The Victorian Government continues to disregard the rights and will of tens of thousands Victorians.

Stop Smart Meters Australia has learnt that an amendment has been created to the Victorian Government Gazette Order in Council, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, extending the smart meter mandate beyond 2013.  This new clause, 14AA Continuation of remotely read interval meter rollout, can be found at:

14AA.2 Continuation of Rollout states:

“Subject to clause 14.3 and to the extent practicable, commencing from 1 January 2014 each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a complying remotely read interval meter for all of the metering installations for customers with annual electricity consumption of 160 MWh or less for which it is the responsible person on 31 December 2013 and for which there was not a complying remotely read interval meter as at 31 December 2013.”

Distributors are required to report to the Victorian government on or before 31 March 2014 the number of installations which were outstanding as of 31 December 2013.

Obviously the so-called Liberal Victorian government is keen for power distributors to continue bullying and threatening residents to accept and pay for meters they do not want nor need! 

Stop Smart Meters Australia reminds everyone that people cannot be forced to accept a smart meter against their will and conscience, and that there is no law which stipulates people have to accept a smart meter.  Power distributors only need to use their “best endeavours”.

This means we all need to continue to demand our rights, and, most importantly, those with analogue meters need to continue to defend them!

With the blessing of the Napthine Government, expect power distributors to continue their threats and bullying tactics – and remember, keep your meter box locked!

Enough is enough, it’s time to raise the stakes.  The government should no longer be able to get away with this, and with an Opposition siding completely with the government, it’s time to hit them where it hurts – the ballot box.

Stay tuned – as a response to growing public concern with how the Victorian public are being treated by essential service corporations and government departments, and in particular their disdain towards customer’s rights to cost-effective, safe, and privacy-protected services, a new political force is being created to fight for the human and democratic rights of all Victorians.

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  2. John V says:

    Have also just received my registered letter saying that I am off their installation list. Now I’ll start on the harassment regarding these extra charges. This should be fun.

  3. rastastic says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know I received a registered letter from United Energy letting me know they acknowledge my refusal of the smart meter and that I am off their installation list. They do inform me that there will be extra charges in 2015, but as of now I will no longer be targeted for any further installations.

    Pretty cool, I only had to refuse once in 2012 and they haven’t bothered me since which is weird. But now that I don’t need to worry about any sneaky operations it’s even better.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Beware – they could be up to something. They phoned me one day after I received my registered letter to ask if I will allow installation. I politely answered saying there must be a communication problem at their end since I received their confirmation of my refusal the day before. Sneaky rats!

    • Eric says:

      You could register your refusal for “extra charges” and see what their response is. Get them to clarify exactly what those charges are.

      How ridiculous is this to tell a customer that in one years time there will be extra charges although we can’t actually tell you
      1. If there actually will be charges because we don’t know
      2. What those charges actually are
      3. Whether those charges are legal or not
      4. How much those charges will be
      5. What do they mean by “extra” and how do they justify “extra”

      Sounds like a good case for expressing refusal to pay or your “non consent” to any such “charges” right now.

      They won’t have anything to come back with because they are non existent charges. Then whatever rubbish they do come back with, can be used against them legally.

  4. Steve says:

    We should start the Smart Party ! we have the web site right here !!

    • Well said Steve; an excellent idea!! So come on SSMA what is happening on the new political force front (re- your blog)? We need to get this happening very soon if it’s going to happen; a reminder the election is in November!! I am certainly happy to do my bit to help.

  5. Peter Allan says:

    Good on you SSMA – enough is enough. It is indeed time for a new political force to campaign against these devices but also on strengthening democracy, personal liberties/civil rights/freedoms; against government interference and the expanding “nanny state”. It’s about time a true party of the people now stands up for Victorians!!! Bring on the State Election and really show the existing ‘old’ parties they are out of touch and should just simply..go!!

  6. Happy Dissenter says:

    Just had a guy turn up to my place ( lost count how many times someone has been out ) and he met my husband at our locked gate who has the lowdown on what to say. The guy spun his spiel about us having our power cut off, which hubby retorted that since our obligations are being met with the power company that was a false statement…So there were a few more examples of argy-bargy threats from him “This is what will happen to you next, yadda yadda.” He wanted to photograph our meter box, hubby said “NO”. Then he left. Stand your ground citizens who still have their analogues. Cheers.

