Environmental Sensitivities Symposium starts 17th October

The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium begins on Monday 17th October and runs through to Saturday 22nd October.  This Melbourne-based online event offers a free registration package and features interviews with 15 speakers from around the world.  The topic for each interview is a paper written by the speaker especially for this year’s symposium.

The following interviews are of special relevance to issues surrounding electromagnetic radiation:

Day 1, Monday 17th October

11 am Assoc Prof Olle Johansson: “Health Effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Fields. A Wake-Up Call from a Neuroscientist… But is Anyone in Power Picking Up? Hello…?”

12 noon Cyril W Smith: “Hertz and Hurts”

Day 2, Tuesday 18th October

10 am Lyn McLean:  “Wireless Radiation, Standards and Safety”

Day 3, Wednesday 19th October

9 am Dr Sivani Saravanamuttu: “The Biological Impacts of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation: An Indian Perspective”

11 am Dr Sharyn Martin: Environmental Sensitivity Conditions in Australians and the Impacts of these Conditions on their Lives

Day 4, Thursday 20th October

9 am Dr Mary Redmayne: “Mobile Phone Habits at School and Fertility Implications, School Rules and their Effectiveness: 2009 and now”

12 noon Lucinda Curran: “Beyond the Band-Aid: Getting to the Bottom of Environmental Sensitivities”

The symposium also features Q&A time-slots, introductory mini-interviews and, for those people who are on the free registration package, 24 hour’s access to the sessions.

To register, go to www.essymposium.com


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3 Responses to Environmental Sensitivities Symposium starts 17th October

  1. anonymous says:

    Sign in didn’t work for me. The page kept telling me my email address was already registered when I don’t think it was. I hope somebody will post this talk on YouTube.

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  3. anonymous says:

    I hope lots of doctors will take advantage of this conference since environmental sensitivities is a topic most of them are completely uninformed on.

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