Minister announces a safety audit on smart meters and health

Following a large number of complaints related to smart meters, Nicholas Kotsiras, Victoria’s Energy Minister, announced sweeping changes to the electrical billing system.  Of particular interest to Stop Smart Meters Australia was the announcement that Kotsiras plans to commission a top-to-bottom, independent safety audit to determine whether smart meters pose any health risks to the public.  This follows a recent review in which 69 per cent of the public’s concerns with smart metres were health related.

Link to the interview:

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114 Responses to Minister announces a safety audit on smart meters and health

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems very likely that the “independant enquiry” will be a whitewah. They don’t want to move away from Smart meters, just to “reassure” us that they are safe. It all depends on who you get to do the investigation/audit doesn’t it?

    • Jason says:

      No. I reckon it goes a lot deeper than that. It’s all about personal freedom and the right to determine what you want affecting your life. I don’t even see that rationality needs to come into it. If, for example, I WANT to expose myself to danger or an unconventional lifestyle, or take drugs, or do ANYTHING else that doesn’t effect others, who the hell assumes the right to tell me I can’t do so??

      It’s time people saw through the scam of ‘democratic government’ and stopped voting ~ as well as ceasing to pay taxes to feed the bloody thing!

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  3. geoffrey says:

    The “safety auditors” can be as “independent” as you like but THE TERMS OF REFERENCE is where they will obsficate the truth, by limiting what the independent group can and can not comment on. Just wait and see.

  4. Jay says:

    I’ve heard Kotsiras interviewed. To be honest he doesn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the shed. More and more we are putting our lives in the hands of these people who are ill-informed, ill-intentioned corporate puppets. ;(((

  5. Money Talks says:

    It’s obvious to all SSMA followers that the power play by Government and distributors is all about MONEY. ( for them not us)
    Time to fight fire with fire. So let’s all band together, put some money where our mouths are . Together, if we all put in $50-$100 as a donation, we could knock the wind out of their sails!!!!
    I’m talking major advertising campaign to expose the truth behind this disgraceful disregard for human rights, for democracy and for the health and safety of all Victorians!!!!

    • Ada says:

      Ok, Money Talks, you’ve convinced me! I’m pressing the DONATE button now!
      It would be good to have a POSTAL ADDRESS on the website in the ‘contact us’ tab, as then we could send you cheques (for those of us who prefer it the old fashioned way).
      You’re right though, if we could all spare $50, think of how much could be done – buy some space in the tabloids, for example, since mainstream media is hell bent on silencing us and suppressing the truth to protect the vested interests of their greedy owners (think Fairfax, Kerry Stokes and their share investments in Landis+Gyr!)

    • Gwen says:

      I think this is a great idea Money Talks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve already donated but will gladly donate again to get these pernicious meters stopped..

  6. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    The majority of Victorians have been lied to, deceived and coerced into excepting an electricity smart meter. Most were told it was LAW that they had to have one. This is incorrect.
    The public were also told that they were “safe”. This is also incorrect.
    There are all kinds of reasons why “smart” meters are not good for us.
    We must stand up and challenge the government on this dangerous act of deception by them, their associated gov’t departments, the distributors and their installers.
    The rollout of these dangerous devices will have catastrophic results for our future health.
    Our children will most definitely suffer the worst.

    As “they” are currently rolling out water and gas “smart” meters as well now, and continuing to spin lies to the uninformed public as to the meter’s “amazing” benefits (to which in reality, there are none), we must all rise up, get more involved, help educate others to become informed, so that they too can join us in saying…NO TO ANY TYPE OF “SMART” METER….PERIOD!..
    We can’t let these rollouts continue.

    • Richard says:

      For those who have smart meters, now is the time to stand up in unison and demand their removal. My neighbor just had one installed by United Energy two weeks ago and I have to now suffer for it. I am now going to demand that my neighbors smart meter be removed.

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Great idea Richard. If we now put pressure on our neighbours and energy distributors to remove these stupid devices once and for all, we may just get somewhere.

  7. Mick says:

    Hey, methink I’m a real simple ozzie mind, but didn’t Minister Kotsiras already tell us what the audit will find? He said on TV the audit will find smart meters are safe. So, if he already has the answer, why go ahead and spend our taxes on this audit? If he already knows the answer, how’s that audit gonna be independent? If he tells us that’s what’s gonna happen then that’s whats gonna happen I reckon.

    • Ada says:

      A simple Aussie mind may be the one that works best, Mick! I agree with you. I don’t understand why people welcome this audit or hope it will finally uncover the truth. We should take the minister at his word: the outcome of the audit will show smart meters are safe. No one can come across as smug and certain and arrogant as Minister Kotsiras did on channel 7 and 9 a few nights ago, unless he had already pre-determined the outcome of the audit that he was announcing.
      This is my opinion about the Liberals/Kotsiras’ conniving plan:
      1) Engage the likes of Prof Wood or Croft or EMC technologies and instruct them to spin their wool in front of the eyes of a complacent Victorian populace.
      2) String this out until election time, so as to give Victorians the delusion that something is being done about people’s concerns re- smart meters’ effects on health.
      3) Just after elections, get the above chosen and well paid pseudo-scientist with connections to the Telco industry to release a paper full of impressive graphs and statistics ‘proving’ that smart meters are safe.
      4) Backed up by this audit findings (that smart meters are safe – the minister has already told us so), the Liberal (or Labor) government will force smart meters on everyone, either by police intervention or disconnecting electricity supply.
      5) The hundreds of people with symptoms from smart meters will have to either live without grid electricity, put up with symptoms or leave the state. In 10 to 20 years time, when cancer rates in Victoria will be proven to be higher than in other states, Kotsiras and his mates will face trial, but for us and our children, it will have been too late.
      Sorry, but anyone who believes that this audit is anything other than a plot against Victorians and anyone who hopes that this study will show the truth or help anyone other than the government and power distributors, is a BIGGER FOOL than Mr Kotsiras!

      • Anonymous says:

        Think of all the squirming when people sue Government departments and energy companies when it is proved in a way that even they can’t dodge that we are getting sick and children are dying from the effects of Smartmeters. The present polllies may be out of power by then but know I for one will remember their names.”Only 3% affected” they say; Oh well that’s alright then. How many is that? A helluva lot of people and I for one don’t believe it will be “only” 3% because it is cumulative and I think a very great many people will suffer. Well, they told us cigarettes were harmless and the big asbestos producers knew that asbestos was a killer but they just let it roll on because they were obscenely and immorally making huge money out of it.