  7. Sharron says:

    I would say more like hundred’s of thousands. The true number of refusals has not been confirmed and don’t forget those home owners who had their analogue meters stolen from their property without consent. That amounts to quite a large number of votes away from the Napthine government…bring it on, but don’t make the mistake of voting in Labor or Greens!

    • AK47 says:

      My retailer has told me that if I ring in with a meter reading prior to the 7-day period the meter reader is due, they can avoid sending the meter reader and use my reading instead. Two weeks ago I rang during the reading period and they said it was too late to avoid the meter reader coming, so I’ll see if it works next time.
      This way I can avoid the trouble of taking dated photos and emailing them in, although that still is my Plan B.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        To AK47,
        Hi I do this every week and send in the details on my computer to Power Shop in New Zealand who are my latest Electric Energy Retailers. Now the Electric Power costs me far less than with the old Australian Retailer and I give the correct readings to them, my being an old Electric Meter Reader Man from way-back. Seems the New Zealanders trust me but not Powercor. Strange that and sad as well.

  8. John V says:

    It appears that the solution may well reside in the old fashioned “Civil Disobedience” creed. If everyone installs a Faraday Cage around the meter, then it cannot communicate with it’s “owner” nor with other meters in the near vicinity. Then everyone takes a photo of the meter with a date and time stamp clearly shown, sends it to the company and demands that a bill be issued immediately for the power consumed. If the company disputes the photo and reading, then demand that the meter be read by a meter reader by appointment ONLY.

    • AK47 says:

      Would you be kind enough to give us detailed instructions on how to install a Faraday Cage, please? And does it need to be earthed?

      • John V. says:

        Not withstanding the probability that the “smart” meter will try and connect, if the Faraday cage is around the meter (back front and sides, AND it is NOT touching the meter in ANY way, then it can do its damnedest to broadcast all it likes. Yes the cage must be earthed and you should ensure that it has a separate earth to that of the power supply. A piece of copper rod 12mm in diameter or a length of gal water pipe driven at least 400mm into the ground with good quality copper wire attached firmly to the cage and the earthing rod will do the trick. Make the cage out of at least two thicknesses of aluminium or brass flyscreen. Allow for the front panel to swing open so as to allow “unfettered access” to the meter. If anyone tells you to remove it, simply say that it is your property, the meter box is your property and that they are welcome to take a very long walk off a very short pier and take their “smart” meter with them. Knowing that these things are manufactured to a price and not a standard it is likely that as it tries to connect at full power it will inevitably kark it and just die. The idea is to cost the foreign owned companies more money than they will re-coup.

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Yea to all of that good advice John V.
          In time these five Electric Power Company C.E.O’s might get someone to shove their Deadly to Humans and Animals and All of Life dopy and far from Smart Meters where the SUN DON’T SHINE !

    • Chris says:

      Keep in mind, that from my testing the Cancer Meters have discreet control over the radiation they pump out. And the more that you try and “stop” the meter from talking to its destination, the higher it cranks up the radiation signal to try and fight to get the signal back to home base. So when you put Faraday cage (eg wrap the power box in aluminium foil or aluminium netting) the more you will be subjecting yourself inside the house to radiation. Eventually the smart meter will be peaking at its highest transmitting level, and only then if you are able to stop this signal will you be successful at avoiding a reading being made. But the radiation being put out by the cancer meter will be many times the usual amount because it is struggling to get a signal out and “doing its best”.

      Mobile phones do this also. So you will notice if you go out to the country where the repeater stations are a further distance, your mobile phone battery will go flat faster. This is because the phone needs to supply more juice to its transmitter to get a signal to the tower.

      I have witnessed this on an RF meter with the cancer meters myself.

      So insulate inside your house as well as outside if you plan on trying this ok!

