Israeli breakthrough for wi-fi in schools

A 30 minute documentary on ElectroMagnetic Hypersensitivity and the dangers of wi-fi, particularly in schools, has achieved the highest rating for the day that it aired on Israeli TV.  And it has led to wi-fi being banned from schools in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel.  The documentary is titled “How We are Killing Ourselves—Wireless Radiation”.  Click on the ‘CC’ button to view English subtitles.


Online article about the documentary.


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8 Responses to Israeli breakthrough for wi-fi in schools

  1. geoffrey says:

    and yet the international bankers rothschild are behind the deployment and cover up of these dangerous devices via united nations agenda 21.

  2. dana says:

    At least the Israelis know when to react. Australians, on the other hand, are likely to sit there and do nothing until we are all half dead. It’s just the Aussie way. Even that Catalyst documentary hasn’t gotten the message through to most people.

  3. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Response to video, reposted from:

    Martin Kingsbury (Apr. 21, 2016):
    Geovital world leaders of shielding against high and low frequency radiation, have been helping sick people from the effects of man made radiation for over 30 years now. We are pleased to see Israel setting world standards and recognizing just how serious this issue is becoming. Your article and articles like this can only assist the vital changes needed.

  4. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Response to video, reposted from:

    Agnes Ingvarsdóttir (Apr. 21, 2016):
    Thank you for writing this article. EHS is by now a serious worldwide epidemic, and around 10% of any given population suffer from it, but still the telecom industry and gov. authorities keep claiming wireless technology is harmless, just as industries and authorities claimed for the harmlessness of asbestos and other deadly poisons.

    In the UK, dementia cases have exploded and mental illness is rife and seems to affect an ever larger part of the population, and it now accepted as a fact that most people will contract and die of cancer. So much so that the National Health System cannot cope any longer. Dire warnings have been issued by independent scientists and activists about the health dangers for many years now.

    Already in 1997 Prof. Olle Johansen of Karolinska Institut in Sweden co-wrote with Örjan Hallberg an observation study about the health effects from electromagnetic microwave radiation from mobile masts, the dementia effect on the elderly population in Sweden, and by now dementia has started to claim victims at 30 and 40 years old, and EMR is everywhere in our societies.

    There exist by now thousands of independent studies that prove health harm, but which gov. authorities and industry dismiss.

    And all for what? For fast profit for industry and gov. treasuries. WHAT ELSE?!?

  5. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Response to Video, reposted from:

    Brett West (Apr. 21, 2016):
    Excellent article. We have just released an online e-learning portal designed to teach about the known risks of harm from microwave radiation in the Wi-Fi frequency spectrum, because this is a very serious issue and the key facts are not well known by the general public. The basic course is free for everyone. France and India have passed similar legislation recently.

    Kind Regards,

    Brett West
    Director – Education Services

  6. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Response to Video, reposted from:

    Shirley Jackson (May 6, 2016):
    Excellent article that gives a full overview to those new to this issue. I’m so thankful for those who are sounding a wake-up call! I’m a retired educator, staff development specialist and research project manager, who spent two years trying to figure out what was “wrong” with my health after I had to retire early because of odd neurological symptoms along with an otherwise very healthy life.

    I know about the insidious damage to health that can be brought on by health practitioners who have also been kept in the dark about ‘unintended side-effects’ of high electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure. Bless them, they want their patients to feel better and tend to prescribe ever-escalating drugs for the symptoms. I do not want any of these ‘unintended consequences’ to affect a single child.

    When I finally used my research-manager skills and tracked everything, I discovered the root cause: exposure to EMRs. Minimize exposures – minimize impacts. It’s such a simple solution. Besides simply hard-wiring equipment, we have brilliant minds that could focus on making technology safe.

    Let’s not lose our future generations’ brains and ability to reproduce for the sake of convenience.

  7. Hammer Mann says:

    Excellent Video,
    Showing the good and genuine concern of more and more parents and teachers in Israel for their children’s health and welfare, against now proving to be Poisonous Wi-Fi in the schools or at home.

    I was not impressed by the minister for education. He seemed a right Lick-Spittle for the Education Department who it seemed did not want to let this his Stupid New Kid on the Block Wi-Fi to be gotten rid of. He seemed only interested in obeying what seemed to me pushing this now proving to be DANGEROUS and EVIL Wi-Fi Technology further forward like some mad scientist as though he was being paid in his back-pocket by the Microwave Industry and its Wicked Snake Oil Salesmen.

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