        • Jason says:

          What ‘squirming’?? These bastards have no sense of shame nor guilt. They’ll simply excuse themselves and blame the long-departed ‘experts’.

          ….and as for ” obscenely and immorally making huge money out of it.” one need look no further that the assorted taxes/duties/fees/etc. which you all willingly pay.

    • Chris says:

      Exactly Mick. He could have said he is conducting an independent audit to find out if smart meters really are safe or not. Instead he said it was to PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT SMART METERS ARE SAFE! Such a joke and insult. The way he puts it, it sounds like he’s going to ignore all other data. I mean just ask a power company with a vested interest in $$ and they will tell him all he apparently needs to know.
      He has just demonstrated his lack of balanced judgement and indeed the proposed “slant” on the investigation and its findings.


    • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

      Well put. Pse all, google “Barrie Trower” and be shocked to the core with what silent ELF radiation weapons are being employed against we, the people. In particular, be sure to learn how wi-fi in schools will be altering about 50% of the little girls ovary eggs, a genetic defect that willl be passed on through their mitochondria. France has removed wi-fi from schools for this very reason. What about our children and their as yet unborn daughters?

    • John M says:

      @Mick. “Hey, methink I’m a real simple ozzie mind” That Kotsiras could publicly state what he did and the majority of people not pick up on it, to hang him with it, says otherwise. It really is a sad state of affairs to know the majority of the public can so easily be manipulated by outright lies and double speak. When the audit is concluded with the predetermined outcome, there will no doubt be a much renewed chorus of simple minded parrots in the peanut gallery telling us that smart meters are safe. It must be so as the government said and now proved they were via a 3rd party audit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if you are a “simple Aussie” ; ) agree with you entirely . It was so obvious from what he said that it was a foregone conclusion that the findings of the “audit” would be in favour of Smartmeters. Government is so transparent; do they think we are all dim. (I suppose the answer to that is YES)

  8. Disgruntled Voter says:

    Any which way the “independent” ( yeah right) auditors want to paint it ,I know how smart meters have affected me and debilitated my health. The ONLY thing I want to hear is that the precautionary principle is going to be invoked as there is increasing evidence mounting which shows that chronic long term exposure to this pulsing microwave radiation is damaging to human health. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that!

  9. Hagey Boy says:

    Eric, that is brilliant. Please send this to Kotsiras and the media.

  10. Dino says:

    Sure they are safe. As is asbestos, thalidomide, DDT…

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Has anyone asked Daniel Andrews…”if you are elected in Nov 2014, will you allow the removal of Smart Meters, especially from those concerned about EHS (electrohypersensitivity)..?”

    In British Columbia, concerned residents are taking BC Hydro to court over;
    – mandatory imposition of Smart Meters without their consent;
    -the refusal to provide electricity to residents unless they agree to a Smart Meter; and
    -charging a fee in exchange for BC Hydro’s agreement to desist from the imposition of a Smart Meter as a condition of Service.

    Click to access CSTS_Response_Submission_Jan_13_2014.pdf

    It is worth the read because Canada is under the same ‘common law.’

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Daniel Andrew’s loves “Smart” Meters. No use going there.

    • Yes Elisabeth,
      I have written personally to Mr Daniel Andrews some days ago and asked him to please be honest, unlike the past Labor Premier Mr John Brumby who simply forced these now accursed, health wrecking and also proving to be Incendiary devices of Microwave and far from Smart Meters on the Victorian Public.

      I have asked Mr Daniel Andrews, that if he want’s my vote and that of the majority of Victorians to make a ”Written and Public Promise in the Victorian Newspapers,” that he will not only stop the Roll-Out of these now proving to be deadly to humans, but to all life dopy smart meters and replace them with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters stolen under the John Brumby Labor and now the Victorian Liberal Party under both the past Premier of Victoria, Mr Ted Baillieu and his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien and now under the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Premier, Doctor Dennis Napthine and his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras.

    • Jason says:

      But why the hassles? Disconnect. Going solar is cheap enough these days. Add a wind-turbine depending on location, modify your power-usage.
      I’m in my 60s and can clearly remember when most people (anyone outside the ‘inner-city’ suburbs (we lived in a paddock in East Burwood) managed perfectly well ~ if not all that conveniently ~ without any electricity at all. Certainly no hi-tech options: even generators were virtually unheard of.

      Then send the bastards a duly-composed legal demand for rent payments while ever they leave ‘their’ gear (meters, etc.) in storage at your house.

  12. Dan says:

    SUGGEST EVERYONE READS THE COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE. THESE ARE THE VALID VIEWS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE – AND WILL BE, AFFECTED BY THE MICROWAVE SMART GRID. GOVERNMENT POLICIES WHICH ARE SUPPOSED TO BENEFIT THE PEOPLE, ARE SLOWLY BEING EXPOSED FOR WHAT THEY ARE – BIASED, INHUMANE ,AND UNETHICAL. It is now becoming crystal clear how Corporatism in the Government is an enemy of Democracy and the Will of the People. A New Political Force for the Voice of the people is urgently needed – but also a systematic cleanout of unconstitutional policies in Government itself.

  13. Eric says:

    In the two news reports the Minister is seen and heard making the following statements
    1. I have complete confidence in smart meters
    2. I firmly believe that they are safe and that people should stop worrying about the safety aspect

    Well Minister, if you say you have “complete confidence” and “firm belief” in smart meters and their safety, are you now willing to provide a written health and safety guarantee that comes with legal coverage to all recipients of smart meters ?

    If not, why not ?

    Please listen to yourself. This is you speaking in the following reports is it not ?
    At 0:43
    At 1:09

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      The minister says “People should stop worrying about the safety aspects and learn how to get the benefits that come with smart meters”.

      Two things:

      Sure, we all stop worrying about our safety………Good one Mr.Kotsiras. That makes sense.

      “Benefits that come with smart meters”.
      Please tell me Mr.Kotsiras, what are the benefits? Give me one!


    • Concerned says:

      I would like to know WHO will be part of this “Independant Study” – wonder if we will ever be told before they tell us again Smart Meters are “Safe”.

  14. Helen says:

    Yesterday, I got a registered letter from United Energy. This is the first correspondence I have had from them since last October when I sent my registered letter of refusal to have a smart meter installed.

    Anyway, the letter starts to blah blah about how the smart meter is a government mandate and how blah blah they have addressed all the safety concerns.

    Then it states:

    “We believe all relevant information has been provided to address your concerns in relation to the meter installation process, although we will honour your request to not have the smart meter installed at this time. We have now, removed the meter at your property from United Energy’s smart meter exchange program.”

