Opportunity to ask ARPANSA questions about RF standards and exposure

On the 17th of November, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) will be hosting the bi-annual Electro Magnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG) meeting. SSMA is a public representative and would like to hear from you, via comments to this web post, as to whether there are any burning questions (pun intended) that people may have regarding radiofrequencies (RF) exposure, RF standards and health.

If there is a large response from the public, questions will be collated and ARPANSA will be invited to respond in writing. Questions that are deemed of critical importance will be  raised directly face to face with ARPANSA at the meeting.

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36 Responses to Opportunity to ask ARPANSA questions about RF standards and exposure

  1. andrew says:

    ARPANSA only take in to account the thermal, (heating) aspects/effects of EMR and RF and not organic/biological effects. They seem to be stuck in an insular time warp and not on the same song sheet as the rest of the world regarding the dangers to health of smart meters.

  2. Nimama Dawn says:

    My research indicates that cancer tends to show up in clusters where Smart Meters have been installed. In the area immediate area where I live, 1 person developed a brain tumour (now deceased), 3 people developed Alzheimer’s Disease (2 now deceased), 1 person developed Prostate cancer, 1 person developed throat cancer (now deceased), 2 people developed Breast cancer (of which I am a 2 year survivor) and it all happened after Smart Meters were installed!
    I still have my Analogue meter, but I am bathed in the radiation emitted from the homes around me. The ‘powers-that-be’ have sent many intimidating letters telling me that I will have a Smart Meter, (basically) whether I like it or not!!! I realise that those ‘powers-that-be’ happily want to pour their FREE radiation through me with abandon, but I have had too much radiation already, which left my body looking like incinerated toast! It’s frightening to remember, that as I fell into bed each night I’d be hoping I wouldn’t wake up the next morning! But I simply wanted to stop the traumatic effects it had/is still having on my small family, & friends! I am wondering ‘ what if ‘ the pulsing Smart Meter radiation triggers any latent cancer cells in my body into frantic reproduction? I am a week away from turning 73, and could never go through the horrific chemotherapy & radiation treatments again, because my body wouldn’t survive it. So will I be forced to accept a Smart Meter in place of my trusty Analogue meter, simply because they say the Smart Meters are safe? …
    Or will they write me a death sentence?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you live in Victoria you don’t have to accept a smart meter. No one has to accept a death sentence and suffering. Fight them as we all have been, and make sure they are aware of your wishes legally, that is, send appropriate paperwork in to stop them.
      Maybe someone can help you. If you don’t have a possible cancer causing device so far then I don’t see why they will keep on bothering you if you legally warn them to stop harassing you.

      • shewolf8 says:

        Thankyou for your support & helpful advice which I will follow up on. They say that all their Smart Meters will have been installed in Victoria by the end of 2015, so I guess my anxiety is building up. I keep my front gate padlocked shut & only leave it wide open when the meter reader is due. My last two power bills have been estimated…the reason for this was due to the meter reader coming 2 days earlier than the 5 working days timeframes that they gave me – Hence ‘locked gate.’ A few days after my estimated bills arrived – so did 2 letters (from different people at Origin) that told me I must leave my gate open for the meter reader to gain access to my meter, & if I managed to get 3 estimated readings in a row I would need to ring & make an appointment for the meter reader to come & take a reading, for which I would be a charge. In return I sent each person a slightly scathing reply explaining that I couldn’t possibly predict that the meter reader would come so much earlier than the ‘due date’ on both occasions, & included the meter readings that I took on each ‘due date.’ I also informed them that to save any confusion between myself & Origin, I would send them the reading from my meter on their ‘due date’ regardless. I also queried what the cost would be to me if by some inexplicable chance my gate happened to be locked again…So far there’s been no reply! I have 2 ‘No Smart Meter’ signs on my front gate, my meter box has a window installed (for the meter reading to be taken), & has many chains with 7 padlocks (maybe a little overkill) to make sure they don’t get sneaky if I happen to be out. Also I have a sign on the meter box door about the consequences of breaking & entering! Every time I leave my property I take a photograph of the meter reading, the meter box chains, locks & notices, & of the front gate after I’ve padlocked it!
        I have an awesome amount of photographic evidence…for just in case!

