Melbourne CBD Screening of GENERATION ZAPPED

GENERATION ZAPPED investigates the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to radiofrequencies (RF) from wireless technology; its effects on our health and well-being, as well as the health and development of our children. This includes links to breast and brain cancer, to its associations with increased infertility and genetic mutations related to autism and ADHD, to newly identified illnesses, such as electrical hypersensitivity (EHS).

Thursday, 26 July, 5.30–7.30 pm
WeWork, Bourke St, Melbourne

Screening followed by Q&A.

Tickets are pre-purchase only. Ticket sales close at 10 am 26th July

Click here to purchase your ticket.
Enter the promotional code Friends to receive 50% off the ticket price.

Come along to see GENERATION ZAPPED and have your EMF-related questions answered by Environmental Health Assessor, Lucinda Curran.


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