Wireless-Wise Families: What every parent needs to know about wireless technologies

We love them, we depend on them, we fill our homes with them.  We put them next to our sleeping babies and give them to our toddlers and children to play with.  We use them for work, for entertainment, and for conducting our relationships.  But how much do you know about mobile phones and other wireless devices and the radiation they emit?

Did you know, for example, that your use of wireless devices can affect your children, your unborn children, and even your chances of conceiving?  That wireless radiation has been shown to affect performance, mental health, relationships, and sleep?  Or that many world authorities recommend reducing exposure to this radiation?

‘Smart’ families are exposed to wireless radiation from ‘smart’ devices.  ‘Wise’ families make informed decisions about using wireless technologies safely.  This book, by Australian consumer advocate and educator Lyn McLean, shows you in simple, practical terms what you need know to live wisely in our ever more connected world.

Wireless-Wise Families is a refreshingly easy and enjoyable read and a valuable resource for parents.

First published in 2017 by Scribe Publications, Melbourne.
Available from all good booksellers

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4 Responses to Wireless-Wise Families: What every parent needs to know about wireless technologies

  1. Julie says:

    An excellent resource & so is the smaller book Wireless Wise Kids by the same author , suitable for children & teenagers , valuable advice on Safe Use of technology.

  2. Sharon Noble says:

    I just read your newsletter with the recommendation for the book “Wireless-wise parents”. I am not familiar with the author or the book. Has anyone in your group read it? As you know, many books are well-intentioned but can provide some unhealthy, unwise suggestions. Thank you. Sharon Noble

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