        • Anonymous says:

          Shewolf, i have been advised that if the meter reader does not turn up in the time frame that has been given to you then they might be trespassing. They have to give you notice to be on your property, unless its an emergency if they turn up two days earlier and have not given you notice then they should not be on your property.
          You need to notify your retailer in writing and tell them that the meter reader is to turn up when the bill states they are due to turn up. If they turn up at other times you may have them charged with trespassing. They can’t just come on your private property when they feel like it. Make your intentions clear.
          Find out which company reads the meters as well and send them a letter. Inform them that they need to read your meter within the given time frame.

          • shewolf8 says:

            I will get myself into gear & follow up on your advice. I received a text message from Origin last Thursday (Jan 7th 2016) telling me that my meter will be read within two days.
            I’m not sure whether they mean ‘exactly 2 days’ or ‘2 working business days.’ However, I’m taking it that the latter stands…so, if I start counting from the day the text came in
            the meter reader should come on the Thursday 7th – or the Friday 8th – or next Monday 11th – or next Tuesday 12th! I find it all very confusing!

            • Anonymous says:

              Shewolf, make Origin give you the exact date if you are confused. Tell them you need to know if its the 7th or 8th as you are confused. They have to tell you this, if they don’t tell them that you will complain to the ombudsman’s office. I would not trust them either, personal experience, but you can complain if you want to. A word of advice, don’t let anyone bully you and if they do tell them they need to stop or they may be charged with bullying.
              This has happened to me and it took a long time to figure out that i don’t have to put up with cowardly bullies that hide behind the safety of their computers.
              I call them keyboard warriors because they are only tough behind the keyboard.They aren’t really warriors, not like firefighters, ambulance crew, police, army and many many more brave people. Hardworking people that save our lives and sometimes lose their own lives. These keyboard cowards are just that, cowards.
              MAKE ORIGIN BE SPECIFIC WITH THE DATES. TELL THEM THEY ARE CONFUSING YOU. You will be okay. Wolves are smart.

        • Anonymii Mamma Mia says:

          shewolf8, rest assured 7 padlocks is not overkill. I know people that have many more padlocks than that just for one meter and I also know people whose meter box security is set up in such a way that the only way to even get access to attempt forceful entry to the meter box is to actually bulldoze half the house and even then you will not be able to get into the box.

          If I can offer you a little bit of advice and that is to not allow yourself to get too emotional when you get these letters from your retailer (Origin). Remember, these people are probably morons whose minds are numbed and who probably couldn’t care less about you and probably couldn’t care less about whether your meter can be read or not. The letters themselves are likely to be generic letters that are automatically spat out of a computer system month after month, quarter after quarter. Your padlocks are your friends. Treat them as such. Give them each a name and they will be kind to you. Be careful not to overreact to moronic dialogue. Don’t become over emotional and do and say something in the heat of the moment that could be perceived as you being provocative. These people know that their hands are tied so don’t give them the ammo to justify acting in a way that they know they can’t. I’m not saying you are but remember you have got all things working in your favour, in our favour. Be calm, be rational, stick to the rules we know do work and see the abundance of resources that you have at your fingertips.

          • shewolf8 says:

            You’ve made me feel so much better Anonymii Mamma Mia…I never gave a thought to inventing such a creative security set up as the one you describe. That’s so amazing!
            You also give good advice, & I will not provoke them. I have learnt so much since finding this site. Thankyou!

