Pollinators at risk: The Honey Bee says Stop 5G

The harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on nature have been scientifically recognised.  Due to electromagnetic smog, honeybees are often unable to find their way back to their hives, the resulting massive loss of workers then leads to colony collapse, which is why electromagnetic radiation has been suggested as one potential cause of colony collapse disorder.

5G could increase the threat of EMF destroying the environment.

Click on the image below to access this informative flyer and learn more about the impact of wireless technology on insects, birds and animals.  Text in blue is hyperlinked to resources for more information.

Many thanks to EMF Safety Network and its agency for providing SSMA with the Australian version of this flyer.

For a higher resolution version of the above flyer, download The Honey Bee says Stop 5G A4 print version.

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4 Responses to Pollinators at risk: The Honey Bee says Stop 5G

  1. Rob Reiken says:

    Should also check out what Simon Mulvaney is exposing of the Councils in Mornington Peninsula & Bellarine Peninusula around Barwon Heads now spraying deadly toxic poisons they say to combat Buruli Virus to kill Mosquitos which is giving many people cancer & killing all insects including bees also now they are talking of passing laws to enter peoples properties to spray that deadly crap. I hear people are fuming over this tyranny

  2. anonymous says:

    I have recently discovered an author, Dr. Philip S. Callahan, who has written a number of books on how nature uses electromagnetic frequencies. He has developed theories of insect communication based on the waveguide characteristics of insect spines and has postulated that such spines are thermoelectret-coated dialectric waveguide aerials with the ability to receive short wavelength IR and microwave frequencies.
    I have only just orded his books so I haven’t read them yet but here are some titles that I think may be of interest:
    1) Tuning in to Nature
    2) Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth
    He has also written about the round towers of Ireland comparing their properties to the properties of antennae. He began to investigate them when he heard that farmers living in the area reported that crops grew better around the towers. Callahan discusses research which indicates that the round towers may have been designed, constructed and utilized as huge resonant systems for collecting and storing meter-long wavelengths of magnetic and electromagnetic energies coming from the earth and skies. Based onf facinating studies of the forms of insect antenna and their capacity to resonate to micro-meter long waves. Professor Callahan suggests that Irish round towers (and similarly shaped religious structures throughout the world) were human made antennas which collected subtle magnetic radiation from the sun and passed it on to plants growing around the towers base. Of course, this approach assumes that ancient knowledge was higher than modern knowledge is today but I believe this to be correct. Consciousness rise and falls in cycles tied to the the Great Year as is held by ancient cultures and if anyone wants to know more about this I recommend the book: “Lost Star” by Walter Cruttenden.
    If round towers can act like antenna, this makes me wonder if trees can also have similar properties and whether this may be connected to them cutting down trees for 5g..
    Below I have included a video of a tree that has been damaged by a microwave transmitter that has been hidden in a light. It is easy to see that the damage is worse closer to the light. The hidden microwave transmitters in the lights installed in Gateshead, UK have been exposed by Mark Steele. He says these transmitters are part of a kill grid. This would be an good video to share as it is not often that you can see microwave damage so clearly with your own eyes and a lot of people care about trees.

    I write on topics which are expansive because I think the problem is society is stuck in a low state of consciousness and if they had more background information about how nature uses frequencies then they wouldn’t be so foolish as to expose themselves to microwaves. I also hope that big ideas will attract more thinkers to carry our message on and to raise consciousness.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) is holding an international workshop titled “Environmental effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields: Flora and Fauna” later this year. It includes sessions on the biological effects of low frequency fields as well as high frequency electromagnetic fields from mobile communications – including 5G – on plants, invertebrates and vertebrates: https://www.emf-environment-workshop.de/general-information/

    Why isn’t ARPANSA also pro-actively looking at the effects of EMF on the environment? Is it because observable adverse effects on plants, birds and bees wouldn’t sit well with its one-eyed support of the nocebo hypothesis??

  4. AH says:

    We all know honey bees use the earth’s magnetic field for navigation, as do birds.
    All of the unnatural emfs we are now being exposed to (2G, 3G, 4G, and worst of all, 5G) are interferring with their ability to navigate their way home. It won’t take long for them to die out, following which, so will our food supply, following which, so will we, even before the climate crisis destroys our environment.
    Short term corporate funding from the telecommunications companies will never compensate the government for the oncoming environmental, economic, health, food and political disasters, they are setting us up for.

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