Buderim (Sunshine Coast) Device Security Session, 22nd November

The Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc. is hosting a community presentation on device security.

Find out how to secure and safely use all your devices, mobile phone, tablet and computer! Extensive colour printed notes will be provided.  Everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

A number of people in the local community have suffered greatly because they did not understand how to set up basic device security.  This has created severe stress and significant financial losses.

Rosemary, Stop Smart Meters Australia’s Queensland representative will be in attendance and will be giving a brief talk on smart meters at this meeting.

To secure your spot, email your registration to: buderimpresentation@sccc.org.au  (Please use the subject heading “Register” and provide your name. If you are a member of the club please use the subject heading “Member”.)

There is a $4 entrance fee to help cover hall hire, plus the afternoon tea that will be provided.

Time:                   1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Date:                    Thursday, 22nd November 2018

Venue:                Goodlife Centre, 100 Buderim Pines Drive, Buderim.

Location Map: http://sccc.org.au/buderimmaroochydore-technology-education-centre

You will be notified that your registration has been received.

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3 Responses to Buderim (Sunshine Coast) Device Security Session, 22nd November

  1. Anonymous says:

    will/can those notes be distributed (pdf file)

  2. Sophie Meneguzzi says:

    Do NOT FIT Smart Meters. “take back your Power” says Victoria They have been through so much pain, from the ‘Smart Meters’.

  3. Sophie Meneguzzi says:

    Say no to Smart Metres, exorbitent Electricitly, lPrices and Radiation (possibly Harmful to Health).

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