    It goes on to remind me that I may incur additional charges from 2015 for the costs of having a non-standard meter and that I can avoid these costs by calling them as soon as possible to have a smart meter installed. What a joke.

    Did you notice the phrase “…not to have the smart meter installed at this time”? I’m keeping my signs up and meter box locked. I think that while this audit is taking place nothing will happen but later on they may push the issue again to have the meter changed.

    • Eric says:

      What is the present cost of “having a non standard meter” ?

    • Paul says:

      Funny, I always thought that my existing analogue meter is a STANDARD METER. What have I missed?

      Also, Jemena cannot claim my existing meter as their property, as it clearly has marked on it ‘PROPERTY OF HEIDELBERG CITY COUNCIL’

      I suggest that anyone who still has an analogue meter check carefully for similar signage.

    • Chris says:

      I received this letter as well on Friday, essentially saying “We believe you are a paranoid idiot over nothing, but for a little while, until we figure out how to get around this whole Locked Powerbox issue you’ve thrown at us …we have no choice”.

      Overall its good news and a small win, but the threat at the end makes it far from a positive letter and hints at us Winning the Fight but making sure we Lose the War, which continues to be a big worry.

    • smart denier says:

      I noticed the registered letter was flying a UE flag/ensign/logo on a sea of commerce and was addressed to a legal fiction – written in all caps. In order to rebut any presumption of a valid contract between the parties, the letter/cargo was unsigned and returned as – Not known at this address.

      However, to remain in honour, I will be notifying UE by registered mail that they appear to have mistaken a flesh and blood natural human being living in domicile at the address for a legal fiction that they wish to contract with. As no lawful contract exists or has been formalized, I was not lawfully able to accept or sign in blood for their corporate correspondence.

      U.E. can choose to put my address on any internal list they like, just as I can put their company on any list I devise. I am not obligated to notify UE that I’ve changd my mind and put them on another list. Neither is UE obligated to notify me of their internal affairs. The only reason (that I can see) they would waste a postage stamp is to bluff that there is a contract in place. While there is no contract, there is no need to notify un-contracted parties of anything.

      The letter might say Merry Xmas, or contain threats, or even (in a major turnaround) contain words to the effect that they will stop their harassment. What ever the letter contains is of no significance to anyone who knows their inalienable rights. I intend to enjoy my property as I see fit, regardless of corporate endeavours aimed at unjust enrichment at my expense.

      Those that accepted the registered letter might wish to reply clarifying there is no contract in place.

      None of this post is legal/lawful advice – just my response to the registered letters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I got one as well.
      It’s the first letter that has been personally addressed to me and signed by a named person (Kellie Mayne, AMI Delivery Manager, United Energy) compared to previous letters which were addressed To The Occupant and signed by a department rather than a person.
      Apparently the post offices distributed quite a lot of these registered post envelopes from United Energy just recently, which is a good sign that many people have taken a stand against having a stupid meter installed.
      I also don’t trust what is being implied in this letter, we need to watch carefully in case some law is stealthily passed without our consent.
      Protect your analogue meter at all costs (but make sure the meter face can be easily seen).

  15. Dear Minister Mr Nicholas Kotsiras,
    Do you seriously think that we Victorians are a pack of fools to be so easily deceived into believing that your so called Independent Survey on Smart Meters will prove once and for all that they are safe? You have already Shot Yourself in the Foot when you make such a rash and unscientific statement. How can you reach a conclusion without first thoroughly testing the evidence?

    I strongly suspect that the survey you will commission will not be a truly Independent nor Truthful Survey unless you prevent the Spin Doctors of the Victorian Government from falsifying this survey to agree with your personally preconceived, biased and unscientific views.

    As a teacher of Senior High School Mathematics and Physics and one who is respectful of Scientific Method and the rigours of detailed and disciplined enquiry your reassurance is nothing but a sham.

    You are a puppet of the Power Companies and have failed in your duties as a Minister. Your reassurance to us the citizens of Victoria is an insult and you should resign immediately.

    You will eventually have to come before the Victorian Court to be tried under Common Law, for wilful misrepresentation of the facts and ongoing deceit of the Victorian Public.

    You are a disgrace to your office of Minister whilst you unlawfully promote Overseas Monopoly Electricity Companies whose only aim is to gouge money from many Victorians who are ignorant of the risk to themselves and their children’s long term health. This will come back to haunt you! We are not Muppets nor are we mushrooms to be happily kept in the dark and fed on the manure of disinformation and Government lies and spin.


    Henry Leschen.

  16. Solargen says:

    Most of the international scientific community researching in the field of bioelectromagnetics seem to have accepted non-thermal EMF effects for over 20 years. Only parts of the telecommunications industry and some governments and regulators, supported by a small minority of the media, prefer to cling to outdated science in the hopes of maximising short-term profit at the expense of long-term illness.
    For the last 20 years or so the balance of evidence has suggested that exposures to radio frequency, ELF and microwave EMFs at non-thermal levels, all well below the ICNIRP thermal guidelines, cause significant adverse health effects to the general population.
    Although the subject of environmental bioelectromagnetics has been researched for some 70 years, it still does not feature highly in much medical training. This is despite trends such as the overall cancer incidence 55 years ago being 1 in 12, whereas now it is nearly 1 in 2, and brain cancer is probably now the leading cause of cancer death among people aged under 20 in industrialised societies.
    Dr H.C. Scheiner in 2006 wrote that this mass exposure to non-thermal EMFs is ‘certainly the biggest environmental scandal of the outgoing 20th and on going 21st century, which will dwarf any other environmental scandal of the past.’
    The Swedish neurosurgeon Dr Salford has called it ‘the longest human biological experiment ever, and yet Kotsiras is conducting an “independent???” review…
    How long will we allow “them” to destroy our health, our lives and our future?????

  17. Marylin says:

    UE is sending letters to alleged SM ‘objectors’ stating that, ‘we have now removed the meter at your property from United Energy’s smart meter exchange program.’ (sic)
    ‘…This will mean that you may incur additional charges from 2015 for the costs of having a non-standard meter…’
    The letter goes on to imply that the threat of ‘additional charges’ can be avoided by arranging a ‘convenient’ exchange of the existing meter for a SM.

  18. James G Smith says:

    Here in Canada when a minister of the government says “INDEPENDENT” it really means of “predetermined outcome”. His review will find the meters to be safe even if they are not.

