Victorian smart meter mandate concludes

With the commencement of the New Year, the Victorian Government’s mandate for power distributors to forcibly and ruthlessly install smart meters has concluded.

Correspondence from the Office of the Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister Kotsiras, has acknowledged that two electrical metering systems in Victoria will remain – thus divulging that smart meters are in fact NOT compulsory.

However, because approximately 150,000 households/small businesses have yet to have smart meters installed, be assured that power distributors and government authorities will still try to dupe people to believe that smart meters are compulsory.

The fight is not over, but our success is largely due to people like you, members of Stop Smart Meters Australia and our numerous website followers, that have stood up to corporate and government bullying.  Thank you for all your support, and special thanks for those who have used the media to spread our message; that due to financial costs, safety, health and privacy issues, Victorians like residents in every other Australian state should have the freedom to voluntarily ‘opt in’ to the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program rather than being threatened and sometimes verbally abused for not accepting a device one does no need nor want.

Here are four examples of radio interviews aired over the past few months. They give a very good summary of the issues of why many Victorians will not accept a smart meter.


Not satisfied with the abuse already inflicted on the democratic and human rights of many Victorians, it is believed that the Victorian Napthine Government is looking at introducing new regulations to extend the smart meter mandate to after 2013.

Will the Government ever learn?  With an election year coming up, they may be sorry…..

Happy New Year everyone!!





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79 Responses to Victorian smart meter mandate concludes

  1. Roger Hall says:

    We come under the SP Ausnet supply area, and I have been harrassed constantly for over two years over the ‘smartmeter’ issue, to the point where i recently spent time in hospital with a heart attack in large part due to the constant harrassment and bullying. For the last two quarters, Origin Energy (our supplier) have refused to give me a bill and put a stop on my account, which means I cannot claim the considerable ammount of money they owe me for the solar power we supply them.
    My health is now fragile and this is even before a ‘smartmeter has been installed! Origin is now saying we are non compliant and implying they will cut of our power even though I am an old aged pensioner. I have little faith that the ombudsman wil help as this office is funded by the treasonous Victorian government who under constitutional law should all be in jail. Possibly the ACCC might be inerested in this behavoir, and perhaps contacting a TV show like ‘Four Corners’ may be useful to spread the message about the dangers of smartmeters and the degree of government betrayal and illegal company harrasment.

  2. Reginald says:

    You wouldn’t think that on a day of 43 degree heat with the so called “mandate” period expired you could be visited by smart meter installers would you ?
    WRONG !!!
    It seems that the power companies are going full steam ahead with what is without doubt “non mandated installations”.

    Servicestream smartmeter installer (doing installations for Jemena) visited us today in the Niddrie/Airport West area. My wife noticed a vehicle parked across our driveway with the driver wearing an orange vest. He asked her about changing over the meter. My wife said NO. He then asked her again as if she wasn’t clear enough the first time, “don’t you want to change the meter ?” She said NO. He said OK and then left.

    Lock up your meter boxes securely because smart meter installers are still being offered their post rollout period commissions and I’m sure there is more than enough financial incentive for them to keep badgering away at us.

    • Jonn C says:

      Just had 2 Jemena tech’s arrive at my front door (separate vehicles) requesting to install their so called “SMART METER”. One did all the talking and the other just observed. He was polite and when told that I was not interested, he said that they would return next week and turn the power off to install the meter. I informed him that if anybody cuts the padlocks that I have fitted to the meter box, I would have them charged. He said, “that’s okay, I still have to leave a card in your letterbox with a date on it for next week”.

      If they do return next week, they will find it extremely difficult to gain entry to the meter box with two large padlocks attached and a large 4×4 parked alongside it. If any damage whatsoever is caused to any of my property, the offending person/s will be charged.

  3. TG says:

    I sense that, in my case at least, SP AusNet has increased the intensity of their badgering. Somehow they have my mobile phone number and I have been getting automated calls giving me “options” 1 or 2 in relation to my “mandatory smart meter installation.” Option 1 is to notify them that I do not need an appointment and option 2 is for me to speak to them and make an appointment for the installation. I have been hanging up on their robot man. Then I get text messages asking me to phone them. This has happened several times this month (January). Of course my meter box is securely locked (with a reading window) and will remain so.