  9. Vasili says:

    Quite a number of Jemena installers were spotted in the Niddrie/Airport West area today Tue 21/01/14. A pair of installers spent a bit of time doing smart meter installations on a block of units. One of the installers looked very much like that rogue “Frank Sinatra” featured on A Current Affair and who abused Darren when doing installations for United Energy in Highett. What a nice job fit he would be for such thuggish organisations as Jemena / Servicestream. To be confirmed if it is him or not.

    Airport West, Niddrie, Essendon, Keilor, East Keilor residents please LOCK UP your meter boxes as Jemena are rampant there right now.

  10. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Why should the Victorian government have access to the details of all households who do not have a smart meter?! It is preposterous! This is NOT a surveillance state, we are in Australia here! Hope you’re reading this Dr Napthine!

    • Paul says:

      Sorry, but this is already a police/surveillance state. When you think about it, all of our liberties, rights, etc have been SLOWLY taken away from us over time.
      By the way, either directly or indirectly, Dennis Napthine will be reading this. So, watch for the next exciting episode at this year’s state election. SSMA MEMBERS WILL NOT FORGET!

      • Stef says:

        Sure AS HELL WONT FORGET, especially ALL the families who have been treated like a door mat. Their Right to say NO to having a s/meter ignored and was forced on THEIR HOMES anyway, Show me someone who has any guts to do the RIGHT THING for the people of Victoria..

        • Concerned says:

          All the pollies are only in office for a short time. They come and they go, with their huge pay-outs, and don’t give a stuff about anyone, especially the folk who voted for them.
          We will have to wait and see what happens come next election – God forbid!!!!!

          • Chris says:

            Exactly right. they come in and wreck the place, take advantage as much as they can whilst in office, take their back-door “bonus” money from the power companies for pushing evil legislation through and then are booted out, leaving a mess behind. But most importantly, their fat pockets are stuffed.

    • Jasmine says:

      Maybe they are going to paint signs on our houses, or tattoo our forehead or wrists.. Maybe then we will be moved into ghettos and transported somewhere else. This is just an intimidation tactic and it seems to be working. They would already have our addresses and names or numbers. They must be desperate to resort to this kind of behaviour. The first smart meter installer that came to my home told me he had all my information in his paperwork. So who cares, they know where I live. Just another game by people that have nothing better to do than cause trouble. They know we don’t have to have a smart meter, they just don’t know what to do about it. They have to now tread lightly as there is an election. So they use subtle intimidation tactics, such as we will have your personal details. They already have. Every time I have refused they write it down in their notebook.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        These absolute BUMS of C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies and the two Kiss Arse Lick Spittle Victorian Labor and Liberal Party Officers for Victorian Energy and Resources Ministers both past and present are not old enough to have lived through the Second World War and the bombing of London, my home back in 1939 to 1945 where I lived in Wimbledon and also in the East End of London. We got bombed to bits,

        I was one lucky survivor of the Second World War. Now we have the five Electric Power Companies bombing us to bits with their Stinking Filthy Electric Microwave Radiation and dopy ARPANSA and the N.B.N Company officers supporting all of this RAPE on us the people of Victoria. Those in Power and supporting all of this Evil need to be imprisoned for the terms of their natural lives as this is the Height of Wickedness, and for what ?, to steal ever more money from out already Cash Strapped Pockets and poison us 24 hours a day for 365 days a year with Microwave Radiation. To Hell with all of you tied to these wicked and Rapinely Greedy Industries, I allege you all to be SERVANTS OF SATAN !

    • Hammer Mann says:

      It’s just as bad in a lot of America right now, but the good news is that the Yanks are hitting back hard and so are the Canadians as well. Ten States in Canada have banned the dopy Electric Microwave and far for Smart Carcinogen Meters as well as 154 towns in America and more banning this Electronic Filth each day. Let’s see all of these so-called Smart Meters get ripped out all over the Earth and the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters returned ASAP and or the Digital Meters with no Evil Poisonous Smart Meter Radios in them. That’s the way to go folks. And Germany has refused to allow any dopy M/Wave Electric A.M.I Smart Arsed Meters. Seems the German people are a wake up to this M/Wave FILTHY RACKET !