  19. Eric says:

    If Nicholas Kotsiras is going to commission a safety review, then the government is obligated to spell out exactly what the term “safe” actually means.
    And if any review going forward were to declare smart meters “safe” then the Government would be obligated to clarify if that declaration of being “safe” was forever or for a fixed period of time only.

    When I buy a new car, I get a guarantee on that car for three years or 100,000 km. I know that for that period of time or for that amount of mileage I am covered for unexpected repair expenses.

    Thus far the Minister’s own pronouncement that he truly believes smart meters to be “safe” has been without any specifcation of time duration. So any declaration of being “safe” from this next review, will it mean “safe forever”, “safe for 20 years”, “safe for 5 years”, “safe for one month” ?

    Does “safe” mean smart meters will never cause brain cancer OR
    does “safe” mean smart meters will not cause brain cancer for 24/7 exposure to pulsing in one’s own home 15 years post installation OR
    does “safe” mean I have only a 30% chance of getting either brain cancer, liver cancer or testicular cancer if I am exposed to the pulsing for an average of 12 hours a day and after 15 years of exposure to the pulsing OR
    does “safe” mean I will never contract any form of cancer ever from any amount of exposure to smart meter radiation emissions regardless of whether I have started developing migraines and nausea only one week post installation.

    When you think about it, you can never put a definition on what “safe” actually means. In which case, smart meters can only be declared “safe” if “safe” means……..
    No cancer of any type EVER
    No chronic disease of any type EVER
    No headaches, nausea, tinnitus, insomnia, autism, blood noses etc etc EVER
    ie. not after one week of exposure and not after 100 years of exposure
    No housefires EVER

    In which case if smart meters are going to be declared “safe” as part of any future “safety” review going forward, then any such declaration must ensure that a legally binding written guarantee of “safety” MUST be provided to every recipient of a smart meter.
    ie. a document stating that smart meters are “safe” and this is what it means and you have legal coverage otherwise
    This legally binding written “safety” guarantee must also be provided to any concerned Victorian citizen who asks for it even if they don’t have a smart meter.

    If such written legally binding guarantee supporting any conclusion of “safety” cannot be not provided, then the statement “smart meters are safe”
    is nothing other than a shallow set of words spoken into the air without any real meaning.

    • Jasmine says:

      Minister Kotsiras did not specify what safe actually means. This is going to be another waste of time. Can any one imagine the hysteria, if people found out how dangerous smart meter radiation really is? There would be chaos and mass hysteria. This is just another form of intimidation. Cancer can take a long time to show up. The truth about how dangerous this radiation is will not be revealed for a long time and by then it will be too late. They can do all the tests they want, it still does not change the facts.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      You’ve said it all Eric. Thank you. 🙂

    • david wilson says:

      Great, Great points Eric.
      Perhaps the question the auditor should address is not ‘Are they safe ?’ but ‘Would it be safer not to have them ?’
      The short question can reduce research to the plastic box; the longer question is more open-ended and needs to consider all the consequences for all those exposed to the emissions.
      Earlier today United rang me and ASKED!!!! if they could fit a smart meter to my house.
      I said they could not. It turns out now, it seems, as if we have the right of refusal.
      I just refused it !!!
      David W.

      • Mick Turner says:

        I hope United Energy and her filthy sister Jemena rot in hell.

      • Eric says:

        For all those good folk who have had a smart meter forcefully or deceitfully installed on their premises against their will, now is the time to SCREAM OUT in unison and DEMAND that these unwanted diabolical devices be removed from your premises IMMEDIATELY

    • Harry says:

      Is the Minister trying to say that it is impossible for a known carcinogen to ever cause cancer ?

      • Citizen for Democracy says:

        What a good point Harry! Looks like Minister Kotsiras does not trust or believe the World Health Organization (WHO).

  20. Steve says:

    I sent the following message via email to Mr Kotsiras and the media.

    Dear Hon. Minister Kotsiras, I would like to say thank you for requesting an
    independent audit on smart meters with a focus on health. Utmost care and
    responsible handling must be taken when announcing and conducting the audit.
    As we both know an audit is not the same as a full on investigation and as
    such could be very easy to manipulate findings. Its independence also became
    questionable when you publicly stated that you expect the audit will find
    that the meters are safe once and for all. Some people will also say that it
    is obvious that the outcome has already been pre-determined. Accuracy of
    information must be a prominent feature in the said audit as we are already
    seeing factual distortions and misrepresentation of this issue in the media.
    There have been no smart meter studies in Victoria with a health focus,
    period, particularly with respect to dirty electricity or RF. I discount the
    EMC study as it was performed by people who have a close relationship with
    the telecommunications industry and was based on measurements against
    ARPANSA RF standards which are for short term acute exposures. Also, ESV
    only investigated High Voltage Injections not health as was reported today
    in the Herald Sun.

    Being one of the concerned citizens who responded to your call for people to
    raise their concerns to a website set up by your department last year I
    request that the audit process be performed with transparency. The audit
    should be conducted without industry involvement and needs to include
    independent observers to oversee the study. This would include full public
    access to the study criteria and names of researchers.

    I would also recommend that Stop Smart Meters Australia be actively engaged
    as part of conducting the audit to show that the Government is sincere in
    its determination to seek honest answers. SSMA has a health register with
    more than 160 people who have registered a health complaint that they
    attribute to smart meters.

    • Eric says:

      Nicholas Kotsiras says………….
      ” It’s important that we get a third party whose got the credentials for the public to believe”
      Now who might that be I wonder.

      When he says “public”, is he talking about an informed public or an uninformed public ?

  21. geoffrey says:

    The real reason is that microwave technology is a partly controlled technology used by military and secret services for 60 odd years. There IS an embargo on information pertaining to the effects of this technology and they WILL NOT LET IT STOP!!! We, the men and women of this once great country must stand up in unity and peace and put a stop to this madness once and for all, both here and in support for our fellow folks overseas in a similar fight.

  22. Rob Guy says:

    ARPANSA has both the sole responsibility and the authority to pronounce on smart meter radiation safety. However, if the independent auditor is limited to finding that all parties to the AMI program consistently met their responsibility for effective management of product safety, we can all sleep a little better.
    The Minister is once again badly advised. Smart meter radiation has not been previously audited. Possibly, he is referring to a 2009 radiation level test of 40 smart meters by a lab properly accredited for these measurements. Radiation from each meter was within legal radiation limits. The test sponsor, DPI, wrongly assumed that the 40 formed a representative sample of all current production meters and declared all 500,000 meters “safe”. A courageous statement.

