Melbourne doctor fears link between mobile phone use and brain cancer

A leading Melbourne doctor is blaming mobile phones for an escalation in brain cancer.

Dr John Tickell has fought his own cancer battle and claims radiation is the link.

He says it should be a wake up call for anyone who uses a mobile phone.

Dr Tickell was a on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne when he suffered a seizure. A subsequent brain scan revealed five tumours; one was the size of a golf ball.

“It’s maybe the scariest words you’ll ever hear, ‘you have brain cancer’,” Dr Tickell said.

Now in remission, Dr Tickell believes radiation is a significant contributing factor to the increasing rate in brain tumours.

“There’s a million more times radiation in the air today than there was fifty years ago – that is frightening,” he said.

Some 35 Australians are diagnosed with brain cancer every week.

Christian Althaus, of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, said: “The exhaustive studies that have been done to date have found no link, we expect that to continue but science will continue to examine this issue.”

The most comprehensive study involved 5000 brain cancer patients worldwide.

While it found there was no increased risk of cancer overall, those who used their mobile phones were up to 40 per cent more likely to develop Glioma, a common type of brain cancer.

The 31 million mobiles in use in Australia carry a little known warning that the phone should be held at least 5mm away from the body.

Via: 7 News


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17 Responses to Melbourne doctor fears link between mobile phone use and brain cancer

  1. Beth says:

    This increase in radiation probably explains a lot more than an increase in brain cancer. My Dad helped design the first microwave ovens and he had some issues that were probably radiation-related, but of course, in the U.S. where we don’t stand in the way of companies making money no matter what. Thanks for the post – I’ll have to start reading what’s online .

  2. Laurence Edwards says:

    Dear Sirs, Mdms etc; I have been a concerned recipient of your mailing list for some time.–Keep up the good work.

    I also have been on the mailing list of the Sum of Us for some time. — They seem to have people on the ground in many countries, including USA & Australia, and among many other things, recently have succeeded in obtaining an agreement from the U.S.A. hardware giant Lowes, to cease selling the poison produced by Bayer that has been killing millions of Bees in the U.S.A.

    They recently sent an e-mail asking if there was something else any members could suggest, so I did. I have attempted to start a thread to stop Smart Meters via their site & sent a posting through to Twitter. — Facebook would get faster response but I am opposed to joining Facebook.

    The big thing would be if you could visit, and sign, here:

    This would be a good thing for the cause. Sum of Us state that if they can get up to 100 signatures, they will e-mail millions of people on their mailing lists to get behind the cause. It will also be a great opportunity for you to acquaint yourselves with them & try and get a bit more muscle behind your campaign.

    Regards, Laurence Edwards.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Great work Laurence.

      Please everyone, click on the link above and support this, and hopefully spread our message far and wide.

    • Paul says:

      Thanks Laurence, I signed as soon as I read the comments

    • Terry G says:

      Great idea! They need another 25 signatures. Please help.

    • Terry G says:

      Just 12 more signatures people! Please. It takes 5 seconds. We need to take every opportunity that presents itself to stop smart meters. Please sign the sumofus petition without delay.

  3. john says:

    Be sure to watch this 6 min youtube of a young 40 year old attorney Jimmy Gonzalez who used heavily his cellph from 2000 to 2012 and then was diagnosed with brain tumors, tumor near his heart aorta (because he carried his cellph in his shirt pocket that was directly over his heart) and also nerve damage caused to his left wrist from carrying the cellph in his left hand.


    Jimmy Gonzalez is an attorney who died last year of a brain tumor. His life-changing testimony echoes in our hearts.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Thanks for posting John.
      We’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this kind of tragedy over the coming years.
      I never have, and never will, own a mobile/cell phone.

  4. Paul R says:

    There are cures for cancer already such as the Gerson therapy. Dr. Burzynski is also looking for one independently and has so for years with some successful trials in an alternate way that ‘official’ cancer research facilities would ignore. The main way of curing cancer is to let your body heal itself by eating raw and whole foods while avoiding toxic influence such as electrosmog and negative neurological stimuli. That’s pretty much the basis of the Gerson method.
    The companies who dole out wifi devices DO know the harmful effects but lie straight to our faces because, you know, profit.
    It doesn’t matter who gets elected because the whole thing is rigged anyway and the elected person will be corrupt for sure.
    We are in a system of self-destruction and that is the dumb thing that those wifi-peddling bastards don’t realise. They assume that they are immune to the consequences of their actions somehow.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are assuming they are immune, because they are relying on standards that don’t protect and can’t protect.This is where ARPANSA needs to step in and make it very clear that no one actually can tell you what a safe level of radiation is.

    • Paul R says:

      I should add a note that the “Dr. Burzynski” research is controversial as there are claims against him being a shyster. I don’t know if this is true but there is a possibility that the whole ‘anti-Dr. Burzynski’ movement could just be a massive smear campaign because he may be onto something.
      I would just prefer to stick with the natural ‘raw food and enema’ method of cancer therapy because there is no chance of side effects if done right.