  11. Dan says:

    Now that the talk is about Politics, and we have a Victorian Election coming up, there are some facts that need airing! SSMA is right to suggest there should be a new political force. But anyone standing as an Independent or new Party in an Election is going to need a lot more than moral support. That person, or persons, are also going to need a thorough understanding of the Electoral system, the corruption endemic in it and what to do about it. Any Government who finds opposition to their plans will take steps to neutralise it, in one way or another! And how many Government ‘plants’ will be running as Independents? These issues must be confronted by those advocating such a path. For examples of past Electoral corruption, its revealing to see

  12. Linda Nemeth says:

    Perhaps it may be a good time to switch tactics e.g as well as continuing to refuse, support and encourage those who wish to uninstall their smart meters. I believe some households have done this. Why not campaign to support others who want to?

  13. Steve says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have read a lot of good ideas for resolving our problems with this government. I wonder if we have noticed, it does not matter which party is elected , they are the same corporate controlled illegal government, not the Commonwealth Government Of Australia as stated in our Australian Constitution 1901, or our State Government who are also governed by our Australian Constitution and our Common Law Rights . This lot are here to force on us Agenda 21 where by we loose all our resources to the United Nations. Everything is being taken away from us through stealth, lies and deception, including our newly discovered oil fields in South Australia which has more oil than Saudi Arabia. I fear that we are trying to fix a situation where our government is not the government for We The People, and so every promise made prior to their election will be broken, and we will go around and around like rats on a treadmill. As you know, we did not consent to the smart meters. Ask yourself, how are they able to force this illegally passed law, (we were not asked or included in the decision to roll out the smart meters, so how is it that our supposedly elected “Government are continuing the roll out whether we the people like it or not. The answer is, this is not our government for the people, they are a corporation and do not represent us.
    We need change, that change we have had all these years, but it has been hidden from us. That change is in our rights as Freemen and Women on the land, and our Common Law, all in our Australian Constitution 1901. We are being ruled by Maritime Law Of The Sea (also known as Corporate Law), with which we are being judged in our courts and our every day lives.
    We are the people of this great land, our land, Australia, and we have the Law Of Our Land in our Australian Constitution 1901.
    When We The People Stand Together, we must Order our politicians both State and Federal, our courts, our legal system, and our Banking system to do the Will of the people.
    We, The People of Australia are in charge of our country and not this illegal, Sell everything to China and the world, Corporations posing as our Governments and our legal system.
    It is time to take our country back !
    May God Help Us .

    • GlennS says:

      Great comment Steve! I agree with what you’re saying, however “we must Order our politicians both State and Federal, our courts, our legal system, and our Banking system to do the Will of the people” – how do we get them to do that, when they so obviously don’t care what we think? The only way I can think of is to not vote for any of the major parties.
      Our state election is to be held at the end of this year. It’s crucial that we find out not only which of the independents are opposed to smart meters, but those who will follow through and implement an opt-out policy. Unfortunately, that’s almost 12 months that the providers will have to complete their roll-out.
      In general, people are waking up to what’s going on, but we haven’t reached the critical mass required – yet…..

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Thanks Steve and Glenn. I hope anyone reading this is staying determined in their resolve to spread this message loud and clear. I feel it is important to note that even those with smart meters already installed need to get on board and protest very loudly at the next election if you did not give consent and want it changed back to the old type of meter – together we can make it happen. Smart meters have to go!

      • Steve says:

        Agreed Glenn, The way to nail these Treasonous Traitors is by implementing our rights as stated in our Constitution 1901. The People are in control and the government is there to represent the will of the people. They serve us. We The People have the power. We must take back our courts and legal system and start applying our Common Law ( law of the land , Our land , Australia ) and charge the politicians , state and federal, our councils, law institutes, and judges with treason . They have stopped being our government. They are registered corporate companies, with ABN’s and COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA registered in America . Their interest is not for Australians , but for their board members and share holders .
        Link to registration in America —
        1 ) Learn our Australian Constitution — Link–
        2 )We have 2 governments. The government of our constitution, and the corporate owned and controlled government we now have in place, which is stealing our country, our freedom, and enslaving us with debt through their illegal banking system we have now ..Thus the Illegal roll out of Smart Meters …because they can !!
        Link —
        Please take your time to look at the links I have posted, it will explain what is happening to us. Our constitution is all powerful, and is the answer to all our problems. That is why they don’t want We The People to know what power we have .
        Knowledge Is Power , Unity Is Strength , these words could not be truer today ,
        Wake Up Australia , the time is now .
        God Bless Australia and all its people.