    • Enson says:

      Nimama, “the powers that be are” portray themselves to you with a fictitious authority that they do not actually have. They would bully you in manner much akin to these evil terrorist persons we are at present hearing about on our televisions. Nimana, please make sure that your meter box is locked if that hasn’t been done already. Please make that your priority. I assure you it will keep these thugs and criminals out. Any attempt from them to install their poisonous device under such circumstance means they can very well be charged for any criminal act they commit and they very well know it. Lock up and guard your faithful analog meter !!!!

      • shewolf8 says:

        Yes, thankyou Enson…My meter box has chains across & around it, which are held in place with 7 padlocks. A friend installed a window in the meter box door so the meter reading can be taken easily. I also photograph the meter reading…the meter box with its chains, padlocks & signs, & also of my padlocked front gate every time I need to go out. (I have an awesome ‘file’ of photographs! So as you advised I most certainly ‘lock up & guard my faithful analogue meter’…with a vengeance I might add!

      • shewolf8 says:

        Thankyou Enson…Yes, I guess it is another form of terrorism, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I will keep my faithful analogue meter ‘locked up & guarded’

  3. Anonymous says:

    Question to ARPANSA and Department Of Health
    Who should be held responsible when it is proven smart meter emissions are making people sick?
    What should the penalty be for exposing people to a possible cancer causing agent?
    Should the Distributor’s be held responsible?
    Or should those that are trusted with the responsibility of protecting the public’s health be held responsible?
    Or should all of you be held responsible? This would include (Department of Health, ARPANSA, ACMA, Energy Minister, Health Minister, Chief Health Officer and anyone else involved and that imcludes all those that have sent letters on behalf of many of you.
    It does not matter if smart meters are outside, they are still possible cancer causing devices and that is the whole point.They should of been scrapped in 2011 and they weren’t.
    Who is responsible and who want’s to take responsibility for what has transpired in Victoria?
    I myself think everyone i have mentioned is responsible and should be held responsible.
    Can we get names on paper of those that are willing to be held responsible for any damages?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here is a question for the CEO of ARPANSA.
    If i ask a question will you answer with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
    Will the CEO of ARPANSA back up any answers with factual evidence?
    I don’t see any point in asking questions if ARPANSA cannot provide factual evidence to support any answers. Opinions don’t count, either does talking on behalf of someone else.

  5. John V says:

    Hi all. How about we leave ARPANSA alone for a minute? Think about this. ARPANSA is tasked with setting these limits by those trough loving snouts that WE (that’s you and me and the bloke down the road) voted in to suckle on the public purse. They are most likely restricted from doing proactive tasks and MUST only react to the government requirements. If we want limits set that have a different set of criteria, then the logical way of gaining this scenario is to vote. Vote for the person who will look after your health. Vote for the party (if one does exist) that will put public health before corporate profit and political largesse. Vote for people who are real people and not “politicians” in training. The only person you can trust in the houses of power are the parliamentarians and I defy you to find any.
    Meanwhile as Forrest Gump once said “It happens”

    • Steve says:

      John, ARPANSA created an RF Standard that is supposed to provide protection against harmful effects from exposure to RF. They are also supposed to be an independent organization, but as you rightfully put it, they only react to government requirements, who in turn react to requirements from powerful industry lobby groups. The Standard is used by Government authorities and the industry to say RF exposures below the basic restrictions are safe. Notwithstanding the fact that the RF Standard was never designed for the current usage patterns (we are chronically exposed to a multitude of frequencies) we are seeing disease indicators that are increasing in our communities (Cancer, neurological problems) and some scientists are linking this to the rising levels of man made EMF..
      Although there is some controversy, science has shown repeatedly that low level emissions can cause biological effects, some with the propensity to cause long term harm. Therefore ARPANSA is the logical target for these important questions. Voting has never really swayed politicians from their path in the past – just look at the GST. Unfortunately Wireless is in-vogue. Try to find a genuine politician who is really interested in the welfare of the public – they all join with good intentions but ultimately get corrupted by the party politics.

