Top health expert reveals that 5G networks may pose serious health risk to all humans (and all species)

Experts believe that the next generation of smartphones will be ruled by 5G networks and this advanced technology is expected to open a new way by which people consume data. As ‘augmented reality’ and ‘virtual reality’ is slowly gripping the world of technology, high-speed seamless connections powered by 5G may bring about revolutionary changes in this arena.

The 5G dilemma continues

Even though 5G network will provide a much faster connection than 4G, a section of health experts believes that the hazards which may be caused by the updated service are unknown, and sometimes it may turn potentially dangerous.

It should be noted that various research conducted on mobile phone radiations have fetched mixed results. Even though many studies have ruled out the possibility of health hazards due to mobile phone radiation exposure, some extensive studies have hinted that older wireless service generations may result in various types of cancers, heart disorders, and reproductive issues. However, the health hazards which may arise due to short radiations of 5G is hardly been studied.

5G connection makes use of millimetre waves (MMWs) to transmit data, rather than microwaves which are being used in previous generation networks.

Putting the entire globe at risk?

Dr Joel Moskowitz, a public health professor at the University of California, Berkeley reveals that millimetre waves could pose serious health hazards among the general public. In an exclusive talk with Daily Mail Online, Joel Moskowitz revealed that the fifth generation cellular technology is experimenting on the health of all species on our planet.

“The deployment of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species. Since skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, MMW bio-effects may be transmitted through molecular mechanisms by the skin or through the nervous system. 5G will use high-band frequencies, or millimetre waves, that may affect the eyes, the testes, the skin, the peripheral nervous system, and sweat glands,” told Moskowitz to Daily Mail Online.

The health expert also added that millimetre waves used in 5G networks will make many pathogens resistant to antibiotics.

Nirmal Narayanan.  Abridged from an article in the International Business Times.

Australia’s trajectory towards 5G was cemented earlier this year with “reform” to legislation aimed at ensuring telecommunication companies can upgrade mobile coverage and install fast broadband services “without the delays imposed by protracted development approvals processes”. 

Despite strongly articulated comments from some respondents – including from Stop Smart Meters Australia – raising concern about health impacts, the Government has proceeded with ten of its proposed 24 changes to legislation.  The Government claims that it is “discussing further with stakeholders the other amendments proposed as well as other issues raised in the consultation process(Consultation Information, Outcomes tab).

However, it appears that some stakeholders are deemed worthier of engaging with than others – as SSMA has not been part of these discussions!

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10 Responses to Top health expert reveals that 5G networks may pose serious health risk to all humans (and all species)

  1. old kodger says:

    I’m curious, what is PCWWP?

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  3. Lyn McAllister says:

    Human Rights Commission 😖 Their only concern is
    privacy. Nothing about the health implications. I emailed the Australian Human Rights Commission (tech) with my concerns about the undisputed health impacts of 5g – 2 weeks ago. No response.
    As we all know – they just don’t care.
    “Big data, artificial intelligence and social media are upending how we live, work and communicate. How can we protect our basic human rights? Leaders in industry, government and academia will explore the human rights implications of unprecedented technological change at a landmark event in Sydney.

    The Australian Human Rights Commission’s international Human Rights and Technology conference on July 24 will also launch a major Commission project led by Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow.”

  4. Cindy Kaiser says:

    How do we say “NO” to the 5Network? I will stop using WiFi period, if we’re forced to use the 5G because from all reports on the already installed network in USA, we really have something to worry about. It’s electronic warfare. We’ll have little booster towers every 2 or 3 houses, or on every lamp post, so, all up, millions of these towers are coming our way and I’m scared because I’m already sick from smart meters etc.

  5. Anthony says:

    Well well what do you want for nothing I have been saying this for years People that run Governments do not CARE about you or I all they care about is their big fat pay check and that they don’t fringe on the right of BUSINESSES to go about is business destroying the world and the people that live on it and all this for the sake of corporations and it’s stupid share holders.
    If the people were smart enough they for one would stop voting and two go out and protest but they don’t because they have been conned but the eye candy gadget syndrome and Government yet they still believe that bulling politicians knows whats best for the people.
    And I for one is sick to death of people telling me I am stupid or dumb when I speak to people about stuff like this
    and if the people don’t do anything about what is going on today they will pay later in life cause in years to come their children will be bearing children that will have serious heath issues or even deformed children…. and then what? well you work the rest out need I say anymore .

  6. aabbcc1122 says:

    What can we do? I made a contact with a senator (Wicks) who was suffering extreme wireless radiation illness and I made her aware of her symptoms. But, it appears that the PM convinced her that she is suffering from mould, and in her research she discovered “sick building syndrome (SBS)” that is the reason for mould.

    SBS first appeared in 1970, and it was noted that military personnel working in one specific building that had a multitude of electronic (communications) equipment were getting sick, and when they left the building they felt better. This was when the US DIA made mention in their 1976 medical research report that stated: “military personnel exposed to microwave radiation suffered illnesses”. Those specific buildings housed military communications centre.

    Then, civilian women working in the accounting offices of large banks who were using accounting equipments suffered the same illness as the military personnel ill, and it was noted that there were high levels of electrical fields (ELF) in the buildings. The women were suffering from an ELF illness.

    But, once the cover up came into being and wireless technology was introduced in the 1990s SBS was reclassified to take attention away from the causation factor of EMR and ELF and it was claimed that SBS of the 1970s was due to poor ventilation, bad air-conditioning and mould.

    Therefore, the senator is now on the band wagon to promote SBS as a mould illness and all reference to EMR and ELF has been swept under the carpet.


    • dana says:

      The problem is how to get this information out to the medical community and why are doctors so bad at educating themselves on these topics?

      • old kodger says:

        If I can find things out, why can’t they? Or is this just another example of indoctrination (no pun intended).

  7. wordsbyjax19 says:

    Dear team at SSM,

    I am attaching two items:

    1. A recent interview with a man in the UK who is an expert on 5G:  2. A report that was put together by a woman in Canada and sent to politicians in 2016

    It seems to me that we need to bombard our MPs state and federal with MY WILL letters – if you want, I will write to my own in this way, and send it to you, so people can use it for their MPs. There seems to be little doubt that this is, in fact, the roll out of a cull grid for all life forms (except, of course, bacteria and viruses). Whether we have smart meters or not, the frequencies they plan to immerse us in will have harmful effects that can scarcely be imagined.

    I write this to you in the hope that you may have a database that can be mobilised to take action on this.

    Kind regards,



  8. pcwwp says:

    Lets do something – perhaps a campain.. must be stopped!

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