Petition | Recognise microwave & electrical illness as a functional impairment in Australia

Radiation Refuge Foundation Ltd, a charitable organisation which acts as a support organisation for people affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), started this petition to the Australian Human Rights Commission and Department of Health.

The petition calls for:
• A national inquiry into human rights issues surrounding the rapid increase in the population’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
• The inquiry to be used as a basis for informing policy.
• The Department of Health to assume responsibility to develop and promote policies which assist people with these illnesses and disabilities to participate in the workforce.
• Medical personnel to be trained to treat these illnesses, but still recognising that the underlying cause remains the environment.
• The transition to wireless to be reduced as much as possible and wired communications encouraged. Copper landlines be saved.
• A low EMF zone to be created for people affected by EHS.

To read the petition in full and sign, go here.                   


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