    • Anonymous says:

      Voting won’t get you anywhere. What will, is making politicians aware of how dangerous smart meters and other wireless devices are. Making politicians aware that they can be held accountable and may face penalties like jail time in the future.
      These people will protect themselves at all costs, even if this means pulling every smart meter out. ARPANSA needs to be held accountable and they are. Politicians will listen if they are told that some time in the future they might be held accountable for any damages. I have not seen any difference between major parties.Make Public Servants Accountable, that includes politicians.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where is the Department of Health in all of this, they are just as responsible, if not more than ARPANSA? Why haven’t any warnings been issued on the possible dangers of smart meters, which are not meters anyway? The fact is that anything that can give you cancer and even if this is a remote possibility should come with a warning ARPANSA?
    Smart meters are still on the possible cancer causing list and as such should be labeled, regardless of where the data came from and how.

    • Steve says:

      Good question and certainly the health department (federal) is expected to have a presence at the EMERG meeting so they can be asked.

  7. Pat Slattery says:

    I have become EHS from the electricity meter and was within minutes of death according to my doctor.. My husband dropped dead becasue he stayed in the house and I stayed in the acravan with no electricity connected. Now i have a new home with no grid electricity or smart meter but a generator. I have to wear protective mettalised clothing and hat when I leave the house as wifi is everywhere. I need a safe haven and so do many of my friends. Why is the government not protecting us. The P in ARPANSA is supposed to PROTECT but it does not. The standards are far too high. ARPANSA is a failure. . Why not cut it from the Budget and save money. Appoint an independent biophysicist to do the job..

  8. Do you know how cells function? If not how can you persist with insisting low frequency energy pulses do not damage them when you have in your own archives experimental results that demonstrate the DNA can be?
    Do you believe cells react spontaneously?
    The answer has to be no (Its impossible, cause and effect) then can there be anything other than energy pulses that activate the DNA chromosome where its reaction from the gene(s) initiates a life establishing effect from the cell? (think hens egg)
    Are you aware DNA nucleotide pairs resonate as a reaction to the incoming vibrating effects of the environmental energy pulses? (Pjotr Gargajev Russian Biologist experimental result). Its all about energy pulses and Photons.
    Are you aware that a signal initiated by a pulsed energy input to the cell then activates (switches on) a reactive instruction from the gene to the cell?
    (Its an electrical process, hence the presence of electricity in the specimen and it MUST be generated and therefore involves an energy input).
    What happens when the incoming energy pulses are outside of the normally experienced energy pulses from the environment and to which we have evolved protection resulting in our survival in our particular normal environment? (Applies to all species).
    Comment. Xrays in the higher frequency band than normally experienced in our environment tear the DNA chromosomes apart, also the microwave energy pulses that are in the lower than normal frequency band damage the DNA genes. How can you be sure persistent emissions from Smart meters do not?
    What do you know about material fatigue as a result of persistent energy impacts being applied to it ? You do know the DNA nucleotide pairs are material do you not?
    You do know asbestos, industrial chemicals, tobacco smoke viruses and radiation etc. cause cancer dont you?
    Could it be that all these causes gain access to and damage the evolved tuned “coding” arrangement of the genes that on being switched on reacts and initiates the cells production of the output (protein etc.) resulting in the protective survival effects and the propagation of normal cells being disrupted ?
    Did you know the nucleotide pair arrangement of a gene is “coded” to control the initiation of the relevant protein output from the cell? (Biological experimental knowledge)
    Is the Genes function and hence the cell now disrupted in function? could it be cancer?
    In this event of damage to the involved gene do you know how cancer then develops? I do and much more in relation to EMF induced illnesses and this all based on available scientific evidence and physics phenomena if ARPANSA members care to do the necessary research instead of relying on “Empirical Evidence” that constituents its on-going recommendations in regard to the safety of the emissions from these meters.
    Would you like to acquaint yourself with the information that scientifically reveals what is going on and why these RF energy pulses associated with the meters can cause all of the mooted illnesses or would you rather stick with the Empirical Evidence you base your recommendations on but have admitted on paper you should not be?

