Dr Karl Kruszelnicki gets his science facts so terribly wrong

Source: Dr Don Maisch, EMFacts

This morning (Sunday) on the ABC breakfast TV program, Australia’s well known science presenter and resident expert on all things, Dr Karl Kruszeinicki was interviewed on reports of dangers from Wi Fi and mobile phones. No transcript is available yet but to briefly summarize Dr. Karl’s viewpoint he saw no dangers other than heating (the old thermal paradigm) and actually said that the WHO had examined the issue and “found nothing”. For a scientist to get his facts so wrong on a nationwide ABC broadcast is inexcusable. Nothing was said about the WHO’s agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) classification of radiofrequency as a possible human carcinogen. Nothing about Hardell’s findings, just a highly public all clear for the telco industry and the government’s pro-telco policy.

Dr Maisch’s full response can be found here: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki gets his science facts so terribly wrong

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8 Responses to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki gets his science facts so terribly wrong

  1. Tanya says:

    “Resident expert on ALL things” or resident expert on SOME things? Listen for yourself and decide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVwtcGEPcSg

  2. Too many corrupt or ignorant scientists! Disappointing and sad.

  3. Tony Baron says:

    Mr. motormouth know-it-all Dr. Karl also thinks fluoride in water is good.

  4. Dana says:

    We cannot let this sort of shoddy journalism go unchallenged otherwise it will keep happening to us and the public will get no correct information and they will not realise there is a problem with wireless devices. We need to do a group letter demanding that the misinformation be corrected, that some of the research showing non-thermal effects of RF radiation be mentioned, and that a person from our side of the fence be interviewed on this subject (it is only fair that we get an interview now since they brought up this issue in such a biased fashion – merely representing one side of an issue is an obvious case of bias). This sort of misinformation from ignorant idiots is the most harmful thing to our cause. I think that such a group letter should be open to everyone to sign as these sort of stupid comments prolong all our suffering.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t need a group letter, all you need is one letter asking him to provide factual evidence and first hand knowledge.You are right, this does not help and needs to be corrected, otherwise this will keep on happening.Dr Karl needs an opportunity to provide factual evidence to support and verify any claims.
      The majority of the people don’t have the information they need to make informed choices, but some people don’t care either.
      Why was Dr Karl interviewed anyway?

  5. Hammer Mann says:

    Back in the days of the Second World War in London,
    “Careless speech costs lives,” was the message on the Notice Boards and hoardings in public places such as in railway stations and libraries and in doctor’s and hospital corridors and wards and shops etc. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, please take note !

  6. Sophie Meneguzzi says:

    Get your facts Straight Karl Kruszelnicki!.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is Dr Karl aware of the definition of negligence?
    Negligence has been defined as a failure to take reasonable care.A person is obliged to take reasonable care in regard to other people, where it is reasonably foreseeable that other people could be harmed by there actions or omissions..
    Did he omit anything that can cause harm? Perhaps Dr Karl needs to made aware of the definition of negligence.

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