  14. Rob Guy says:

    Given that the Executive Council Order is proclaimed under vice regal signature, you might think that the names of the 4 Ministers advising the Governor on this latest development would appear either on the order, or at least, on the published minutes–not so and not on google. These Executive Councils seem to be the modern equivalent of the Star Chamber, featuring secret submissions, secret witnesses, and secret evidence. We, the public, do no know how each member voted.

    I am not against the use of vice regal reserve powers which were originally intended to protect the public in times of genuine major crisis. I do object to their being used to further some sordid commercial objective.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      The trouble with all or seemingly most of the Courts in Australia is that one has to INSIST on having a Jury of twelve (12) Jurors Tried and True, to represent you at any trial you have to undergo for any Alleged Offence, be it an Alleged Parking or an Alleged Speeding or any other Alleged offence at all.

      Remember that all offences are alleged, as you must be considered Innocent until all of the twelve (12) and not less than twelve Jurors have listened to your Case in Court and they the Jurors alone have decided unanimously that you are Innocent or Guilty in their eyes and not the Judges, or any magistrate’s eyes. If when you go into Court and the Judge or the magistrate refuses to give you the twelve (12) Jurors you are entitled to and must demand under ‘Common Law’ as is your Lawful Right, you must leave the Court Immediately as you cannot get a Lawful or a Fair Trial without the twelve Jurors to hear and judge Your Case.

      A magistrate will not allow you the twelve Jurors you require as a magistrate runs a Maritime Court or a Court of the Sea and it is a Star Chamber with no Common Law power/s to protect you such as when you are in a Common Law Court with a Judge and a Jury which supports Common Law according to Magna Carta passed at Runnymede in England on the 15th of June 1215 A.D where King John was made to read all of Magna Carta and sign and date and put his King’s Seal of Authority on this most important document and under the Barons and Senior Churchmen of England. This the People’s Charter of Magna Carta took away for good the Absolute Power of the King and put the power of judgement onto ones Peers alone. That is put the power of judgement into the hands of twelve (12) men tried and true who heard ones case before the Court. Only they the twelve Jurors had the power to judge you, and not the Judge sitting on the bench. Only the twelve Jurors tried and true is what is needed for every trial in every State of Australia or England or Wale or Scotland or America or South Africa etc.

      I stress never appear at a so-called magistrates Court as you can never get a Fair and Just trial and outcome there. Always insist on a proper trial under a Common Law Court with a Judge and a Jury of twelve (12) men tried and true to hear your Case and judge you. and never less than twelve (12) men tried and true.

  15. Peter says:

    The colusion between OUR Government and the power companies is most disturbing. As a conservative voter, I am most disappointed in the Napthine Government.

    • Steve says:

      You are on the money Peter, they have a plan for Australia where by nothing belongs to us, the people. All our assets must be sold to the foreign corporations in order to dominate and control our wealth, our people, and our country. Here is a link to see a brave Australian Politician, Ann Bressington, Fighting back for the love of Australia .

      • John M says:

        @ Steve. It’s not only the public assets of the people they’re after but ultimately private property including the family home and land as well. Such is marked as ‘unsustainable’ under Agenda 21. How I hate that word so readily parroted by everyone without a clue of where it comes from, and the extent of it’s reach and meaning.

  16. Frank says:

    As the Libs, Nats and Labour are incapable to follow the instructions of their masters, the “Victorian Voting Public” it’s high time to look at an alternative political party that actually has the political will to follow the wishes of the voting public and NOT their political masters, BIG BUSINESS.
    All BIG parties are self serving and it is high time that we all return to basics in all spheres of Government, Federal, State AND Local. BTW. Local Government is a misnomer. It’s not Local Government but Local Council, which is an extention of State Government.

