Victory! U.S. State of New Mexico Rejects Smart Meters

Recently the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission denied Public Service Company of New Mexico’s (PNM) application to install smart meters.

The Reasons for rejecting the installation of smart meters include:

  • No net public benefit, no evaluation of alternatives and the public interest
  • PNM’s unlicensed contractor and PNM’s repeated inability to accurately specify the qualifications required for a contractor
  • The uncertainty of savings for ratepayers: imminent rate increases, the risk that lifetime costs will exceed savings
  • Disproportionate benefits for investors: elimination of financial risks for investors, immediate increase in investor earnings, PNM’s requests that the Commission find the AMI capital costs and expenses are reasonable and prudent, full recovery of undepreciated costs and customer education costs as regulatory assets
  • Discretionary project — insufficient demonstration of need and no plans to use AMI for energy efficiency
  • Opt-out fees do not provide meaningful opportunity to opt-out: unreasonableness of fees , health concerns, safety concerns
  • Job losses
  • Recent and future rate increases

Evidence about health effects was discussed at length: “Customers who have strong feelings about the health effects of the meters should be allowed to protect their stated health concerns without a prohibitively high cost.”

The decision goes on to state: “The conditions of the portion of the population who believe  they are electromagnetically sensitive deserve acknowledgment and consideration as decisions are made regarding the implementation of an AMI Project. Accommodations could include reasonable opt-out provisions and fees and perhaps the selection of technologies that minimize the impacts on such people. Such accommodations may be desirable to minimize health risks to customers and address the needs and preferences of PNM’s customers. These are issues that can and should be addressed in a public input process of the sort PNM stated in its 2012 Report that it would conduct before bringing a smart meter proposal to the Commission for approval.”

The PRC Chairman Sandy Jones concluded that the AMI program “was clearly not in the best interest of the public.”

The decision means there will not be smart meters in the near future in New Mexico’s metropolitan areas.

Let’s hope that Australian state governments will wake up to the fact that there are no net benefits to the customer in installing smart meters, and that at the very least, people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation should be catered for. But then again, are our state governments more interested in people or profits for multinational corporations????

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6 Responses to Victory! U.S. State of New Mexico Rejects Smart Meters

  1. Gwen says:

    This article from the New Daily talks about microwave radiation as a weapon. It relates to the American Embassy in Cuba and also in China having had their Diplomats suffering health effects from an unknown source.

  2. Mark says:

    I live in Las Vegas Nevada and moved into a townhouse in May that is equipped with a smart meter. My billing for June 10 through August 10 was $430 and that is at least 90% A/C since I have not moved my household goods down from Oregon yet, I am basically camping out in this apartment. The heat, hot water, stove, and clothes dryer are all nat gas so other than this laptop and a few LED light bulbs I used nothing electric other than the A/C. And yes it is hot here, but still, it was also hot in Oregon where I lived in an older place with a decrepit A/C unit and little insulation. It was all electric, and my highest billing was $120 at 1,100 kWh in one summer month. Here the usage was more than double according to the power company.

    A few weeks ago I finally complained to them that this cannot be correct and I demanded that they come check the meter. I was assured by the phone receptionist reading from a script that smart meters are infallible, they cannot be wrong, therefore it is my usage that is driving the price. So, I called the state PUC and filed a complaint.

    The very next day the electric company had a tech here who rang my bell and asked if I were ready for a brief power outage, I said sure.

    Today I went and looked at the meters and see there is one brand new one, mine, and my electric billing has dropped from $300 for July 10 through August 10 to a now projected bill of $70 for August 10 through September 10.

    I plan to file a claim to get the over billing since May refunded. It should be about enough to pay the airfare for a trip to Ireland next spring.

    If you have ANY option to keep your analog meter do it. There are a number of things that can cause smart meters to misread your consumption and almost ALWAYS in favor of the electric company, and rarely for small amounts. Such as having LED lights on a dimmer switch, I have read that LEDs on dimmers set up a sort of resonance feedback that in the line that causes the meters to go completely haywire. Here we have no choice, technically we can opt out, but they charge you a hefty fee for installing the analog meter and then a monthly “non conforming” charge of $9 per month. And if you do not own the building it may be difficult to get permission to swap in an analog.

    If you have an authority trying to force these ripoff meters on you please fight it as hard as you can, you will regret having a smart meter, the only reason the power company calls them SMART meters is that for them it really is smart because they can double or triple your bill with no added power delivered.

  3. Allison Lockbridge says:

    This is what Premier Daniel Andrews is saying
    “We will tip things back in favour of the consumer, not the corporation”

    If Premier Andrews wants to tip things back in favour of the consumer, he must make unconditional provision for the wishes of ALL Victorian energy customers that for whatever reason do not wish to have a wireless transmitting smart meter on their premises.

    On Seven News last night they covered this story and Premier Andrews appeared indignant that “Victorians were lied to”. If he is so indignant about Victorians being lied, then what does he think about the fact that Victorians were told they could not refuse a smart meter and that it was law for them to accept one when it has now been openly acknowledged that such was not the case at all.

    Premier Andrews must now promote the right of all Victorians to have open choice of whether they have transmitting meters or non transmitting meters on their premises. To not do so not only casts doubt on his statement but is a display of pure immorality. His actions in either acknowledging or failing to acknowledge the deep feeling of people who feel violated by transmitting wireless meters will receive strong response at the ballot box.

  4. Rik says:

    As the Vic government forced smart meters onto everyone who didnt lock their meter boxes and some broke the locks and forced the meters anyway. They are obviously more interested in the money than peoples safety. There has been many smart meter fires all go unreported as if the smart meter catches fire they come and remove it straight away to hide the fact they cause fires.
    The government lies to us to cover up their corruption. They don’t care what we say, they do it any way.
    I’m still waiting for the forced smart meters on gas and water meters as they are coming soon and they will be forced as well, without warning or knowledge they will install them too.
    I have enough problems with just the power smart meters on my neighbour’s properties, there is no way i could live in this area with 3x smart meters per house. I live in an area with 3x units per block so that will be 9x smart meters per house block.

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