Electromagnetic radiation overload!

To add to the electromagnetic radiation continuously pulsed by smart meters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thousands of 5G mobile phone bases are being installed outside Australian homes without residents’ approval.

Policymakers worldwide are taking action due to the growing awareness of the health impact of 4G/5G densification.  Yet in Australia, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) insists that 5G is safe!

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) chief executive Teresa Corbin has been reported as saying that residents should have the right to reject the equipment.  She said “There’s going to be a lot of these base stations and if one’s installed within a few feet of someone’s window, it shouldn’t just happen automatically”.


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11 Responses to Electromagnetic radiation overload!

  1. This is just getting very silly now! Don’t people realize 5g will bring so much harm and radiation to us?? We use too much mobile phones, wifi routers, bluetooth devices and microwaves which are all carcinogenic and promote cancer growth due to the radiation from frequencies they operate on. Now you want to buy a 5g phone? And a base??!

  2. Cathy says:

    Anti-5G campaigner Mercy Wolf commented in an article in The Age (August 30), saying: “People are awake now to the fact that the government doesn’t have our backs…” Too right.

  3. Kriesner says:

    On September 03/2018 we had 36 Solar Panels installed on the roof of our House.
    The installation was done by some Cowboys who had convinced us that they are part of the Victorian State government with the offer to also install for free an Electric hot Water system.
    Without having received an estimated cost we were slugged the sum of $ 23, 331 for the installation of the Panels plus 2 Inverter and one 3.6 Kw Battery for storage.
    The idea was to bring the high cost of Electricity down.
    That, any saving, did not happen because when we did receive our Bill for September it was a shock to learn that Powershop, our Electricity supplier had charged us an inflated high sum of Money, more than ever before, for the Electricity consumption.
    Naturally, we did complain, but were told that the Victorian State government has mandated that we must have a Smart Meter as our Analog Meter is now non compliant.
    Welcome to the State of Tyranny!

  4. Jane says:

    Is there any reason you are not advertising the 5g Summit by Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji that begins tomorrow?


  5. ARPANSA exposé says:

    ARPANSA’s reputation and credibility has lay in tatters since a 2005 government audit, though the government regulator ‘ANAO’ handed down an audit of ARPANSA for the 2013/14 year, which clearly states it’s unacceptable conflicts of interest, summarised by them here:

    – ARPANSA’s scientific and advisory area provides a range of services, on a fee for service basis, to various public and private sector organisations, including the entities it regulates.
    – ARPANSA, may provide paid subject matter expert advice (for example on radiation safety and protection) to the entities that it regulates.
    – ARPANSA regulates it’s own licenses that it requires, because of an absence of another designated Commonwealth regulator.
    – Many of ARPANSA’s regulators have established long-term relationships with those who they regulate.
    The full audit report is available here: https://www.anao.gov.au/sites/g/files/net4981/f/AuditReport_2013-2014_29.pdf

  6. Informed says:

    Dr Karipidis would do well to take a moment and realise the logical falacy of the statement that he is reciting. To find 5G phones, the signal must be omni-directional. I have major concerns for Dr Karipidis’ critical thinking abilities to not even grasp the most simple of concepts when it comes to EMF’s. Unless of course he has a conflict of interest and is disseminating disinformation. So let’s see – who does he work for? ARPANSA. A so-called advisory body which is tasked with ‘monitoring’ telecommunication companies, which also happens to receive over 7 figures per year from Telecommunication companies for services rendered.
    Dr Karipidis is legally complicit and on the record as such.

  7. anonymous says:

    This is pretty shocking. I didn’t think it could go so far. My heart goes out to those people who now have to fight back while in an microwave induced lethargy. I suggest that they organise screenings of microwave expert Barrie Trower’s interview with Julian Rose. I don’t know why everything in our society has to be geared to suit the whims of teenagers. Why is their desire to tap away on a phone considered more important than the everyone else’s health, the effects on a developing foetus, the effects on the bees and all the rest of nature? It’s pretty obvious that most young people are now addicted to microwaves.
    I also want to draw attention to the work of Mark Steele who has exposed the hidden microwave transmitters in Gateshead, UK. These emitted a sub-gig (i.e. very low) frequency which goes through walls and they were near peoples houses. It also travels a long distance. There has been some suggestion that they may be going to use a composite frequency for 5G (i.e. mm waves plus sub-gig). The sub-gig may help carry the mm waves through walls. Barrie Trower has a document which says they may be going to open a lower frequency ( subgig?) part of the spectrum to use with 5G so don’t except assurances that these towers are going to be emitting something that won’t go through your walls.
    Mark Steele is now taking Gateshead council to court over the transmitters in lights in Gateshead. As an inventor he is an expert on this technology and can testify in court as an expert so this may be one of the best chances to get some of the culprits punished. Even though this case is in the UK it will serve as a warning to councils everywhere not to go along with a criminal agenda lest they get dragged to court so I ask people to support him. He is asking for donations for his legal case now. Gateshead council have already abused the legal system by dragging him to court under trumped-up charges (using taxpayer funds) to get him to shut-up but that back-fired on them.
    Mark is a total fighter and a hero. It’s important to back-up our strongest fighters with the strongest cases to make the strongest impact. Some children exposed to this radiation got extremely rare cancers that only occur in radar operators., This case will do wonders to raise awareness so please back up Mark Steele. I will try to find the best link to donate soon. I think Gateshead council had also bought a funeral directors business, the director of which had links to 5G companies. Very suspicious. There’s scandal-a-plenty here. It is also amusing that Gateshead council workers abandoned the front desk and hid when Mark Steele and his legal team went to serve a court document on them. Clearly they don’t know that you can actually serve a document by leaving it on the front desk so there is no point in hiding. Not very professional behaviour from a council.

    Go Mark Steele! Please support Mark. They are attacking him so he needs our support now.

  8. Robyn says:


    Could you please  direct me to a legitimate scientific paper that shows a causal link between towers and insomnia?

    Kind regards

    Robyn Knight

  9. pcwwp says:

    pure poison – reject 5G!!

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