    I would be very interested in hearing from others who feel their electricity supplier has increased the desperation of their attempts to apply pressure, seeing as we have withstood their December 2013 deadline. Has anybody else been getting these calls and SMS messages?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with SP AusNet as well. They have sent a lot of BS in the mail and the last week of December, I had someone call my mobile and try to get me to accept a meter.

      They were persistent and polite, but not rude. As was I. When they realised that I wouldn’t budge, they concluded with, “so do I take it that you’re refusing a smart meter then?”
      “Yes, that’s correct”.
      “OK, I will record your refusal then”.
      “Thank you, bye”.

      I’ve heard nothing from them this year … yet.

      My spinning disc analogue meter is well protected, yet easily readable by a meter reader.

      I haven’t been harassed by their dalek robots yet, but I suspect that will being soon unfortunately …

    • Anonymous says:

      I have received about 10 calls and sms from SP net since Jan 5. I simply hang up and don’t return any call. I refuse to be bullied into a smart meter. I seriously must look into securing meter box.

    • Jason says:

      Make formal complaints about invasion of privacy ~ AND to the police about the company ‘stalking’ you; it’s a criminal offence:
      for which the stalker can get up to years jail.

      See particularly, within the above link:- S. 21A(2) amended by Nos 105/2003 s. 4(1), 20/2011 s. 3(3).

      (2) A person (the offender) stalks another person (the victim) if the offender engages in a course of conduct which includes any of the following— ……..

      (b) contacting the victim or any other person by post, telephone, fax, text message, e-mail or other electronic communication or by any other means whatsoever;

  4. Eric says:

    Anybody that you discover on your property that says to you “I’m here to check your meter”……send them packing IMMEDIATELY.

    They are NOT there to “check” anything.

    These are deceitful persons ie. conniving smart meter installers looking to pull the wool over your unsuspecting eyes whilst working out a means of quickly getting their stinking device installed onto your premises so that they can pocket their $600 without having any regard for how that device is going to effect you or your family’s health in the days to come.

    Installers themselves have told me they know the smart meter causes some people health problems. When I ask the question whether they have any pangs of conscience doing smart meter installations whilst knowing the harmfulness it can cause, they are non hesitant to give a response that in the negative.

    How do they then justify themselves when they say that.
    Well, these are the sort of things they have said to me.
    “I’m only doing my job”
    “I’ve got a family to feed”
    “It’s a well paid job………very well paid actually”
    “You’ve obviously done your research. If you tell me to leave I just respect that. Other people haven’t done their research like you and they don’t stop me from doing the installation”

    True story folks all quoted word for word.
    That is the morality of these orange jacket persons that are liable to show up on your doorstep at any time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are they really pocketing $600 per install? Wow!

      Just tell these greedy installers that they are right in the firing line of radiation and exposing themselves to unsafe levels installing so many of them. No point having lots of money when you’re sick and dying or already dead from cancer! That will hopefully give them a wake up call …

  5. Eric says:

    The directive for Distribution Companies to use best endeavors ended on the 31/12/13. Yes, I see that it was a directive and not a “mandate” so called. The term “it’s been mandated” which was used as some sort of magic mantra by the installers and telephone representatives, and which they didn’t clarify that it only obligated the distributors………………….it doesn’t matter whether it was (yes, was is correct) a directive or a mandate, it doesn’t matter any longer whether it’s the distributors that are obligated rather than the customer…………………that’s because there’s no longer any mandate, if there ever was, and there is no longer any directive through an Order by Council……………………because the 31/12/13 is history………………so anybody that tells you it’s compulsory, you can now feel confident in telling them where to go………..for the time being at least.

  6. confused says:

    Can someone please post the original correspondence that you refer to in your “mandate concludes” post as I have been told by an advisor to Minister Kotsiras that NO SUCH CORRESPONDENCE EXISTS.

