AusNet to pay $125 each to 230,000 customers for smart meter IT system glitch | Herald Sun

A POWER giant has to pay $28.75 million compensation to hundreds of thousands of customers with smart meters that are not functioning ­properly due to an “unstable” IT system.

The 230,000 AusNet Services customers will each be paid $125 with the problem not ­likely to be fully resolved until the end of the year.

The distribution company, which covers Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and northeast and eastern Victoria, will this month contact those affected.

Customers should be paid the compensation rebates within the next three months.

Other distributors United Energy, CitiPower and Powercor will also pay the compensation for faulty meters but only about 2500 customers across those companies have been effected.

An unstable IT system has caused mass delays in activating AusNet smart meters to remotely transmit electricity use data. Those meters are instead still manually read.

Billing accuracy is unaffected, but customers are missing out on services such as remote reconnection when moving house. Some are also blocked from signing on to retailers’ flexible tariffs that charge consumers for electricity according to time of use.

AusNet Services has fitted more than 700,000 smart meters. Of those, 470,000 are communicating remotely but the rest are not.

The problem is not expected to be fully resolved until the end of next year.

Spokesman Jonathon Geddes said the business was “working hard to complete the program as quickly as possible”.

“Due to instability issues with our metering systems’ performance … AusNet Services reduced meter conversions for remote communication while working to ensure stability,” Mr Geddes said.

Consumers were entitled to compensation if their smart meters were not remotely read by March 31.

“The Victorian Government has required we pay eligible customers a one-off $125 rebate. These customers will continue to have their meters manually read and won’t have access to the benefits of a ­remote communicating meter, such as remote reconnection when moving house.”

The company identified smart meter IT problems, such as overnight electricity consumption data delivery, last year.

It is spending $175 million on a fix-it program.

Karen Collier  



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12 Responses to AusNet to pay $125 each to 230,000 customers for smart meter IT system glitch | Herald Sun

  1. Melissa says:

    How do I find out if I’m eligible for the $125 rebate?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Big deal, 125 dollars. How much have they taken from these customers? How much more are they going to take? This will please the masses. Is it coincidence that the Senate is asking for submissions on the performance of electricity companies? They have to justify why, it has cost so much money. They also have to prove that it will benefit the consumer.

  3. Dear Karen Collier,
    Thank you for revealing in print the, as I allege – Criminal and ongoing incompetence of the past Labour, Brumby and Liberal, Napthine and now equally irresponsible Andrews Labour State governments who have failed in their ” Duty of Care ” towards the Victorian Citizens who have been used in this continuing unlawful and appalling Smart Meter Experiment, as Guinea Pigs . Please continue to make public via the media how we the public are continuing to be Lied to by a series of complicit Victorian State Governments who are at the beck and call of overseas power companies whose only aim is to extortionately extract more and more money from our cash strapped pockets.

    I allege that all past and present Victorian governments are the willing and subservient tools of Overseas Electricity companies who supply our electrical power in an ongoing extortionate manner ever since dopy Smart Meters were first introduced into Victoria; upon an uniformed unsuspecting and ignorant population. That a large part of Victorians were kept in continual ignorance of their lawful rights to oppose the unlawful installation of Smart Meters; was not our citizens fault It is as I allege the “Greatest Criminal Misinformation Scheme” perpetrated by a series of Irresponsible and incompetent Victorian Governments whose only allegiance has ever been to the Mighty Tax Dollar”.

    Henry Leschen

  4. Mr Anonomous says:

    On a news day that brought us so much terrible bad news, I laughed after reading this until it dawned on me that in the end consumers will still foot the bill. Those with smart meters will pay for the $2.4 BILLION DOLLAR installation roll-out across Victoria, they will pay for the additional $175 million dollar I.T. “fix program”. As for the $125 dollar rebate, well consider that a short term pay day loan. If you live in Tasmania and are reading this, Please consider writing a public submission from the link on this website, it will save you several hundred dollars in increased power charges EVERY YEAR if your State rejects the installation of “smart meters”

    • Anonymous says:

      The customer will always foot the bill even if they remove smart meters. The glitch will be an ongoing cost and then they will probably have another problem and so on and so on. The 125 dollar rebate is just a distraction from the real issue.
      The issue being that smart meters are not so smart. They aren’t meters either.

      • Lieutenant Jack says:

        That’s right, so called “smart meters” are micro processor driven microwave radio transmitter network nodes that perform private surveillance of individual customer habits within the walls of their own homes. And given that even when smart meters are not transmitting personal customer (habits and consumption) data, they still remain transmitting constantly on 24/7 basis, it’s clear that what’s been installed on private property is not just a device but a whole wireless network of devices with each individual device being a node.

        Yes, thrown in somewhere amongst all that is a little bit of metrology functionality which amongst all the above mentioned would hardly enable anyone with even a little bit of intelligence to even consider these abominable contraptions as anything even close to a metrology device. So you are right anonymous, “smart meters” are not meters at all. And the B@$t@RD$ behind this agenda have purposefully designed these contraptions to have an appearance akin to a meter in order to put this very lie over the people, but which appearance looks rather diabolical in my opinion.

        A “meter” is a mechanism that performs metrology. That’s where it begins and that’s where it ends. Anything else is not metrology and is not “metering” and cannot be a “meter” regardless of any deceptive name that some greedy and cunning B@$t@RD comes up with.

    • Anonymous says:

      First and foremost Taswegians, take control of your own fate and lock your meter boxes securely and do not fear any threats.

  5. Rik says:

    What about us who refused smart meters? Do we get a discount for not having this problem to start with?

    • Cameron says:

      The term “refuse” can be accusatory of wrong doing and you Rik have done no wrong whatsoever. You have only exercised your rights to object to what is merely an offer. Be aware of the governments and the Utilities that are making all manner of incorrect insinuations against fully informed and law abiding Victorians.

  6. TheBThing says:

    I bet they are using Microsoft for their servers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Big deal, they are going to pay $125 dollars and they will get it back and probably more. This should calm down the masses. They will be so grateful that they will probably forget what they actually have on their home. A possible cancer causing device. Everyone likes getting money. Is it coincidental that a Senate inquiry is going to take place and they are asking for submissions? Nice timing, the distributors giving back.

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