Sofia – People Power Victoria Candidate

Sofia Telemzouguer, the Cheltenham woman whose power was disconnected over a smart meter dispute, is running as a candidate for Bentleigh in the upcoming Victorian state election for People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters.  Her number one goal, as a candidate, is to repeal the so-called mandatory installation of smart meters in Victoria.

Sofia has experienced first hand the devastating effects of smart meters.  Her health was seriously compromised by a smart meter installation on her home.  Then, when her power company refused to remove the smart meter, Sofia was forced to take matters into her own hands. As a result, United Energy disconnected Sofia’s electricity, leaving her without power for 6 months until VCAT recently ordered a temporary reconnection.

Moorabbin Kingston Leader - 1 Oct 2014 - Page #7

Source:Moorabbin Kingston Leader newspaper

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53 Responses to Sofia – People Power Victoria Candidate

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  2. Hi Sofia, I’ve been having trouble for more than 4 years ..I just couldn’t put a finger on it, but I knew it was power..
    Just the last few days I got onto power mob and was told smart meters in Qld.
    So I ask him what’s knocking the hell out of me?
    Had quite a talk with this guy. Told him how it was affecting me. That I could actually feel the low frequency that was hitting me.
    I said that the low and highs in the meter prove that I’m copping it all the time…..Slacked off a bit now, but for how long..???
    I live in Deception Bay, Qld. Come on to me

  3. Smart Denier says:

    WOW! Amazing scene this morning at my small local bank as I was withdrawing some paper.
    The people are aware of Smart Meters and they are NOT HAPPY!
    I happened to mention the words “Smart Meter” to the teller, whereby a conversation broke out with EVERYONE (5 people) in the bank. All were anti-smart meters.
    One lady teller had written 3 letters and was very upset that a SM had been installed against her will.
    One man was fully aware of the dangers and was not happy about his “installation”.
    Another lady teller, was very concerned and knew the mandate was un-lawful.
    Then a well dressed man piped up with… his wife suffered chest pains and couldn’t sleep as the SM had been installed on the bedroom wall – 500mm away from the bedhead. He paid $5000 to have it relocated.
    Another man, whilst not affected (yet) was most un-happy they had been forced down our throats.
    The bank stopped business for 5 mins whilst we all had a whinge.
    I mentioned PPV, our inherent rights and Common Law.
    As I left, 2 customers actually shook my hand! I swear this is all true with no exaggerations.

    Point here is, 100% of the people are aware and pissed off.
    My message is this… Open your mouths at every opportunity whilst in public. You’ll be very surprised at the response.
    It’s up to us to spread the word about PPV.

    Once again, 100% of the random people were absolutely anti-SM’s and felt our gov had sold us out to international corporations.
    I was so taken by this experience, I had to run to a computer and post this. I had no idea the anti-SM sentiment was so wide spread.

    I am now inspired to print 1000’s of PPV flyers (and other info) and take to the streets, shopping malls and anywhere there are crowds of people.

    Good luck everyone, we can turn this situation around – IF we open our mouths and take the time to talk to other Human Beings.

    Don’t feel we’ve been defeated – the people are not stupid, they are angry.
    It’s now time to unite and kick these globalist corporate politicians out of office.
    After this experience, I am now VERY confident it can and WILL happen.

    Lets Go!

    • Minnie says:

      I think we all need to print leaflets explaining to the people just what smart meters actually do, for e.g they can give you cancer and other health problems. No one wants to be sick. I know so many people that have smart meters and are now sick and the Doctor’s don’t know what is causing all these problems.
      I don’t think the people will be very happy knowing that they are paying for possible cancer causing devices and they probably will never stop paying for them.
      The people need to know even if half of them ignore the information some of them will listen as they are probably sick as well.
      I am sure that parents with young children would be very concerned. The more people the better, if enough people complain they will have to remove them. Now is a good time as it is election time.
      While it is a good idea to speak to people about smart meters, where do they go from there? We need some sort of system set up. Maybe a letter stating that they demand the Government remove the smart meter from their property. They have to be able to give the Government and order and the best way to do this is in writing. But it needs to be set up first.

