Greek Tavern Night PPV Fundraiser, Brunswick, 7 November, 7:30 pm

Stella's Flier

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5 Responses to Greek Tavern Night PPV Fundraiser, Brunswick, 7 November, 7:30 pm

  1. Brian McMahon says:

    I was invited by friends to a little cafe yesterday. I went there and and ended up immediately leaving the place. Inside this cafe was a smart meter. The table inside the cafe was right in front of the nicely painted and decorated meter box. When I opened this “box” I instantly recognised the dirty device inside with it’s flashing LED light. The table outside the cafe was just to the side of the meter box. In all seating positions, it means you would be drinking your coffee at this cafe being positioned literally inches from a dirty microwave radio transmitter putting a powerful pulse of microwave radiation through your body several times at least for each minute that you sit there. How can you enjoy your coffee and your company when your body is being violated in such diabolical manner. I am so angry that I have been put in this position where I have no choice but to leave venues such as this and the poor owners who are trying so hard for their clientele had no idea why after coming inside their cafe that I then left in such immediate and decisive manner.

  2. Brian McMahon says:

    I saw something that is so so wrong. I was driving alongside a tram. On the trams, some of the seats are back to back. So two young ladies were sitting in adjacent seats with their backs one against the other separated only by their seats. One young lady was speaking into a mobile phone she was holding against her head. The other lady who had her back to the lady speaking on the phone had her head only inches away from the head of the young lady behind her and from the transmitting mobile phone. This type of passive exposure should not be allowed to take place. The people who run the trams should be be made accountable for this violation of human rights.

  3. aw says:

    How Much would be useful? How Much?

  4. Brenn says:

    How many seats and which ones will be fielding a PPV candidate—is this information available somewhere thanks…..

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