  23. Peter says:

    I have to correct the text of this article – at no time did the minister say that it was going to be an independent safety audit. He states categorically that it is going to be performed by a third party. This is not the same thing. It is a very important difference: an independent test is less likely to be biased. A third-party may be linked back to the energy industry or govt. that would not guarantee an unbiased result.
    Another issue I have with this announcement is that the minister said that the ESV had previously tested SMs for health risks. This is not the case. They were only tested for a specific set of emissions and in no way included tests against human health. The tests performed were of such a small sample and measured against outdated standards that it was far from conclusive or convincing.
    I would like to know if these further tests will be the same type as previously performed. Will they include any testing for biological effects of long-term exposure to the radio frequencies and power levels given off by SMs? Will other independent test results from around the world be factored in?
    I suspect that, given the previous statements and actions by this govt. and this minister, that these “tests” will be another whitewash to try to lie to Victorians to tell them that they have nothing to fear from these deadly devices.

  24. Dear Readers,
    Mr Nicholas Kotsiras must be aware of the deadly dangers to not only the Victorian People but also to the danger to all Life from the Electric Microwave so-called smart meters by now, unless he is deaf, dumb, blind and stupid.
    He Mr Nicholas Kotsiras must not be allowed to choose the Medical Examiners or the Radio Physicists and other experts who will examine the Electric Microwave Smart Meter Dangers as he is definitely biased towards allowing the continued Roll-Out of these now proving to be deadly machines.

    The world Health Organisation has proof of the deadly dangers of this now proving to be Corrupt and Poisonous industry regarding the Electric Microwave smart meters, in that over a year ago they the W.H.O or World Health Organisation published the facts from their own intensive research on these Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters. I have sent all of this information to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras many months ago by Registered Post. The W.H.O’s findings were, that these same meters constituted more than just a threat of causing Type 2B Carcinogens in Humans and animals but they of the W.H.O had even then classified these Microwave smart meters as Type 2B Carcinogen Meters.

  25. Phillip says:

    How about replacing the smart meters with a system whereby people can just take a photo of their old meter to show its current reading. If you needed to, you guide the process of reading the meter with a smart app on your phone/tablet device; the device could authenticate the time of day, and image recognition would read current usage and check that its the same meter.

    That would probably save: privacy, meter reading costs, and meter replacement costs. And the safety issue would be gone too.

  26. Rob Reiken says:

    WHAT REALLY!! Another one, & when this one also falls through for them to conclude no problem with them stupid /death (Smart Meters) we will still be fighting these mongrels that are hoodwinking the wider sheeple people masses. I know of a recent altercation with a Tongan man who had his No Trespass Sign up for no Smart Meter & installers came there and there was a heated confrontation. Anyhow he was to going to take it to court but instead they payed him out around $250,000 settlement, without going to court, which is a somewhat more than the $157,000 maximum for the Tresspass Law, that he could have received. The Tongan man took some time to decide whether to set a precedence or go to court, but decided on the extra cash instead. I get the impression they truly don’t want this going to court because of the attention this could get if it went mainstream, for then more to find out. So if many retain these cancer meters in years to come, will they, the political Shills look back & say oh, we didn’t realize the implications that these meters would cause health wise, which they sure well knew, lying through their teeth & are probably taking bribes to push this corrupt agenda as usual. Just to know Smart Meters being rammed down our throats & most have been sucker punched to believe they are law to have, speaks mountains. PS could we also have more (No Smart Meter Rallys) because I feel 1 per year is not enough?

    • Eric says:

      The precedent NEEDS to be set

    • Hi Rob,
      Very interesting account about the Tongan Man and the heated confrontation with the smart meter installer man. I don’t blame the Tongan Man getting upset. Just who the Hell do these smart meter installer men think they are as they continue to act as if they were Nazi S.S or Mafioso Stand Over Men. In this case trying by hook or by crook to force this Tongan man and every Victorian Private Home and or small business owner to accept these now proving to be Deadly Type 2B Carcinogen and also Incendiary Smart meters which burnt down a two story home in Northcote causing around $350,000 dollars of fire damage. Other smart meter fires have broken out in the Melbourne suburbs in a number of places and in the Geelong area and at my town in Ararat as well.

      Please note that we in Victoria have had a number of fires break out in peoples’ electricity meter boxes and in a number of cases I know of, and have documentary evidence for, of Microwave smart meter documentary evidence, burnt down a two storey Greek private home in Northcote and another two smart meter fires happened in Glenroy when the Haddon Dentists’ Practice had two occasions of smart meter fires which badly damaged the Electric Meter Box and worse still the electric drills and other dental equipment and ceiling lights in this practice. Then to add insult to injury after a second Microwave smart meter was installed to replace the first, low and behold yet another fire broke out in this Haddon Dentist’s Electric Meter Box and similar damage was done to yet a second operating theatre at this dentists practice. Finally the owner demanded that Jemena replace this second now wrecked smart meter with her old Safe and Passive Analog Meter or she would SUE Jemena in Court.

      Jemena acceded to her wishes and compensated her for the damage they had caused her two dental surgery practices and the money she had lost through not being able to attend to her dental patients she’d had to send home or cancel their appointments.
      Therefore gentle readers firstly use a stout Industrial Padlock to securely lock the Safe and Passive Analog Meter you still have in your Electric Meter Box/s and only then get up your Legal Australian Commonwealth Anti-Trespass Signs with the $167,000 Dollars fine printed on them.
      I suggest you get these signs laminated against the weather and affix one firmly to your electric meter box lid and the other to your front fence or gate so it can’t be torn off. Then send a registered letter or letters to the C.E.O of the foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area and others to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the incumbent Minister for Energy and Resources stating clearly that you refuse to allow a microwave electric meter to ever be installed on your property. These so-called Microwave Meters are DEADLY to not only your Personal Health but to your home and to your electric goods such as your fridge/s and or T.V. and or your washing machine and or computer/s and or printers etc.

    • Sharron says:

      I agree! More rallys and more forums are what is needed, masses of protest against Kotsiras and Napthine, bring this government to their knees I say as they are treading on water right now. No means NO!

      • Agree also, Sharron. we do need more forums and several protest marches; but one has to wonder, would the press, and media generally, do as they have in the past, and not report or give any publicity to these events!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope it is truly ‘independent’ and unbiased.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I have just received a letter from united energy telling me that if I refuse a smart meter then I will incur a fee for having a non standard meter. So I rang to get an installation done asap but united energy said that the company in my area at the moment (tennex) refuse to install a meter if I have solar on the roof. Since the solar was installed the meter has been running backwards. The energy retailer, AGL refuse to read the meter because of the solar and therefore are charging me the same rate of usage as the term last year as my consumption for this year. I have been generating power for about six months now and they still refuse to read my meter.