    SP AusNet have been ringing daily to make an appointment to install a smart meter. After quoting your post regarding “mandate concludes” they requested copies of the information. To try and confirm your information I have spoken to Luke Scott, advisor to Minister Kotsiras, and he stated that there has been NO CORRESPONDENCE OR ANNOUNCEMENT from the Office for Energy and Resources regarding the mandate, installation or timeframe for smart meters.

    Where has this information come from?
    Thank you.

    • Eric says:

      Confused, why are SP Ausnet calling you on a daily basis ? It’s because you are prepared to engage with them. Don’t you feel that you are being harassed at the very least ?

      Remember, SP Ausnet are a private company who trade on the Singapore Stock Exchange. They have no legitimacy as any sort of law enforcers over Victorian citizens. Theirs is an assumed fictitious authority and they would speak to you in that guise. My advice is make known your position ie. that you have refused a smart meter outright. And then do not engage with them any further, and especially not over the phone.

      As they are likely to continue with their campaign of harassment, bullying, coercion and intimidation, you must make sure that your meter box is SECURELY locked. You must not fail in doing that otherwise you will get a smart meter I guarantee it.

      Please refer to this Vic Govt Website link

      You need to read this carefully and you need to read between the lines.

      It does speak about further legislation. We don’t know what this is….yet. From what I have seen we are going to see more of the same in 2014 as in 2013….unless Nicholas Kotsiras pulls some rabbit out of his hat. So you need to employ the same that we all have been up till now at the very least, so please make sure your meter is protected ie. meterbox securely locked.

      Also we read about two metering systems because of the small number of customers who continue to refuse. Firstly, we hope and believe that this small number is actually and will be a very large number which cannot be ignored. And the fact that two metering systems are even mentioned means we go hell for leather in protecting our analogue meters going forward into 2014 secure in the knowledge that we are well within our rights (both legal and under common law) to do so.

    • ingrid says:

      Hi. Let us know what you find out please. When we find this corres I will make a copy and stick it on my meter box.

    • Concerned says:

      I have requested this information also. Could SSMA please post the “original correspondence”—————–Thanks

    • Jason says:

      See my post above (and link) about ‘stalking’; It’s a crime that carries up to a 10 year jail sentence, as stipulated by the Crimes Act 1958
      USE the police: it’s what they’re there for. Insist upon making a formal complaint, if they seem a bit reluctant. The law is absolutely clear.

  7. Northern Suburbs Resident says:

    Just letting folks know that installers are still cruising around installing smart meters with Jemena’s Servicestream installers spotted working on a meter box in Airport West yesterday, and in Pascoe Vale today. And they are still spreading their lies.

    Please continue to keep you meter boxes locked. For anyone who does not have their meter box locked, lock it now, asap, because I guarantee you will get a smart meter if you don’t. Installers are still very much actively doing installations even though the current so called “mandate” date of 31/12/13 has passed.

    This is not a time for slacking off in any way, shape or form.

    • Informed Choice says:

      Yes, they are still on the attack with their wicked devices down here on the peninsula (Mt Martha/Mornington areas). Nothing has changed, stay vigilant folks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My meter has a clearly stated sign, which says Property of Heidelberg City Council (now Banyule). This is proof that it does not belong to any of the power companies. Please people, if you still have an analogue meter, check to see if there is a small aluminium plate with black printing, denoting the true owner of the meter.

  9. To Nicholas Marjolin,
    Nicholas, please do not say that the New Tactics are amongst cutting peoples’ padlock/s. If any smart meter installer cuts just one padlock on any body’s Electric Meter Box and or fence/s he has then committed a Criminal Offence, for which he will be given a Long Prison Sentence. If you get your padlock cut, you and or anyone suffering this CRIME must report it to your Local Police Immediately. They the electric smart meter Installer Men know that the cutting of padlocks is Illegal and that they would be prosecuted with a long prison sentence when the police find out through the Electric Power Company for any area in Victoria.

    Another thing Nicholas do stop banding such information around about cutting padlocks etc., you only scare people. Things are bad enough with this scourge of these Electric and far from Smart Meters which are a poison to All Life.

