France is right: Kids at home during pandemic shouldn’t use mobile phones for hours – Dr Devra Davis

In these worrying times when a new highly contagious virus has ended life as we once knew it, we increasingly rely on mobile phones to allow us some sense of connection to those we care about. But, asks Dr. Devra Davis, just how safe are these now-ubiquitous, essential devices and the networks on which they rely?

Across the United States, children are being asked to use phones for school in ways that would be illegal in France and Israel, where phones are not permitted to be used for educational purposes.

Last summer a Chicago Tribune investigation showed that when phones are tested directly next to the body, some of the most popular devices released up to five times more radiation than the FCC’s [US Federal Communications Commission] two-decade-old limits would allow.

Why does this matter? Every single millimetre off the body results in 15% less exposure.  In fact, when the agency responsible for phone testing for the government of France, (yes they have an actual agency that tests hundreds of devices), examined phones close to the body, radiation levels were found to be four to 11 times more than FCC obsolete standards allow.

The test results of the Chicago Tribune, the law firm of Fegan ScottCBC Broadcasting, and the government of France leave no doubt that phones exceed radiation limits when tested the way we use phones – in body contact positions. Had the FCC tested phones close to the body, most phones would have exceeded allowable limits.

In sharp contrast to the FCC’s stale position, the government of France is calling for phones to be tested with zero spacing between the phone and the body. Moreover, France recommends the public reduce cell phone radiation exposure, especially for children and pregnant women. In fact, the European Union strengthened compliance tests in 2016, limiting the phone/body test distance to no more than 5 mm (whereas the US allows up to 25 mm).

Over a dozen smartphone models have now been withdrawn from the market due to excessive radiation levels. These actions were spurred by the dedication of Dr. Marc Arazi and the organization Phonegate who pressured the government of France to release cell phone test data showing excessive radiation when phones tested at body contact.

Since 2010, the French have insisted that all phones sold include labelled radiation levels and wired headsets. Along with Belgium, manufacturers in France are banned from marketing or advertising phones for young children. Cyprus and France have also removed Wi-Fi from kindergartens, restricted Wi-Fi in classrooms, and banned phones in schools.

While we must remain on guard to slow viral transmission through social distancing, we also must stay equally vigilant about reducing exposures to our children to radiation never tested for their young bodies and brains. Rather than accept false assurances that all is fine with dousing youngsters in these unprecedented wireless exposures, we must make efforts to help them and take time out from screens to save their young eyes and ears, make sure tablets remain on tables and not on young bodies, and also ensure that devices are used on airplane mode whenever possible.

We can’t default to the wireless babysitters seductively lurking within these devices. Now more than ever we should connect with our children without electronics and enjoy the moments we have with them.

Dr. Devra Davis, founder of, served in the Clinton administration from 1994-1999 and was a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change team awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Abridged from article published by EU Reporter.

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4 Responses to France is right: Kids at home during pandemic shouldn’t use mobile phones for hours – Dr Devra Davis

  1. Tanya says:

    It would be interesting to know if the current situation of ‘distance learning’ results in children having more health problems as a result of increased exposure to EMR from ipads, etc. Conversely, they might even have less health problems, given the EMR pea soup of schools and classrooms.

  2. Cathy says:

    I wish someone had the $ to independently investigate radiation levels from phones sold in Australia. ACMA (naturally!) seems to think that everything is hunky dory down under.

    But all suppliers have to do is provide some paperwork saying that their phone complies! Even the testing can be done overseas. Who knows how many phones have been tested using shonky practices??

    Alcatel said that as many as 200,000 dangerous mobile phones are flooding into Australia every year

  3. anon says:

    If people expose themselves to microwaves they are going to get symptoms like aching joints which could be confused with that alleged virus. David Icke has just released a video interview with London Real which has already gone viral in the millions and been deleted from several platforms. In this video, he says that the test upon which the c. virus numbers are based is unreliable and that the creator of this test said that it shouldn’t be used for infectious diseases. He also talks about the 5g connection. You can find his video on his website.

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