  9. Dana says:

    What justification is there for leaving cell towers on at night when there is so little benefit to the public and so much risk? The night-time is an extremely important time for the immune system and repair processes in the human body. Electromagnetic pollution has been shown to reduce/ interfere with melatonin levels (16 studies). Reduced melatonin levels deprive the body of the restorative powers of sleep, leading to sleep disturbances and interfering with the immune system activity and repair processes of the human body. Melatonin plays a role in the protection of DNA, circadian rhythms, regulation of blood pressure, anti-aging and is a powerful antioxidant. Reduced melatonin levels are an extremely serious problem as they are associated with CANCER. The women who get breast cancer have 1/10th of the melatonin levels of women of the same age that don’t get cancer (how often do you see such a big effect in research? – very rarely). Men who get prostate cancer have less than half the melatonin that they should have. Autistic children have less than half the melatonin they should have. Further evidence of the disturbing effect of cell towers on sleep patterns can be found in studies on the symptoms of people living near cell towers which show increased levels of insomnia closer to the cell towers.

  10. Rob Guy says:

    Has ARPANSA considered taking advice from a mental health professional on whether the Zigbee data stream includes pulse groups occurring at repetition rates close to the alpha and beta waves in the human brain? If so, did people exposed to the data stream show any psychological effects?

  11. Elena Brennan says:

    Wi-fi systems are installed and used in schools, with multiple wireless devises used in the classroom at the same time. Considering there is no study to this date giving evidence that non-thermal low-level long-term radiation exposure is safe for children, shouldn’t ARPANSA recommend against Wi-Fi use in schools?

  12. Steve Gregory says:

    It is my understanding under the CLASS Licence and the 900 MHZ band in which the meters operate that 1 watt E.I.R.P. is the limit. Given the radios transmitters are software controlled has ARPANSA independently verified that the OUTPUT Power equates to 1 WATT EIRP at ANTENNA given cable losses.
    WHY do some smart meters have an EXTERNAL ANTENNA which will have a theoretical gain of 2.5 dBI resulting in a TX output power >>> 1.0 watt EIRP.
    ACAM have refused to investigate the fitting of external antenna to smart-meters, in some cases even higher GAIN.
    I have it on good authority that the software controlled transmitters can be ramped up to 3-5 watts.

  13. Rik says:

    As there are reports all over the world that Smart Meters DO cause health problems WHY didn’t you stop them from being forced onto the public in Victoria and what are you doing to remove them as they are a fire risk and a health hazard or don’t you care about peoples health?

    Thats my question.
    I’m a sufferer of EHS from the neighbours smart meters so I cant get their meters removed. Its not just 1 neighbour its the whole neighborhood thats my problem. I live in the suburbs where just about every house block has 3 units so we have 3x the normal smart meters here.

  14. Paul R says:

    Ask them why they are completely ignoring peer reviewed research and evidence showing with complete clarity the detrimental effects of long term, low level microwave and radio wave exposure to biological organisms, especially human beings, even the most simple of test effects like with the exposure to the blood cells?

    Also, even though I am an atheist, ask them if they think they’ll enjoy burning in hell for their collaboration in the genocide of the Human race?

  15. ARPANSA only takes in to account thermal effects not biological effects. Many countries have conducted research to establish that there are harmful biological effects that can be caused well below the current recommended standards of ARPANSA. There is a huge amount of research overall in medical, biological, environmental and scientific fields worldwide that clearly shows ARPANSA’s safety levels are not safe and that the Australian research is flawed, inadequate and way behind. Why are they ignoring this?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Andrew Whitney and other readers,
      Methinks that ARPANSA is, I allege paid by the Microwave Industry to purposely tell LIES to the public which I allege to be the height of CRIMINALITY. They of ARPANSA have by I further allege been doing this gigantic cover-up from the very start of the roll-out of these accursed and dopy poisonous to Human and Animals and all of LIFE idiotic and far from Smart Electric A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines.

