current known effects of these waves include the possibility of permanent skin tissue damage, effects on eyes, heart rate, immune system and DNA, and the potential for Brillouin precursors to be induced in humans, thereby generating a burst of energy that can penetrate much deeper than what is predicted by conventional models used for standard setting.

ORSAA recommends that councils consider what is in the balance, and their responsibility to protect people and the environment.

SSMA urges followers to provide this letter to their own local councillors.

To access and read the letter in full, go here

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6 Responses to ORSAA | Important information for councils regarding 5G

  1. old kodger says:

    All councils in Australia are constrained to comply with UN Agenda 21, and are therefore unable to even consider any other proposals like this.
    The UN’s agenda is to rid the planet of a substantial proportion of the human race and therefore 5G in all it’s forms is entirely within that process.
    S.M.A.R.T. : – Secret Military Arsenal in Residential Territory.
    So, do you own a smart phone?

  2. Karen sanders says:

    No 5G or smart mtrs for Mandurah WA!

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  4. anony says:

    Thanks ORSAA for your hard work. I think this letter is a great idea. I think ARPANSA has been going around telling councils everything is OK so hopefully this letter will help balance out some of the misinformation. I think the councils need to be also sent a letter on the problems with ARPANSA so that they know it is not enough to seek advice from ARPANSA.. The councils have a duty of care to the public so they need to seek their own advice from a medical expert who has researched microwave health effects and stop relying on ARPANSA..If they fail to take medical advice they can be sued. Also, I hear that some of this technology is uninsurable and it is illegal for a council to install a technology without having insurance in case of public healthy effects so basically installing all this smart city stuff may be illegal because where is the insurance policy for health effects?
    I think it would also be a good idea to develop a flyer on microwave health effects that doctors could stock in their waiting room, including advice on how to reduce exposure, covering the main research in a simple fashion. Obviously this needs to be developed by doctors. Most people are completely unaware how much radiation their mobile is emitting even when ii is just on standby so they don’t bother to tun it off or that it gets much stronger away from cell towers.

  5. Darrin says:

    Thankyou, I will inform my council

  6. Jolanta Kalandyk-Gallagher says:

    Thank you for providing the letter to councils – it is of great value!

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