    Look at “Family First”, one party that has Family values and grass roots values, like we had many many years ago. Here is the link:

    • Steve says:

      Had a look Frank, this was so unexpected and uplifting to find a political party who’s principles are based on the christian values, the bible, and our Australian Constitution 1900-1. Family First Will Get my vote and the votes of my family and friends .
      Thanks Frank .

      • I don’t believe Family First is the answer; they make no mention of opposition to Smart Meters. Let us know SSMA when something concrete is happening re a new force in Victorian politics.

  17. Paul says:

    I must be imagining things! Did I not recently read that Kotsiras had given the OK for two metering systems (Analogue & smart). Can someone please clarify?
    P.S. I too will not be voting Labor, Liberal or Greens, particularly the latter who, as a ‘green’ party, should be aware of the effect that microwave radiation has on life (see the effect it has on bees that are responsible for pollinating ~70% of the world’s crops). Sarah Hanson-Young is too caught up in her self-importance to realise this, or is she?
    Again I urge all readers to view the documentaries ‘Take Back Your Power’ and the lesser known ‘Resonance-Beings of Frequency.’ Glad to provide a copy of the latter if anyone wants it or, if SSMA requests it, for a wider distribution via their website. Please advise via this post.

    • Chris says:

      I too am shocked that the Greens support Smart Meters. It goes against their core values, I don’t understand. Are they also corrupted? Can we confirm they are for Smart Meters?

      • I too am staggered that the Greens support smart meters. If their officials had done even a small amount of independent research, they would very quickly realize that there are NO benefits for consumers or the planet with these dreadful items. Anyone from the Greens Party reading this website, please get on the Web and do your research. A change in Greens policy would make a huge difference on the political scene!!

  18. Freedom Rules says:

    Thank you Stop Smart Meters Australia for your continued support. This Victorian government is so out of touch with reality that something really significant needs to happen in order to stop them dictating to the general public nothing but lies and propaganda, continued silence of the media (a huge concern to me) and denial of human rights in Victoria. It must stop and I would welcome with open arms any person who can see through the BS and bring about a complete change of government – that is, an independant and fair go for all type of politician who has no hidden agenda and does what he/she is elected to do. Previous applicants (Abbott, Baillieu, Napthine, O’Brien, Kotsiras, Brumby, Bachelor) need not apply! Get it right next time PLEASE, Victorian electorate!!!

  19. Gerald says:

    Alright, if that’s the way they wanna play…

    Adding another lock tomorrow. Signs to go back up.

    Bring it!

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:


      The signs should never have come down.

      We must all remain extremely vigilant at this point in time, as the installers will be going hammer and tongs in trying to get these dangerous devices installed onto everyone’s homes now that the mandate has been extended beyond 2013.

      Keep fighting….Keep refusing, and don’t buy any of their Lies.

  20. Rick Karaitiana says:

    We live in the Seaford area. We have a notice on our meter box stating no smart meters. Thankfully our actual meter box is inside our garage which is always locked. On the 17th of January 42oC they came and installed the fittings in the outside meter box, ready for a smart meter. They never knocked on the door, just disregarded the notice, installed and took off, while we were inside sheltering from the heat. These are the steps this Government will take to get their own way.
    IT WILL BE REMEMBERED, come election time.
    Rick Karaitiana

  21. Julie Bateman says:

    They can try what they like to install into all of my 3 properties but they won’t be. I will not let them, and will still ask for installer for his qualifications and ask them to leave.
    Bullying won’t work. Can we all put the companies up on bullying & harassment charges?

  22. Dan says:

    Maybe Nicholas Kotsiras has a conscience. OR does the Energy Minister know something that we don’t? Why is he chucking in the towel? Are the rats leaving the floundering ship as usual? But the prescribed Course always remains the same, no matter who the Captain is, because he is always answerable to his Corporate bosses.

    We must be steadfast and protect our analogue meters, but we are also now forced to protect our gas and water meters from this insidious, unlawful carcinogenic offensive by the Corporations against the people.

