Petition | Allow Victorians to have communications disabled on smart meters!

The Victorian Labor government has yet again dudded electricity customers.  Victorians have not only had to live with the consequences of a mandated rollout of smart meters that was ill-conceived from its very start, now they are being denied the right to participate in the national Competition in Metering rule.

This means that there are NO plans in place for Victorians with an existing electricity smart meter to be entitled to have their meter’s pulsed microwave transmissions disabled, as is the case with customers in NSW, Qld, Tas, SA and the ACT.

Earlier this year, the Labor Government quietly reneged on its intention to allow Victorians to participate in the Power of Choice electricity framework in 2021, as was originally flagged.  The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), which is responsible for metering policy in Victoria, now states on its Smart Meters webpage that ‘electricity metering will remain non-contestable based on current conditions in Victoria’.

DELWP claims this decision was based on the outcome of a consultation undertaken by KPMG in 2019 that undertook ‘extensive stakeholder engagement’ and which found that ‘introducing contestability at this time is unlikely to unlock unrealised benefits to consumers and may diminish some of the benefits that have been realised’.  In its usual opaque fashion, DELWP has failed to provide on its website the actual report from KPMG which came to this conclusion.  DELWP has also yet to respond to a letter from SSMA which was emailed in July requesting either the relevant link or a PDF copy of the findings that were presented to DELWP.

In view of this appalling state of affairs, SSMA urges Victorian residents to sign an e-petition to the Upper House of Victoria calling on the Energy Minister and DELWP to put in place such amendments that will allow Victorians to have radiofrequency communications on an installed smart meter deactivated. 


The author of the petition, Maureen, has had her health severely impacted by pulsed emissions from smart meters.  She has been valiantly trying to get an exemption from the Victorian Government’s requirement that all smart meters must be capable of being remotely read, to no avail.  Her medical certificate has been ignored.  SSMA is aware of other Victorians who are in the same position. 

Please show your support for Maureen and other Victorians who find themselves in the same unfortunate position by sharing the petition link widely across social media and urging others to also sign. The petition is open to all Victorian residents.

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16 Responses to Petition | Allow Victorians to have communications disabled on smart meters!

  1. Maureen says:

    Thank you to all who have signed the petition.
    The closing date has been extended for another week,until 20th Nov, so please encourage all to sign.
    MP Cliff Hayes from the Sustainability Australia Party has agreed to sponsor the petition and will speak to it when it gets tabled in Parliament at the next sitting day, 24th November. This is a wonderful opportunity for our cause to be heard; to be a voice for all Victorians who should have the same rights as other States and be able to have a choice if they wish to have their smart meter communication card de-activated.

  2. Marta Marot says:

    I support the petition to allow Victorians to have communications disabled on smart meters.
    Stop Smart Meters Australia

  3. Kaye Hansen says:

    I am strongly against Smart Metres as they can make people sick by putting out EMFs , also they will be used in the future to keep track of everything we are doing., when these Smart cities get into action. It is another chip away at our privacy.

  4. Caroline Pflieger says:

    I would like the same choice and rights as other states with regard to this function of my smart meter.

  5. Michelle says:

    Such a disgrace. Victorians are entitled to choose to opt out of smart meters. The regulations of EMF exposure are outdated and I do not consent to to being exposed to almost constant transmissions from smart meters!

  6. Lesley Kinney says:

    Melbourne after smart meters were installed and had a serious relapse of my conditions. so bad I had to be wheeled on and off the plane on my return to Sydney.

  7. Richard Soans says:

    Typical abuse of our rights by Greedy Corporations employing criminal tactics to install 5G technology, without presenting any facts and peer study vereifications that its safe to use. Its profits before health. Even the Ombudsman cannot help, referring consumers to contact Politicians, who are corrupt to the bone. Justice has to be served.

  8. Happy Dissenter says:

    Signed & shared.

  9. anonymous says:

    Gosh, doesn’t the government just love dreaming up fancy new phrases to try and herd us into subservience? First the Federal authorities decide they’ll give Australians the “Power of Choice” for their electricity metering (at least for customers in the States which have stepped up for this).

    Funny how the “Power of Choice” framework looks like a scheme to give electricity customers very little choice, even if it’s streets ahead of what’s available to choice-free Victorians.

    But I guess the Victorian Government doesn’t want to openly come out and say that its residents can’t even handle these limited choices. So now the government-speak is that “contestability” is a no-go.

    Obviously, Victorians would make poor decisions, if we were ever to be so lucky as to have a choice. Go figure.

  10. Let's get real about RF says:

    How outrageous, KPMG supposedly undertook “extensive stakeholder” engagement, but it seems couldn’t be bothered talking to the actual people themselves who have been ripped off and had their health and lives destroyed because of “smart” meters. It looks like the Victorian government is more interested in keeping the electricity distributors happy rather than looking after the welfare of its own citizens.

    • John Wilson says:

      I would ask the question as to who are the stakeholders; the shareholders of the corporations involved or the victims, e.g. people forced to have the smart meters, because their rights have been taken away by the government who, while claiming it is not mandatory to use them, give little choice if you want electricity. In that concept, I would not see the user as being a stakeholder. It would then seem that KPMG report would have a distinct bias to the corporation and shareholders

  11. Paul Starr says:

    I am getting the odd letter (1 a year maybe) from Origin Energy telling me they are upgrading the meters to a new “digital meter” for a cost benefit being a saving to me. I however have a letter from them saying they will not install a smart meter without my permission – a letter I keep very safe. So they very rarely use the word “smart” now and that alone is an outright deception – each time I get one of those emails I reply with my interpretation telling them to stop trying to trick me into a smart meter – always NO REPLY.

    • John Wilson says:

      I would add my feeling that origin has no contract with you if you have not signed an agreement. If you did then it possibly is a breach of contract by altering, amending terms and conditions or changing the equipment without your consent.

      • Anonymous says:

        simply a contract is essentially an offer; consideration; possible counteroffer; an ability to enter a contract, final acceptance, and lawfully I believe should require a wet-ink signature. Addition condition may be added as required but these are the basics. Governments in supporting business interests claim it is ok for a phone conversation to reach an agreement but there is no evidence to would show any alteration, etc. click and pay is also another dubious option.

  12. Chris Parkinson says:

    The terms and conditions of this “ePetition” are too invasive.

    Happy to sign a more traditional form if one exists.

    Chris Parkinson

    Proud Analogue Electricity Meter Owner

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