Smart meters: Higher pulses of RF than a phone antenna!

The following video shows a Gigahertz HF35C RF Analyser being used to compare microwave emissions from a mobile phone mast with smart meters.  The HF35C is capable of detecting microwave emissions between the 800Mhz and 2.7Ghz range – which is right where both smart meters and mobile phone tower antennae beat their bio-destructive path to your cells and DNA.

The results of the comparison speak for themselves.

If you live in an apartment where banks of these harmful smart meters are going to be located, you might want to consider knocking on your neighbours’ doors and giving them the kind of info on smart meters that they won’t hear on Question Time or the 6 o’clock News.

Are you prepared to risk living with a mobile phone tower/smart meter?  Are governments  and energy companies giving customers the full story?

YouTube here:


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4 Responses to Smart meters: Higher pulses of RF than a phone antenna!

  1. Liam O'Regan says:

    Just a reminder if you want to make accurate measurements with the GigaHertz meters you have to keep the antanna about (approx) 900mm from source. They are a ‘far- field mete’r and you need to keep at least 2 wave lengths away(about 300mm long each @905Mhz) to be in the far field. Cheers Liam

  2. Rob Guy says:

    This video observed radiated power levels thousands of times higher than those recorded in an accredited laboratory report commissioned by theVictorian Department of Primary Industry dated 20/10/2011; see This earlier report was published to allay fears about meter radiation.
    The discrepancy between the two could be explained by either electricity mains interference or wide variations inside the Fraunhofer fields near antennae. Either way,more research is required.

  3. Pearce says:

    Why would they call these harmful devices “SMART” meters ?
    There is one aspect about that name that is correct though.
    Starts with “S” and ends with “T”

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