      The truth is that dopy Electric Microwave A.M.I and far from SMART Meters are extremely high on the now probable Cancer Causing List, as world’s best Scientific Papers are now showing every day. So long as ARPANSA are seemingly being paid Hush Money by the Microwave Industry and I allege to be corrupt Victorian Governments of the past Victorian Labor and then the Liberal Parties, and once more the incumbent Daniel Andrews Victorian Labor Party they are the Enemy of Every person in the State of Victoria and are willing Servants of the Black Arts allied to Lucifer or Satan !

  16. Maggie Adeney says:

    The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was shared, in two equal parts, between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”.

    Dr Devra Davis was the lead author of the IPCC and shared the Nobel Prize with AL Gore. Climate Change is now widely accepted amongst the general and the scientific community.

    Dr Davis recently stated “The evidence on the damaging effects of cell phone and other wireless radiation is as strong, if not stronger, than the evidence on climate change.”

    In the light of this monumental statement, do you think that the current ARPANSA Australian safety standards need reviewing to protect the future health of Australian citizens? If not, will the Govt accept the responsibility for future compensation claims?

  17. thelifedancer says:

    How can ARPANSA ensure it’s role as an independent advocate for public heath is not compromised by the very well funded advocates for the telecommunications industry who resist any tightening of the regulations?

  18. thelifedancer says:

    Why does ARPANSA still only take into account the thermal effects of microwave radiation when there is a significant amount of research that has established that there are detrimental biological effects way below that current recommended exposure levels?

  19. thelifedancer says:

    What is being done to review the regulations to take into account the proliferation of microwave emitting devices? When the regulations were first set there were very few devices, used exclusively by a limited number of adults who used them only intermittently, but now there is a multitude of devices (mobile phones, wifi, smart meters, cordless phones, etc} that are located in virtually every place where there are people, operating 24/7 and exposing the whole population, from before birth to old age.

  20. How does ARPANSA maintain that RF at low doses is not harmful, given the research of Alan Frey, Nora Volkow, Robert Becker etc showing clearly that pulsed no native EMF acts via the induction of voltage gated calcium channels, resulting in calcium efflux to produce membrane permeability including blood brain barrier permeability, upregulation of glucose metabolism, decreased vitamin D synthesis, and dysregulation of T regulated immunity plus many more documented biological effects.

    Australia has some of the least stringent RF guidelines in the entire world. Australia also holds the lead in neolithic disease rate progression in autoimmune disease (altered t reglated immunity,) heart disease (altered mitochondrial electron transport chain, calcium efflux leading to atherosclerosis) cancer (all effects) diabetes (upregulated glucose metabolism) and autism (calcium efflux, transition metal interactions with EMF etc)

    ARPANSA must acknowledge other countries leads in reversing smart meter by laws in the interest of public health by staying up to date with the electromagnetic research in biophysics and medical journals.

  21. thelifedancer says:

    Why are the SARS ratings for mobile phones not prominently displayed when they are for sale, and why are the the corresponding warnings, for example the distance the phone needs to be from the body to comply with the SARS rating, not placed in a prominent position with the phone’s instructions rather than in tiny print at the back of the manual?

    Why are the SARS ratings set for adults when a very large number of children use these devices and it is know that they are effected much more than adults because of their thinner skulls and rapidly dividing cells?

    Why are there no prominent warnings relating to the dangers of children using mobile phones on the phones, their packaging and at point of sale?

  22. Veronica says:

    No questions – just a “wake up” comment for ARPANSA that standards are irrelevant to someone with Electrical Hypersensitivity. Members of the community with this condition (and they are growing in number) need government recognition and support of the condition – and, more importantly, sufficient “white zones” around the country to enable sufferers to stay close to friends, family and their medical and other support networks. Please, ARPANSA, hear us!

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