New Instruments of Surveillance and Social Control: Wireless Technologies which Target the Neuronal Functioning of the Brain

The following extract is from a report written by Dr Kingsley Dennis, Research Associate in the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), based at the Sociology Department at Lancaster University, England.

The advent of smart grids provides the potential framework for developing even more impact on the neuronal functioning of the human brain.

“The background to this narrative begins with the story of a true Pandora’s box — a U.S. project titled Project Pandora that was organized and administered by the psychology division of the psychiatry research section of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). This project was set–up to specifically research programs on the health effects of microwave exposure following the ‘Moscow Embassy’ incident. From 1953 to 1976, the Soviets directed microwave radiation at the U.S. embassy in Moscow from the roof of an adjacent building. Whilst this clandestine microwave targeting was allegedly known for some time by U.S. officials, the event was not made public until 1976 when the U.S. State Department finally accused the Soviet Union of bombarding the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation for illicit purposes. It was initially reported as a harmless procedure for charging Soviet spy–bugs: ‘Soviet antennas, which are beaming the waves in both to charge up the batteries of their listening devices and to jam embassy–based U.S. electronic monitoring of Russian communications’ (Time, 1976a; 1976b). However, the State Department soon indicated that, in addition to interference mechanisms, the microwave radiation could have serious adverse effects on the health of the occupants of the embassy (O’Connor, 1993)……………

………..Part of this paper has been focused on the dangers of an increasingly wireless world. These dangers may include the potential for invasive technologies, based upon transmitted/received signals and wavelengths, to shift social order towards a psycho–civilized society. By psycho–civilised I mean a society that manages and controls social behaviour predominantly through non–obvious methods of psychological manipulations, yet at a level far beyond that of the ‘normalised’ social manipulations of propaganda and social institutions. What I refer to are the technologised methods of psychological interference and privacy intrusions in the manner of creating a docile and constrained society. And here this brings us back to the problematics involved in opening a Pandora’s box.

In this paper I have asked whether innovations in wireless and neuro–technologies are not in danger of shifting human behaviour towards a psycho–civilised society, where greater emphasis is placed upon forms of social control and pre–emptive strategies. What are the moral and ethical implications of using wireless scanning surveillance technologies for evaluating pre–emptive behaviour based on thoughts and intentions alone? Is this not a dangerous path towards psycho–terrorising the social public? As Thomas (1998) reminds us, the mind has no firewall, and is thus vulnerable to viruses, Trojan horses, and spam. It is also vulnerable to hackers, cyber–terrorists, and state surveillance. Whilst this may sound a little too far out, they are reasonable questions to ask if technologies are racing ahead of us in order to better get into our heads.

Becoming wireless also means becoming increasingly immersed within an information–saturated environment. From the evidence of present trends and developments it seems likely that a greater systemic interconnectedness and interdependence is being formed between human–object–environment facilitated through and by information flows. This may herald the coming of a ‘wonderful wireless world’, yet it may also signal unforeseen dangers in protection, privacy, and security of the human biological body within these new relationships. It is the suggestion of this paper that such issues and concerns need to become more public, visible, and open; the very opposite of these technologies.”

The full report can be found here: Global Research

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2 Responses to New Instruments of Surveillance and Social Control: Wireless Technologies which Target the Neuronal Functioning of the Brain

  1. dana says:

    What many people do not know is that emotional states correspond to frequencies and hence by exposing people to particular frequencies you can affect their emotional state. For more on this subject listen to a talk by British microwave expert, Barrie Trower on YouTube. When I am near wireless devices (and I don’t have to be that close) I get a crawling feeling along my spine and strong pain in my spine so I would say that these devices are definitely having some effect on your nervous system. There is an interesting article on titled ”Study of spinal cord as a natural antenna for EMF and possible nervous system impact” in which it is noted that ”the spinal cord acts as a natural antenna, with frequency dependent induced electric voltage and current distribution.” I am very worried about what the exposure children are getting to these devices will do to their developing nervous systems. I have seen a few stories on the ABC about people who have developed mysterious spinal problems and I can’t help noting that it was evident in the report that they used the phone a lot. Perhaps if doctors were more aware of the effects of wireless radiation and at least realised that wireless radiation was a possible cause of spinal damage some of their patients might be able to recover from their spinal problems.

    • Power Unseen says:

      Who knows. A friend suffered an electric shock and developed diabetes. In the late 1980’s nineties three friends/ acquaintances developed brain tumours, two died. I am not saying there were no co-factors. But I avoid the technology where I can. I can remember reading about that time that radio Amateurs were more likely to contract leukemia, so I gave that up.

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