    • Eric says:

      An experience like that goes a long way in confirming our own convictions about just how flawed and how harmful this wicked agenda is and how corrupt and evil these people are that are pushing it.

    • Paul says:

      Thanks for posting that Smart Denier, I’d say you have given all of us hope and encouragement. I run a small business where I see 2 – 3 people each day and most have not wanted to have a smart meter installed so, I hand out PPV flyers, etc. Keep up the good work!

  4. Minnie says:

    I have received numerous letters from the Department of Health stating that RF does not fall within their scope of office. RF Radiation does fall within the Department of health’s scope of office. So they are not lying just misleading. So i was surprised to read on the Energy and Water ombudsman’s website that,

  5. Sofia says:

    Thanks so much for your comments and kind words.
    I would like to clarify the statement from the article just to avoid any confusion. The interview was over the phone. I told a journalist: “there is an Order in Council that MANDATES the DISTRIBUTORS to USE THEIR BEST ENDEAVOURS to install the smart meters. There is NO LAW that the consumers should accept it [smart meter]”.
    Obviously it was difficult to express upper and lower case letters over the phone 😉
    I guess this was the reason why he misinterpreted my words.
    Thanks again for all your support.

  6. Sharron says:

    Thanks for being such a brave and intelligent representative of PPV, Sofia. I watched your interview on Sunrise earlier this year and was not impressed with David Koch and Samantha Amytage for their dismissive comments about your story – they have a lot of growing-up to do! Best wishes to you and your daughter. 100% support for what you are trying to achieve… it would be of great benefit to ALL Victorians.

  7. Eve says:

    Congratulations, Sofia on your courage and tenacity. The power companies use intimidating methods and semantics which many people do not comprehend, to make a threatening point. The letter that I received from Sp-Ausnet indicated that my meter was not accessible to them due to the padlock and “Hands-Off” note plastered over the meter box. I was advised that it was “Mandatory” to have a Smart meter installed, and if access is continually denied they would have to bill me for a meter reader to service my property separately. Meter Readers have to fulfil their job description whether I capitulate to their dictatorship or not, so these monies would be illegally collected anyway.
    I have heard from many residents in my area of the Yarra Valley that they were advised of the excess charges as well, and they are ropable. Something must be done to stop this greed by the “Dictatorship” , otherwise we will end up reverting to Stalin-style lifestyle before we can truly wake up to the snowballing effect of this behaviour..

    • Access denied says:

      Not to mention we already pay to have our old meters read by the meter readers = double dipping by the power co. and loss of employment for the latter. Also, we are paying for the smart meter (which we do not need, nor want) RIPPED OFF!!! Service to property charges are through the roof as well, blatant cash grab. Using LESS power but being charged more all the time. Stupid.

  8. Minnie says:

    These are basic rights that a person has to enjoy their own property, to own property and to go where they want to go.
    Illegally interfering with another person’s enjoyment and using their property.
    Repeated conduct that is not wanted and is known to all parties as offensive.
    This means to damage, injure or hurt

  9. mimb says:

    Congratulations Sofia on your preselection & thank you for standing up for those of us who do not want an AMI.
    However, I am concerned about your own health demise due to the introduction of AMIs and how you will be able to perform your parliamentary duties if elected. I am also concerned that being in Parliament will expose to a huge amount of WiFi “soup”.

    • Sofia says:

      Thanks much for your greetings. I am also VERY concerned about that “cocktail” of EMF.
      I guess will deal with this issue when time comes…At least they don’t have smart meters in ACT… why doesn’t it surprise me?…

      • mimb says:

        Hi Sofia,
        ACT ?
        You are not going to the ACT – you are running in the VICTORIAN state election so if elected you go to Spring St to the Victorian Parliament.
        The Parliament does not have to do anything if it is considered “too onerous” — take it from me (I suffer from MCS & access is a huge issue in work & school & hospital – especially when you are dealing with a condition that is not officially recognised).