    • Eric says:

      Anonymous, please do yourself a favour and do not attempt to get a smart meter installed. This is what all of us on this website are fighting tooth and nail to stop. And any talk of fees is at this stage unfounded. People have been threatened with all things including fees. This is nothing other than bullying the customer so they can get a smart meter in. Count your lucky stars if you don’t have a smart meter and lock the analog meter now. The financials will take care of themselves later. Remember, Kotsiras just announced he is going to legislate so that the Power Companies cannot charge you for anything backdating further than 3 months. (Up till now this has been 9 months)

    • Solargen says:

      Did they refuse to install Smart Meter because you have Solar panels???

  29. Citizen for Democracy says:

    What a wonderful wizard of spin is Minister Kotsiras!
    Of course, this ‘independent’ audit is nothing but a desperate political manoeuvre to neutralize the ‘problem’ of smart meters until the next state elections. The Minister is treating us with contempt! Does he really think we are THAT stupid? Last night he stated quite clearly and publicly on national television that his ‘independent’ audit WILL find that smart meters are safe. This statement by the person commissioning the audit immediately disqualifies the audit from being ‘independent’! The Minister has openly and unashamedly already pre-determined the outcome! It is scandalous!
    He also lied when saying that ESV had already proven that smart meters are safe to health. In reality, ESV stated in their May 2012 interim report that “the issue of possible health effects was BEYOND THE DETAILED SCOPE OF THE REPORT” and in their final July 2012 report OMITTED the issue of health effects altogether.
    It has NEVER been proven that smart meters do not affect human health and, in stark contrast to what has been reported by Channel 7, thousands of international reports and studies suggest a high likelyhood that wireless meters have serious short and long term adverse effects on health. This has led to the American College of Paediatrics and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (amongst many others) to demand a moratorium on wireless meters’ deployment. This is also why countries like Italy, Switzerland and Spain ONLY use CABLED smart meters and Germany no smart meters at all.
    Finally, Minister Kotsiras tells us that “smart meters are safe, because he has one near his bedroom”. It’s outrageous! What does he think he is? A case study with a sample size of ONE! What’s he going to announce next? That peanut allergy does not exist and is all in the mind, because he personally can happily eat peanuts without problems?
    Fellow Victorians, do not accept this c**p from Mr Kotsiras! Remember it’s OUR money that pays for his wages and will pay for his comfortable retirement!

    • To Anonymous,
      You don’t need a Microwave Health Wrecking smart meter at any time. The safe and passive Analogue Meter you still have hopefully PADLOCKED in your privately owned electric meter box is perfect in every way. When the solar power comes in from the ambient sunshine on any day and you use less electric power from your home than the Solar Power from coming from your Solar panels, then the Analogue meter will keep spinning backwards. This will automatically give you effective monetary credit, so there is no need to go to a Microwave smart meter and go through the unnecessary rigmarole of your Electricity Provider and then your Electricity Retailer or vice versa sending you a cheque for the money saved as is the case with those people who have solar power and the Microwave smart meters fitted as began around middle 2009 and onwards.

      You are now in the happy or blessed position of not being worried by these smart meter installer men bullying you at the wicked behest of either the Foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area, or from this failed Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras who still lives in a little Dream World of his own and is constantly LYING to us the Victorian Public and to himself as to how SAFE these Electric Microwave Smart Meters are when he has not yet had any Unbiased and Objective tests done on these Microwave smart meters by any Independent and objective body of scientists and medical doctors and radio physicists who are entirely independent of the Victorian Government Spin Doctors of Lies and deceit and Telstra who are working for the Overseas Microwave Industry and the five foreign owned Victorian based Electric Power Companies and their overseas shareholders.

      Remember what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said of those who do not want to see or know the truth. Jesus Christ said, ” There are none so blind as those who will not see.” This applies equally to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the now Failed Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources who is in the clutches of these five overseas Electric Power Companies and thinks and quite erroneously that he has to “ Dance to Their Evil and Despotic Tune.” This is why he is a failed Victorian Minister and should be immediately SACKED and thrown out of office, and for failing to commit to his First Lawful Duty of Care, which is of us the Victorian Electricity Customers Health and well being.

      At no time has Mr Nicholas Kotsiras ever committed to his First Lawful Duty of Care which is to put the Health and Welfare of us the Victorian People first of all, before the gaining of Filthy Lucre for these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies. This proves to me and all sensible and alert Victorians, that he Mr Nicholas Kotsiras is a dismal failure as the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources.

      I say unto Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, “ Resign immediately Mr Nicholas Kotsiras for thou art a laggard, do the decent thing, resign for thou art a dismal failure and a disgrace unto thy office.


      Richard Leschen.

    • Solargen says:

      Add to the list of countries Israel and Russia. Media : Channels 7, 9 and the others will disregard your request to raise the SMART Meter concern immediately. They DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. just think: who is subsidizing them?

      • Chris says:

        Nick Kotsiras has a smart meter on his bedroom wall? I pray he gets headaches from it and cannot sleep and gets sick. It would change everything.

        • ken white says:

          Channel 9 certainly has turned a blind eye to the smart meter outrage. I wrote to A Current Affair describing how desperate the power companies were to install the meters before the end of the year, and the bullying, threatening, lying, stand-over tactics they were using. I added that as a retired journalist I thought it was a good story and well worth following up. It was ignored.

        • Sharron says:

          To be honest Chris – he doesn’t look like a well man and he certainly isn’t a sane one either!

  30. Dan says:

    The public concern about Smartmeters has the Government running scared about the next election! Why else would they proclaim Smartmeters as ‘safe’ yet try to court public favour by appearing to investigate health effects at THIS particular time? If Minister Kotsiras has a smartmeter on his bedroom wall and is not concerned about his health as he states, it would be fair to assume he also drinks Victorian fluoridated water, which was given to prisoners in the war to dumb them down.

    If the Independent Report is true and honest, it will acknowledge the Environment is continuously being OVER SATURATED WITH MICROWAVES to the detriment of public health. The microwave smart grid would be demolished. Can you see the Corporate Government, (or any of the main Parties) allowing that to happen voluntarily when there are so many investment billions at stake?

    This Report is purely to placate the masses at this time who may vote for another Party at the next election. The outcome, whatever it may be, is still in the hands of the Government of the day, and in that regard NOTHING HAS CHANGED. If they were really serious they would have stopped the roll out as a precautionary measure, but obviously impeding the roll out is not on their agenda.