    • Eric says:

      He is running away from what he sees as his imminent ruination. He will never escape. He will be smeared forever and taunted till the day he takes his dying breath.

  23. Chris says:

    this is quite simply…bloody ridiculous. extended from 1st Jan 2014…until…when? forever? we have to defend our boxes forever?

    • So Cranky says:

      Check this link out Chris.
      Read the second last paragraph – “For the small number of customers who continue to refuse a smart meter, from March 2015 distributors will be able to recover the cost of running a separate metering service.”
      And good luck to SP Nutnet in trying to recover costs from me.

      • John M says:

        What I fail to understand is why ANYONE is concerned about what some pretend government does or does not put in writing, says, or makes bogus law. The only authority and power anyone has over us is what we give them by relinquishing our own. Personally, I don’t need any words from another to tell me what I can and cannot refuse. There is always consequences for the choices we make in life but we always have a choice never the less, such as the choice to even disobey a law when it’s unjust. Too many people have forgotten that and become a pawn of another. To thine own self be true.

  24. Margaret says:


  25. June Haigh says:

    the Victorian government are a bunch of idiots. Read the literature!. It’s” Common Sense” 101.

  26. Stephen says:

    It is time for Australia to take back our country from this Illegal Corporation called the Australian Government , we should all start by learning our Australian constitution of 1901 . All the answers to our illegal state and federal governments are in there . Knowledge is power and in unity we have our strength .
    Here is a link to get us started on our way to FREEDOM !!

    and another so we know who we are dealing with Wake Up Australia , we must take our country back .
    This is how the Zionists Bankers are robbing us blind .

    • Gwen says:

      Thanks so much Stephen for the info. It looks like our only way before the rest of Australia is sold off. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Thanks SSMA for your tireless work.

  27. Miriam. says:

    Actually, the wholesalers are required to negotiate with each customer “in good faith” – this is a condition of the supply contract.

  28. If this means the start of a new political party, then this is a sensible idea. There are a huge number of potential votes for any such party. I hope it happens. Good luck!

  29. We certainly need a brand new Victorian Political Party,
    Both the Victorian Labour Party and this present or incumbent Victorian Liberal Party have proven themselves to be a Bunch of Lick-Spittle’s to these now proving to be Corrupt foreign owned Electric Power Companies whose only desire is the still ongoing Rapacious Greed of milking ever more hard earned CASH from already Cash-Strapped Victorians’ pockets with these Type 2B Carcinogen Causing dopey and now proving to be Deadly and Dopey Electric so-called Smart Meters, which are not ” SMART” in any way at all.

  30. kaye says:

    Is there anything else we can do. My box is not only locked with a thick safety glass, I have another welded 6mm thick steel surrounding the meter box also with safety glass so meter can be read.
    But also there are 2 alarms, one in the box and one for the glass. Also a camera in a safety box to record anyone going to the box.

    I don’t want one for many reasons. How is it that we have no rights? We should just leave our keys to our homes under the mat, as this is what they are doing, coming into our homes. Unbelievable.

    • Kay,
      You have done a great job. Just keep your Electricity Meter Box locked and keep your Anti Trespass Signs with the $167,000 Dollars Legal Commonwealth of Australia fine posted on the Electric Meter Box and your front fence and or front gate as I am still doing.

      This wicked tyranny of the past Victorian Labor Government and this still continuing tyranny of this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government must come to an end ASAP.

      Just as the Roll-Out of the so-called but truly deadly ‘microwave and not so smart meters has been halted in England and the rest of the United Kingdom and in Italy, so it must be immediately halted here in Victoria Australia. In addition every microwave so-called smart meter here in Victoria must be removed forthwith and replaced by the Safe and proven to be Safe Passive Analog Meter stolen by these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their minions. Every one of these replacements of the Safe and Analog Electric Meters must be paid for by the Electric Power Companies as well without exception.

    • Gwen says:

      Well done Kaye !!!