    • Eric says:

      Mimb, surely Parliament will be obligated to make arrangements to provide Sofia and any other parliamentarians who are EHS with a “safe” working environment. In fact anybody who is even concerned about the “safety” working environment has a right to demand a “guaranteed safe” work environment.

      • mimb says:

        No, Eric, you do not unfortunately. Where that requires changes that are “too onerous” on the employer, they do not have to do anything.

    • Gwen says:

      Good points mimb, but I also heard that Canberra will not be getting smartmeters, (was it on this web site?), and so I reckon the “pollies” would limit their exposure to WiFi also.
      There’s enough confusion in their minds without adding extra with the effects of EMR.
      It’s just for us to be dumbed down and have our freedom completely taken.

      • mimb says:

        Canberra has nothing to do with this. This is a state election.

        • Gwen says:

          Sorry I wasn’t clear in making my point. I meant that if Canberra doesn’t get smartmeters because of EMR, then the Federal Government would be aware of their dangers, THEREFORE, it would be unlikely at a State level of Parliament, that politicians would want daily exposure of EMR through Wi Fi.

          • mimb says:

            The decision of having or not having smart meters in the ACT has nothing to do with The Commonwealth of Australia & the Federal Governement. It is a decision for the government of the ACT (two different entities).

            • Gwen says:

              Sorry mimb that you are not getting my point. The Australian Capital Territory is ‘HOME’ for Federal politicians to conduct the so-called governing of the Australian people.

              • mimb says:

                Hi Gwen
                The politicians – federal AND state/territory – are in denial of any medical issues over WiFi & hence the AMIs.
                BUT any decisions as to what canberra gets has nothing to do with the federal parliament – it is an ACT territory government decision as Canberra is in the ACT & governed by the territory government not the federal government.
                This is a common misconception that many australians have about politics in this country.

  10. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Thanks Sofia for putting yourself out there in the seat of Bentleigh to represent all those whose rights have been trampled by an arrogant and uncaring government! Sadly, Labour and the Greens are even MORE in love with the smart grid than the Liberals are. That’s why it is so good to have someone like you – FINALLY we’ll have a choice! POWER to the PEOPLE!
    By the way here’s an interesting article showing how Wi-Fi on planes has the potential to cause catastrophic computer failures during flights:
    Why do we need Wi-Fi on planes?? It is so nice to be able to relax and not be ‘connected’ for a few hours.

    • Paul says:

      Re: labor and the Greens. See my comment to Gwen above and look it up on the Internet and you will see why the Greens in particular want smart meters.

      • Paul says:

        My previous comment to Gwen was not published apparently because, like many of my comments it contained a reference to the UN’s Agenda 21.

        Agenda 21 is well known and its sinister side is to seek control by gradually removing our freedoms one-by-one (hence my response to Gwen). This is occurring from the local level upwards (i.e. councils).

        I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories but everyone should delve into this to see how, under the guise of sustainability, this objectionable agenda will affect them – and it’s been signed by 178 countries including Australia!

        • Gwen says:

          Paul. I first read about Agenda 21 from a post on this website. It was a video link to hear Anne Bressington,a Politician from Adelaide, very bravely outlining it’s plan. Frightening but very real and it’s happening because people that care or should care don’t know about it.
          The same thing happened with smartmeters. Rolled out before public could know the truth.

          • Paul says:

            Thanks Gwen, it’s encouraging to know that there are others who are aware of Agenda 21. I too saw the Anne Bressington talk and immediately emailed her office to let her know of my continued support.

            Everyone should at least look up Agenda 21 on the Internet and see how smart meters are a part of it. Also read how American activist, Rose Koire, is battling Agenda 21’s implementation in the USA.

  11. Brigitte Kerrutt says:

    You are talking in your third line of the first paragraph of “as a candidate, is to repeal legislation regarding the mandatory installation of smart meters in Victoria.” I have read the 60 pages small print. The text only talks about the relationship/duties between the State Government and the electricity wholesaler. The customer is only mentioned once in that the electricity wholesaler has to use his “best endeavours” in dealing with us. Even the ombudsman, on his website, is writing that the smart meter “is legalized” . In my opinion ithe smart meter is not law and a lot of other people are of the same opinion. Could you please clarify? Regards Brigitte

    • Steve Fimmel says:

      I agree Brigitte. We need to be careful not to be deceived into use ‘their’ terminology. If you use the term ‘Mandatory installation’ – we imply that it is law. However, the only real coercion comes from the Power distributors (although the politicians play along with the hoax outside of law).