  5. Rik says:

    We have known for many MANY years that mobile phones cause cancer and ALL the studies that prove this have been hidden and ignored, Just like the studies into Smart Meters.
    The governments DONT want us to know about hazardous devices as they make more money from sick people than healthy people. The more sick we are the more money they can make.
    The governments are controlled by the pharmaceutical companies. If they weren’t, they would release the cure for cancer but they wont as it’s more profitable to treat someone with expensive, long term chemo, where the cure for cancer is a complete cure and its in a pill form. 1 pill and no more cancer and no side effects. Now where is the money from that? Everyone takes 1 little pill and thats it? THATS why they wont release the cure and why we suffer from cancer and expensive stupid experimental treatments.

    Exactly the same as why we have Smart Meters, its to make more money NOT to save us money, THEY make more money from us. They are also doing a experiment and see how bad they affect us. As it looks like what is it, 10% if the community suffers from EHS is at least 1 form and another 10% suffer in silence and go undiagnosed then thats a small price to pay for the governments. And again, they make us sick, they make more money.

    The people NEED to wake up and KICK OUT ALL GOVERNMENTS! Dont vote for 1 little thing, KICK THEM ALL OUT! Vote for the smallest guy that actually wants to fix things. Start fresh, new governments that are NOT corrupt and actually want to help people. Then we can get rid if these cancer causing smart meters, save lots of money and eventually they will release the real cure for cancer.

    The truth hurts. Governments wont want you to know this.

    • Cedar says:

      Sorry, I don’t believe in the 1 pill cancer cure. This is the first I’ve heard of it and I read a lot about alternative views on medicine. Where is this information? On the net? Tell us the site address so that we can see it for ourselves.

    • Cedar says:

      As Billy Connolly says “Anyone who wants to be a politician, shouldn’t be allowed to be one”!

    • Paul says:

      Rik, Where did you get the ‘1 pill’ information from?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The studies have found more than a link. They have found cancer. They can’t find a link in the future because its already been found. What they will find in the future is too disturbing to think about. Karma bites back hard.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here are some questions for Christian Althaus, of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association,
    Were some of the The Hardell Group studies ignored?
    Why was appendix 1 and 2 of the Interphone report published separately?
    The Hardell studies are the first to correlate mobile phone usage with incidences of brain tumours over a 20+year period of time, longer than any other epidemiological studies. They found a clear correlation between cell phone usage and two types of brain tumours, acoustic neuromas and the deadliest of all brain cancers, gliomas.
    Perhaps Christian can find these studies for us.
    The European Commission in collaboration with the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) under the auspices of the EU Council Greek Presidency organised a major workshop in Athens on EMF electromagnetic fields and health effects with a focus on public awareness, conciliating scientific findings and uncertainties in policy making.

    SCENIHR is, the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks.
    I sent a letter to the Chairperson of SCENIHR, Mr Theodoros Samaras, PhD Department of Physics. This is what i asked and his reply..

    Does the body recognize low level radiation?

    There are thresholds in the established effects of EMF exposure to biological tissue. I am not sure what “low” and “high” mean in this context. There are measurable physical quantities and “low” or “high” should preferably be interpreted into a range of values.

    When the body absorbs radiation where does it go?
    The absorption pattern of EM radiation is complex and depends on frequency, geometry, polarization, etc. The absorption can be local, regional or whole-body.

    Does the radiation go to certain parts of the body?
    Yes, if there is intention to do so, like in hyperthermia, i.e., cancer treatment with radiofrequency waves/microwaves. Then, it is possible to focus the energy in some area of the body. It is possible also to bring with special applicators EM energy/power to some body part, either in an intestitial or in an intracavitary way.

    Is it fact that the body will release vitamins when exposed to high levels of radiation to repair itself?
    Is it fact that because the body can’t recognize low levels of radiation that it won’t release vitamins to repair itself until the damage is done?
    What vitamins does the body release when exposed to radiation to repair itself?
    I am not aware of such an effect. Perhaps, it falls outside my expertise.

    The SCENIHR document states not all studies were used. You can’t pick the studies you want, you include all or none.
    I also asked Professor Theodoros Samaras,
    Did SCENIHR ignore Lennart Hardell’s findings?
    If you did why?
    Hardell has five studies why were they not used?
    He did not answer my question.
    Dr. Lennart Hardell published five more studies in 2013 – for the first time looking at over 20 years of data. The interphone study was a 10 year study.
    As a result of these findings Dr. Hardell has called for an urgent upgrading of the classification of RF – EMF from 2B to Group 1 – a known human carcinogen.
    The Interphone study has an Appendix 1 and 2 that were published separately from the original article. We all got to read the original article, but apparently the most damaging information about mobile phones and brain tumors is found in these two papers.. Appendix 1 and 2 show showed higher levels of risk for both types of brain tumors?
    Appendix 2 shows that there is a statistically significant increased risk (68%) of developing gliomas for those who used a cell phone for as little as 2-4 years and 118% increased risk for those who used a cell phone for 10+ years.
    Perhaps someone needs to send Christian all the Hardell papers and appendix 1 and 2 of the interphone report that were published separately. .

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