    • Dan,
      Both the Victorian Labour Party Government and the now incumbent Liberal Party Government are a dismal failure as Servants to us the Victorian Public who are their Masters.

      It is this Victorian governments’ bounden duty to support the will and democratic demands of us the People of Victoria and not to cow-tow to these foreign owned overseas Chinese and Singaporean five Overseas Corrupt Electricity Companies of Powercor, City Power Jemena, United Energy Distribution and SP AusNet whose only goal in life is to bleed the Victorians already cash strapped pockets bare of any money. These five overseas Electric Power Company C.E.O’s and their ilk are truly a pack of robbers who need to be flung into prison for a minimum of fifty (50) years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour, for ruining both in the past, now in the present, and also into the future now, so many Victorian Citizen’s lives with the forced and Unlawful imposition of the Electric Microwave Smart Meters which are proving to be a Deadly curse to not only Human Lives and animal’s lives here in Victoria Australia, but now in almost every country of the world.

  31. Nestor says:

    I think this has the potential to be a white wash ie. – What they will do is a ‘claytons’ review finding what they want to find, and then use that to force the last of us (who have so far stopped installation of a smart meter) to have one installed. The only way around them doing this would be to find out who is doing the actual review and inundate them and the public with information.This way their ‘review’ will have the potential of opening up the flood gates for many who were against smart meters but thought they had no choice to get a say.
    I could be being too sceptical but I have seen this sort of Public Relations exercise before.

  32. Guys now is the time to go and print the bioinitiative report, and the summary of findings, and send hard copies to the minister. We are now primed to bombard the government with this information. This could be a great catalyst for change.

    • Eric says:

      Too right Dr Lamaro, and not only are we many in number but many of us are now much more knowledgeable in many areas concerning this wicked agenda. Maybe they managed to pull the wool over our eyes in the past but now we are primed indeed to bombard these people with the truth that we have and bring this now wobbling agenda down to the dust where it belongs. We have never been more knowledgable than what we are now.

    • Jasmine says:

      Dr Lamaro, have already started doing this.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Hey Josh, I clicked your link but my software protection thinks it’s a dangerous site. I’d appreciate other StopSmartMeter regulars to double-check the link too. Thanks.

    • Chris says:

      What needs to happen is that the report needs to be sent to the 3rd party that is doing the “independent audit”. The name of this 3rd party needs to be sourced immediately once it’s chosen. I doubt the minister will happily “pass along” any negative findings against his precious smart meters if you send them in to him.

  33. Nicholas marjolin. says:

    I suspect the Independent audit will be done by the power distribution industry. Sadly this audit is like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.

  34. Eric says:

    Will Nicholas Kotsiras independant safety audit address the issues raised in this document

    Click to access Part%201%20of%204%20Scan%20of%20all%20responses%20to%20AMI%20Draft%20Safety%20Report%20REDUCE%20V2.pdf

    ….including looking into the issue of smart meters switch mode power supply introducing dirty electricity on house wiring with the health risks of having that house wiring acting as transmitters of dangerous high frequencies.

    I suggest to Nicholas Kotsiras that as part of his safety audit he look into this dirty electricity issue quite deeply. I think he should be made aware that the electricity that we are being supplied with on our grid also is contaminated with (high frequency harmonic) dirty electricity. He should be made aware of the damage this will do to appliances and the risk to human health as already mentioned.

  35. Eric says:

    This is purely political. Who is this independant body ? If Nicholas Kotsiras was genuine, and if any further review was genuinely independant then he wouldn’t be using language saying he will prove once and for all that smart meters are safe.

    If Nicholas Kotsiras is genuine then he should halt the rollout immediately. If the rollout is not halted immediately then any process the Minister initiates from here is biased to his smart meter and political agenda.

    How ridiculous to say that we will review whether the meters are safe but at the same time continue pushing these things out and that the bullying and lies of the distribution and installation companies is allowed to continue.

    As part of this new review, how exactly are they going to go about it ? And if they do conclude that smart meters are safe, are they then prepared to provide that legally binding guarantee on our health (both long and short term) that many of us have already asked for but which we have been denied. If Kotsiras is not prepared to guarantee our health and safety in writing with legal protection then the outcome of any review may as well be published on toilet paper.

    And how does the Minister plan to conduct the review so that we can all be assured that in fifteen to twenty years time we won’t be diagnosed with a brain tumour ?

    If the Minister wants to conduct an independant review, is he prepared to look at the hundreds or thousands of non industry funded independant health studies that are presented in the Bionitiative Report 2012 ?

    If the Minister is genuine, is he prepared to look into the health issues that have have been reported by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people already of which he is well aware of ? How then does he propose to put any sort of emphasis on health effects with any review ? Is he going to commission someone who is just going to replicate the ridiculous effort of EMC Technologies ? How does he plan to test for the long term effects of smart meters by means other than experimenting on the population which is what has been happening thus far.

    The fact that people are having serious health issues now prove that smart meters are a serious health risk. Many here are well informed and have done their own research for many months and some for many years. We know that there is something seriously wrong here and that the health risks are real. We do not need any further information to know where we stand and that is we do not want smart meters FULL STOP. Smart meters have to go. Nicholas Kotsiras independant third review of smart meter technology whatever it may be will only be conducted with one intent ie. for smart metering to go full steam ahead. It is not a process that will entertain conclusions such as “hey there really is a problem with smart meters and health and therefore the rollout of these things has to be stopped and reversed” No way Nicholas Kotsiras is even entertaining that as a possible outcome. Do not be sucked in by any
    vote grabbing political strategies.

    Anybody who had a smart meter installed who did not want it at the time or who does not want it now should all NOW be DEMANDING that these devices be removed from your places.

    Third smart meter review ??? I say NO CREDIBILITY !!!!!

    SMART METERS HAVE TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our 500,000 votes determine who gets into power in November. Regardless of any government STUNTS, let’s make sure that smart meters are gone by the time November rolls around. We are the people, we are the government in a Democracy. If we have done our own research and we don’t want wireless smart meters, then there is no place for wireless smart meters in this country.

    WE HAVE THE SAY, NOT THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS OR THE CORPORATIONS. Let us dictate this to them. Let’s not just cease from purchasing the corporation’s products but if we have to let’s cease from spending any money on anything full stop and totally freeze the economy. Then let us see whether the government is prepared to start genuinely listening to it’s people.