    • Paul says:

      “Her number one goal, as a candidate, is to repeal legislation regarding the mandatory installation of smart meters in Victoria……”

      I’ll pay $500 to anyone who can show me the statute that says that smart meter installation is mandatory. It’s not!!! Although government and the electricity companies will have you believe it.

      Good on you Sofia, keep up the good work.

    • Minnie says:

      The Distributor’s have contracts with the Government, not with us the customer. They don’t want you to know this. The distributor’s were given an order, this does not apply to us. I spoke to a rude representative from Jemena last year, after putting up with her whinny voice and boring conversation, she told me that the Government had given them an order,
      I already knew this, the Government gave them the order. If the Government passed a law forcing us to have smart meters, they would be liable. They definitely don’t want to be held liable for a possible cancer causing device.
      If you ask the Ombudsman’s office what they mean by legalized, i bet they won’t answer the question. I was told that the Distributor’s are not above the law by EWOV. They aren’t above the law, neither are politicians. We all have to abide by the law,

    • Minnie says:

      The legalities are on the distributor and not the customer.We never signed contracts or agreed to smart meters. The people did not ask for smart meters nor do they want them. The people make the decisions. We have no obligations to foreign owned companies, we live in Australia.
      The smart meter is not legalized for the customer. If it was they need to show me the paperwork.You can’t force people to accept a potentially lethal device. They need consent and they are trying to get consent anyway they can.
      If smart meters were legalized, meaning that the customer had to have one, we would of already had our power disconnected or we would be taken to court or they would get the police to force installation on us. Why haven’t they called the police if it is law we have to have a smart meter? Why don’t they charge us? Why don’t they take us to court?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      The statement, ” Mandatory installation of Smart Meters should read……Microwave smart meters. The wording here of ” Mandatory” is actually an oxymoron. To mandate is to instruct or to ask that some action be effected or done by someone to some person or group of people for a particular objective. A Mandate is not the LAW and is not compulsory. Therefore a Smart Meter cannot Lawfully be forced upon anyone. To force a so-called Smart Meter on any person or a group of people is actually a ‘CRIME’ and is an act of Terrorism which is also UNLAWFUL.

    • Eric says:

      We know that the Victorian public have been fraudulently misled to believe they were obligated by law to allow installation of these microwave radio transmitters. Threats, bullying and harassment to the public accompanied what was nothing other than a blatant lie to the Victorian public and such harassment was intended to try and present a form of legitimacy to such a lie.

      I see this as a very serious crime. This is not just “a lie”. It’s much much more. The whole of the Victorian public has been lied to, not just by the private power companies but by it’s own government, but it’s much much more than that. This is a very very serious breach of something and I believe it really needs to be brought to bear. At the very least, any government that just lies to it’s own people on such a wide scale as this automatically forfeits their legitimacy and right to be in power, and that’s without even taking into account the harm that they have caused. There is a major case that really needs to be prosecuted concerning this matter.