  31. MovingEntity says:

    People need to;
    1. Place a possessory-lien on existing analogue meters and to State Electricity Commission Victoria (SECV) who installed the meters for the ownership of the Estate. Note you can not put a lien burden of proof on the commercial private Power Distributor as the legislation and Codes have defined this as a breach, and technically it’s not correct to do so, since the duty to disprove ownership is the job of the SECV, since they falsely sold off meters they never owned.
    2. Were convenient install AMI meters but have data monitoring and RF turned off, with ownership and control of the meter with the Estate Owner.
    3. Go off the grid completely. No power feeding back into the State grid. Approximately $10k. (solar panels, small wind turbine(optional), batteries, rigging, wire, battery regulator box, power inverter box, fuses, installation.)
    4. Never vote party politics again.

    • Gwen says:

      Totally agree Moving Entity, but doesn’t the Independents vote go to a major party because of preferences?

      • MovingEntity says:

        There is much culture sitting on top of the system that is not apart of the Constitution. Example there is no Prime Minister or other Ministers. The fact is Ministers are merely instigated by dominating, parties or coalitions, to perform Executive Government. There is no ‘shadow ministers’ neither. The ‘Prime Minister’ is just a Department setup to fake a pseudo ‘Lord’ character. The only Ministers are of State chosen by the Governor General. This Party-Culture has enforce in the minds of people strongholds of a two party system when there is supposed to be an array of options.

        if enough Independents are voted in to block majority factions rigging the ministerial placements, than that would mean all parliamentarians would be eligible for running a Department, by House votes. It would also means a more scrutiny of performance.

        On your specific questions. look into the Electoral Legislation. I wouldn’t think it unlawful to not preference another, but I have heard of scamming where preferences have been taken to be of a type by the Electoral Commission even though the Running Candidate hasn’t informed. The other argument is that votes should not be so called wasted.

        If I ran for Government, I would not be passing on any votes to others. Like wise if I voted I would not want my vote going skew.

        I hope that helps.

        • Gwen says:

          Moving Entity thank you. The problem is always corruption because of lust for power and greed and not the best interests of the people.
          We definitely cannot waste our vote.

          • MovingEntity says:

            Just to add. The Governor General picks the placements to administer government, but in this era GG takes advice from the dominate party to whom is placed. The GG also indirectly placed by the dominate party as to the recent news that Tony Abbott’s party is putting in Peter Cosgrove. A very questionable situation.

    • Need Help says:

      Place a possessor-lien on existing analogue meters????
      Please explain how to do this. I have goggled it and have not found how to go about it.
      My meter (three phase) has no markings stating that it is the “property of” and our power line is the only one in the street that is underground. Also when we bought this house we were told that the owner builder we bought it from had to pay heaps extra to have three phrase to his house. This was back in 1980. He also had to pay for the three phase meter as they would only supply a standard single phase for household use.
      My problem is – this is all circumstantial – proving it is a different matter.

  32. Marta says:

    The Liberal Government NOR the Labor government will get my vote in the State election… I will not vote for anyone! The only party I will vote (but NOT the Greens or Labor) is one that says NO to smart meters!

  33. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Hooray!! I was just waiting for this moment! A new party that will give PEOPLE back their democratic and human rights, a new party that will give us back OUR power – finally! You already have my vote, as well as that of every member of my family and all my friends. Happy to help in any way.
    The time has come.

    • A new party has the potential to obtain up to half a million votes or more. Imagine if all the smart meter refusers and their families voted for such a party, as well as those with a smart meter already installed who stated they didn’t want one. This would determine the result of the election. Keep us informed Stop Smart Meters Australia. Many coming to this website, would be pleased to help I’m sure.

      • Paul says:

        How do we get started?

        • Gwen says:

          I don’t know really how to get started but look at that motoring enthusiast party. I think he got a seat because of online followers. I would seriously consider voting for, and helping support, someone from this website. I think you get paid a lot because there always seems to be pay rises that are unanimously supported by other politicians!!!

      • Disgruntled voter says:

        I welcome a new party that listens to its people, as the Liberals have lost my vote. In fact, they have lost many, many votes, as my family and my friends ( who know the debilitating affect these meters have had on my health ) have indicated to me that they will support any party that will stop the rollout of smart meters and reinstate analogue meters.

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