  36. Sharron says:

    The article says it (independant testing) will prove smart meters are safe once and for all. What Rubbish!!! Minister Kotsiras has no intention of addressing health of the public as we already KNOW they cause harm, not only to us but to the whole eco-system.. and he also knows this 😦 Disgusted. My advice to him – Do your research! Read the Bioinitiative Report… and LEARN.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      He’s also leaving politics come election day, so basically he can promise eternal life and not be around to see it proven. Grrrrrrrrrr.

  37. John M says:

    Kotsiras says: “I think the best way forward is to get a third party to do the audit and show once and for all that smart meters are safe.” Hardly unbiased impartial thinking. In fact, it sounds exactly what it is – a statement of an expected forgone, ‘paid for conclusion’. Another white wash study not only to try and silence, nullify, and perhaps placate the existing hold outs, some of which it will never do, but, also to ready people to accept even more smart meters in the form of gas and water supply meters.

    And even if it was a truly independent study that actually showed harmful effects, you could bank on it never seeing the light of day if it did.

    In short, the message to the sheeple is: Get ready for more ‘Smart Meters’ that have now been proven safe yet again by an independent (cough) 3rd party study. More easily seen through BS bunkum propaganda with a few sweeteners to hide the real agenda.

  38. Gwen says:

    Someone mentioned that beady eyes were on this website. Did they get frightened with the idea of the people rising up and taking back our country? Is Kotsiras worried about a new political party that will defeat them? Or is this just show so he can finish off his dirty work by having the meters forcefully installed with police presence? Thanks SSMA for the quick updates. KEEP UP THE FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      If beady eyes are afraid of our dialogue on this site, I challenge them to feel my wrath at this cr*p being forced onto law-abiding citizens IN PERSON. Trust me, they would rather read polite conversation here than me an angry woman in the flesh.

  39. Kingfisher says:

    Ensure ARPANSA and RadHaz (it’s private stooge) is kept away from the investigation and safety of Smart Meters – CSIRO must be the ONLY scientific body to conduct research.

    ARPANSA has consistently shown it cannot be trusted and has dubious links to the industry.

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      And don’t forget PROF WOOD who is clearly linked to the Telco industry!
      And EMC Technologies and their ‘pseudo-science’.

  40. Gerald says:

    I mean… Do you REALLY think they’ll be determined *unsafe*??

  41. Gerald says:

    GUARANTEED that this “Top To Bottom” review will determine they’re completely SAFE, and that this so called investigation will form the basis for legislatively *compulsory* installations. Have seen this ploy coming from a mile away…..

  42. Mark Shaw says:

    Rather than a “top-to-bottom” independent audit to determin safety issues with smart meters, why not have a “top-to-bottom” audit of auditors to determin the conflict of interest with existing studies on the effects of RF energy on the human nervous system.

    • Chris says:

      or how about a review of the LAW Mark, to see if what they have done is LEGAL!! Maybe that’s the kind of review he should be doing! The outcome might be that we get a choice!

  43. Jo says:

    Not before time. My quarterly bill is now $1100 from $600 and I have reduced all I can in the house. I have a Coonara instead of ducted heating. I have demanded an off peak metre so I only do washing after 11pm or on weekends and yet the bill has doubled. Go figure !

  44. Anf says:

    Do you really believe what comes out of the mouths of a pollie and who is going to do this independent safety audit to determine whether smart meters pose any health risks to the public. What the liberal party in house and maybe they might get some labour & greens members to join them and fabricate some BS yeah right.and in the mean time are they going to stop the dumb meter roll out not in your life???

  45. Steve says:

    Amazing how Nicholas Kotsiras can now say he will get an independent reassessment done again to prove once and for all that smart meters are safe . We , ( all Victorians ) , have paid, or are still paying more than $400,000 for a previous audit carried out by The Victorian Auditor General . Here is the link so everyone can see what the auditor recommended , and how the findings have been ignored .
    The Victorian Auditor-General in 2009 tabled a report in Parliament regarding the roll-out of Smart Meters and it can be found here:
    We all know that the smart meters are a health hazard and a fire hazard , and the government has illegally mandated the roll out by not including all Victorians in the decision making .The government now realizes that we , Victorians , are fed up of their lies and deceit and they will be replaced at the next election for selling us out , and selling our assets to China , and to whoever they are told sell to. It is time for Australians to take back our country, and we can start at the next election , and vote for a new party , a party that will represent the people , a party that will uphold our will , the will of We The People , and our Australian Constitution 1900-1

  46. Paul says:

    This is just paying lip service to the Victorian public. Kotsiras does not care one iota. I don’t believe anything will come of it, especially since he will be out of politics either before or at the next election.

  47. Chris says:

    I welcome this announcement. I really do. for a second it made me excited even. but lets just look at what this is really about.

    so when smart meters are proven to be unsafe and cause health issues after this independent safety audit, do you really think the government will say “whoops sorry, we were wrong, we will spend 3.4 billion pulling them back out of homes and giving you back your analog meter. Oh and whilst we are accepting blame, seeing as we made it COMPULSORY for everyone to have something that is unsafe and causing many ppl to get sick, you can therefore hold us directly liable for injury and sue us also.”

    if you think this will happen you are delirious.

    this whole thing is an exercise in silencing the masses. it will be MADE SURE that the results show there is no proof of problems, or at the very best that it is “too early to tell…inconclusive evidence”. So Kotsiras can therefore just continue to push on forward. Its so obvious.

  48. shas & mike says:

    yes but did you notice he said that the enquiry is so the public can see that smart meters are nothing to be afraid of that says to me he already knows the outcome I don’t trust or believe him

  49. Don Maisch says:

    Watch the almighty spin on this one! Note that the supposed safety audit is being done “to show once and for all that smart meters are safe”. So, the ‘brief’ given to the supposed independent third party is set. Show that smart meters are safe. FULL STOP. Is this how science works in Victoria nowadays? Who can safely be relied upon to do this preordained white washed research for the government? Obviously the folks at ACEBR or the Bioelectromagnetics group at Swinbourne University, both with a proven white wash track record, assisted by Telstra of course.

    I certainly will be following this one closely…….

    Don Maisch

  50. Jack says:

    “I think the best way forward is to get a third party to do the audit and show once and for all that smart meters are safe.” – what an amazing power Kotsiras has – the ability to predict the future.
    So who is the 3rd party and exactly how will they determine the safety or otherwise of smart meters?
    And if they come back with a “smart meter emissions fall well with in the Australian Standards” it will be clear that this is just an exercise in propaganda. Given the track record of both the current and previous government I think it’ll be just that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree absolutely. It will be just an exercise in looking as though they are doing something serious while all the time it is a foregone conclusion that they will find what they want to find and ignore anything that clashes with them.

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