  12. Annette says:

    Thank you Sofia for standing up for the people of Victoria and to PPV, you have my vote. My electricity distributor is also United Energy & they are simply bullies! I recently recieved a letter saying that as I now have a non-complying meter, “a meter that does not meet the current safety or recording standards for electricity distribution in Victoria”. What a joke! Safety!! How dare they talk about the old meters safety, when it’s very clear which meter is safer!
    This is another sentence from the letter. “Also, as you have a non-complying meter should a fault occur to your meter, either through a localised event or as the result of a network outage (e.g a voltage variation) EU will be unable to restore your power until a new meter is installed.”
    They are still using threats, it’s disgusting I’ve had enough. I have a right to refuse their stupid meter and to have my power restored if needed, it’s not law to have a smart meter! I still can’t believe that this is even happening in Melbourne! I have a right to feel safe & happy in my own home without being threatened by an essential services provider!
    Can someone please tell me where I stand in the event of a power outage, I’m anxious now, every time there is a storm.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stay tough its absolute rubbish, if there is an outage it will not effect the analoge meter. Electrical suppliers have been using the meters for years…there is no law that states you have to have a smart meter, they will use any means possible to comply so my advice to you is no….keep your meter. My meter box is locked and they estimate my electricity so my frovider AGL has given me an option to send a representitive to read my meter with a fee, so i opted to photograph my meter and send the reading to customer service via attachment. The reason for this option is that its not AGL sending a meter reader, but Jemena so i will not allow them to read my meter because of them changing it when i am not home . Stay with your current meter and disregard the letters you are receiving. Cheers

    • Minnie says:

      Annette, we had a power outage a few weeks ago. Everyone’s power went off, including all the people that still have analogue meters. Jemena fixed the power within three hours. They have to fix the powerlines, even if they don’t like it. They have to maintain their equipment as they have contracts.
      Look up their license and distribution code, You don’t buy your power from the distributor’s, you but it from your retailer. You pay the retailer and they in turn pay the distributor. The distributor has a contract with the retailer, to supply and distribute electricity. The retailer pays the distributor for use of their equipment, we pay the retailer.
      Who says you have a non complying meter? They say what they want and excpect you to swallow their rubbish. Can they show you the paperwork which states that you have a non complying meter? Can they show you the paperwork that states that they don’t have to restore your power if their is a fault?
      I would point out to them that this would be discrimination. It is also offensive and victimization. I would also point out that you regard this as harassment .You have not refused a smart meter, you have not consented. You need consent to be medically experimented on.
      You don’t have to have a smart meter, they know this as well. You have more rights than they do. Annette anything that they say needs to be backed up with factual evidence. Ask for factual evidence and ask them to put it in an affidavit.

    • Minnie says:

      Annette, if you open the letter you have to respond. If you don’t ,you agree to their terms and conditions. Don’t open any more letters, send them back within 72 hours unopened and write return to sender on them. Photocopy the envelope for proof. If they continue to send letters, you need to legally notify them to stop. You need to let them know that you find their behaviour offensive and it needs to stop immediately.
      Annette don’t worry as i already stated our power went off as well and i thought the same thing as you, but they did fix it they had to. Smart meters are not meters they are communication devices.

  13. Stan says:

    Good on you sofia we nead one hear in mildura to (stick it into thes foren power companies )

  14. Hammer Mann says:

    Congratulations Mark and also to Troels Sommerville,
    Of the Cheltenham Newspaper for this timely write up for Mrs Sofia Telemzouguer’s shocking plight that United Energy has cruelly put this poor woman and her daughter through. My message to United Energy and to the C.E.O there and to all of its is minions there is “SHAME on every one of you for being a party to wilful and wicked torture of this lovely woman Mrs Sofia Telemzouguer and her daughter. Every one of you deserves to be dragged kicking and screaming into Court to be tried for WICKEDNESS and BULLYING under Brodie’s Law for which when found guilty of these charges of Wilful Torture, every one of you deserves to be imprisoned by a decent and incorruptible JUDGE for up to ten (10) years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour.”

  15. Lu says:

    Well done Sofia. I look forward to there being a candidate in the Monbulk Electorate that I can vote for!

  16. Eric says:

    United Energy must have their license to distribute electricity revoked. Their criminal acts that they have committed not just against this woman but against many other strong resilient souls of integrity will ultimately backfire against them in a big way I believe, and in ways that they never could have anticipated. UE and her dirty sisters are the ones who by manner of their own behavior will have sown the seeds of their own ultimate destruction. Ask yourselves, how counterproductive is that ? I say that you deserve everything that you will get.

    • sdjm says:

      Here, here! Ausnet services (SP Ausnet) also need their licence revoked because they are in complete DENIAL of causing peoples homes to burn down in Kilmore district and fighting claims that they are negligent. How dare they!

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