Smart meters not so smart for electricity bills – The Australia Institute

New research released by The Australia Institute shows that ‘time of use pricing’ facilitated by smart meters is likely to drive up household energy costs.

Electricity companies and regulators have pushed for higher electricity prices at peak times, as well as higher ‘shoulder’ periods. In theory, this incentivises households to move their energy consumption to times of the day when it is cheaper for companies to provide it.

Key findings:

  • An average household of four that cannot adapt its electricity consumption faces, under time of use charging, increased cost of $429 per year.
  • Even if the household can move 30% of its peak electricity consumption to shoulder usage it still faces an electricity bill of $231, or 10.2% higher than under the flat rate tariff.

“After adapting to a decade or more of very high price increases many households have exhausted their capacity to cut electricity consumption or change their time of electricity use,” says David Richardson, Senior Research Fellow at The Australia Institute.

“It’s clear what’s going on here – electricity companies are using the real problem of electricity demand peaks to push for higher consumer prices to increase their profits.”

The Australia Institute’s full media release and report can be accessed at:

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3 Responses to Smart meters not so smart for electricity bills – The Australia Institute

  1. Lance says:

    Corporate behemoths gouging the individual with government sanctioning – Why aren’t I surprised?!! The litany of corrupt and inept ‘programs’ instigated by the corporate secretaries…sorry…I mean government, is long and shameful. $4 billion already squandered with the Murray-Darling fiasco, adani, (not so) smart meters, NBN (No Bloody Network), 5G rollout, etc. I’m glad I resisted the smart meter mandatory installation pressure and will go ‘off grid’ before EVER agreeing to a poisonous smart meter being installed. Fortunately, I live in the country with no nearby neighbours. The closest (and only) neighbour also resisted the smart meter lies. I can only sympathise with those poor people living in suburbia surrounded on all sides by constantly transmitting/emitting smart meters.

    • Multerland says:

      “The term SCIENCE should be under investigation, like a suspect is arrested, interrogated, and confronted with proof of illegal acting, in court, to be sentenced as a criminal. Science is a mix of research and results, and dirty research and dirty results. The dirty research and dirty research results are far in the majority, and rule world wide as a totalitarian. Dirty science is the partner of the industry, and the child of dirty economy and dirty idealism. Dirty Science is the friend of Gaming, Plundering, War and Politics and has eliminated his mentor named Ethics. Dirty Science is a growing force because humans are world wide hypnotized by dirty science partner’s products, and therefore not able to watch through the masks of the filthy industry, not able to understand that the promised happiness is fake, and the future of our existence on the edge of an abyss.” From: Science and Dirty Science,

      The post is in a constant update and edit, because it is a study,that is not finished yet, a study that has never been studied or published. I am not a scientist according to today’s ideas about scientists, but the first scientists did not go to universities either, because there were no universities.

      We can all think, and learn to think precise, exact, logic. There is a factor in exact thinking that creates the difference: it is the goal of where exact science is used for, I explain that with the metaphoric pyramid in the post; an upward pyramid, and an upside down pyramid, and the last one is the pyramid that rules the world right now.
      This is also part of the post.

  2. pcwwp says:

    yep – this was always the case – the health and privacy implications are even worse – reject DumbMeters!

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