Former California Public Utilities Commission President condemns smart meters

Loretta Lynch, Former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, and one of California’s most influential Attorneys, criticised smart meters at Mountain View Wireless Summit.

Some of the points she made were:

  • The science is clear: EMFs affect health, particularly the most vulnerable among us.
  • Those living within 150 feet of power lines are at increased risk of serious disease
  • Utilities and telecommunications companies know these facts but obtain “obscenely obsessive profits” from this technology and are in a “desperate scramble” to set regulations in stone before public awareness increases and reforms are widely demanded.
  • Health and environmental costs from wireless tech are “externalized” to society at large
  • At this point, we are lucky if regulators are ignorant about this issue. More often they are co-opted and corrupted.
  • CPUC says “pay me and I’ll give you what you want” in secret backroom deals- a classic case of corruption and bribery, revealed in e-mails.
  • CPUC has become a “rogue agency” essentially controlled by corporations
  • CPUC has allowed utilities to cut corners, skip safety regulations, etc.
  • A parade of former CPUC Commissioners now work for the utilities- the so-called “revolving door.”
  • Utilities have entered the “big data” game and using and profiting from your private electric usage data. Protecting the privacy of our home has become harder and harder.

Full story at the USA Stop Smart Meters website

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5 Responses to Former California Public Utilities Commission President condemns smart meters

  1. Joe Aboud says:

    I have been threatened to have my telephone service cut off by NBN Co and by my Telephone services provider unless I switch over my telephone to the NBN. I am currently on using a copper wire and can use my telephone service without electricity supply. I am told that the NBN cannot function without electricity supply for the comms box. I don’t want my telephone service to become subject to the maniacs in the electricity distribution company and whether or not they may try to cut power for my refusal of a smart meter. The fact is that they are not servicing the old meters and trying to force you to agree to a smart meter before they come out and investigate any issues and determine whether a replacement is even required. That is the same extortion tactic that they’ve been employing from the outset and I don’t want this uncertainty of supply to now place my telephone service at risk in addition to my electricity. Anyone else here encountered this problem ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Joe, what does your contract with your service provider state?
      Threatening someone is a crime. The distributor’s were told to use their best endeavors This is open to interpretation as we don’t know who gets to decide what best endeavors means.. They can’t break the law and if you have legally notified the distributor of your wishes not to have a smart meter and they continue trying to coerce you to accept a smart meter then you need to send a legal notice in with a return receipt. You can keep this as evidence.
      Check your contract thoroughly. The distributors still need your consent to install a smart transmitter. That does not mean that they won’t try to bully you.
      You can’t refuse a smart meter, you can object. How can you refuse something that you don’t have to have in the first place?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Department of Health is more responsible than ARPANSA. This department should be thoroughly investigated and then shut down. This department claims its a health department.ARPANSA at least does not claim they are a health department.
    We have the possible cancer causing roll out, we have the Hazelwood mine fire and also the bullying by the distributors, this comes under mental health and this is the Department of Health’s area.
    How many people were begging for help when the mine fire polluted the air? What did this department do?
    How many people have sent letters into the Department of Health and been ignored or fobbed off to someone else?
    These people are paid to protect our health. Its time the Health Minister was made aware of what exactly this department has done to help Victorians out that have complained about smart meter health problems or people that have EHS.

  3. Hammer Mann says:

    At long last,
    The penny’s dropped with Loretta Lynch, Former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, and one of California’s most influential Attorneys, criticised smart meters at Mountain View Wireless Summit.
    She said……… ” Former California Public Utilities Commission President condemns smart meters.”
    Now I Richard state….. “ It’s High Time for the I allege to be Sneaky and LYING ARPANSA Mob here in Victoria Australia, ” TO ALSO TELL THE TRUTH AS ABOVE.”


    Richard Leschen.

  4. Bob says:

    You are dealing with ORGANISED crimininalists here. Don’t let them run all over the sheeoples.
    Organise protests, the more make a difference

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