    • Eve says:

      Richard is right. No workmen will even attempt to ‘break in’ to a meter box, let alone go to a meter box inside property without the owner’s approval, as that, too, is trespassing, and he can be had up for that. I had a perspex window installed for the meter reader to do his job, and padlocked the door with a fairly flimsy padlock which any one could rip out with bare hands. I also taped a note to the front of the box stating that for medical reasons I cannot have a Smart Meter installed and SPAusnet have the medical document in their files. A workman from SP Ausnet did turn up a few months ago but was hovering around until I came out into the garden. He asked for permission to inspect the meter box. When I asked why he said it was just to make sure that “everything was OK”. When my large dog behind the gate started barking, he asked if the dog was safe, as he had been attacked by someone’s dog through a fence. I gave him permission to check the box, and he took a photo of my note taped to the box, then left. Never heard from them again. I think one can achieve much more with a bit of politeness instead of barricading everything with bomb-proof constructions, which would only instil anger at being duped.
      We need to know the legalities involved, and armed with knowledge one can argue one’s point.
      Keep up the good work with brainstorming at StopSmartmeters, and good luck with the next bout.

      • Jason says:

        Yep. Politeness works well….when it’s backed up by a large dog! 😉

      • Eric says:

        Eve, my advice is to strengthen your meterbox security. If you want to be nice to these people then you can be nice to them but don’t expose yourself with just having a flimsy padlock and don’t judge installers on the basis of one seemingly courteous person but on the basis of how installers as a whole have behaved ie. BADLY Next time you may not get someone so “courteous”. And the fact that he makes a statement that he wanted to “check that everything was OK”…..why on earth would he say that ? Had there been electrical problems in the area ? Had you lost your power ? This is just a load of hogwash that he was spitting out to cover himself in that he was there for one reason and one reason only and that was to do the dirty deed on you. They can break a flimsy padlock and easily get away with it. Make your meterbox situation well secured and then they know that they are taking a chance with you because it will be a lot easier to make them accountable for any illegal forced entry if you had decent security on your meterbox. Step 01 Eliminate the flimsiness Step 02 Strengthen strengthen strengthen.
        And if being nice is what you’re about then by all means you can be nice.

        This “bomb proof constructions instilling anger at being duped” thing…..really Eve it’s not like that. That’s incoherent speech. It’s common sense to just secure your property well, given the aggressiveness of many of the installers. You’ve seen and heard the stories, many of them having been posted on this web site. Good luck and we’re all in this together.

  10. Altered Meek says:

    Or take your defence to the next level – get a steel plate made up, cut a hole in the middle for the meter face to poke through it (for the meter reader) then inside the meter box, dyna bolt one side of the plate with a hinge and the other side with a dead bolt lock (or dead bolt both sides) so the plate can’t be removed by death meter installers.
    It is very important that the plate MUST be easily removed (or moved to one side) for inspection or emergency access.
    I have heard stories where padlocks are cut off and taken by the stinking contractors !
    DO NOT modify or do anything to the meter itself, just work around it.
    Get an electrician to check what you’re going to do BEFORE you do it, as I am not accepting any responsibility for anything that you do 😉
    I agree, we shouldn’t have to go to these extremes, but it is definitely worth the extra effort (and $$$) as I have yet to hear of anyone successfully getting their analogue meter back once a death meter has been installed …

  11. Norm says:

    Happy New Year from Canada!

    I still have my analogue meter, and I am planning on keeping it. For those who have been “stuck” with a smart meter, I offer the following expedient! Place a faraday cage around the meter(not touching it) and run a ground wire from the cage to a ground rod
    If the meter box is metallic, you can use a magnet or two to hold the cage in place. This will prevent over 95 % of RF receiving or transmitting. Offering some respite from the RF hazard.

    • Hi Norm,
      Thanks for this good advice. I have seen this on You-Tube a few times. I am passing this on to some buddies of mine as well.

      • ingrid says:

        FARADAY CAGE -prevent over 95 % of RF receiving or transmitting- YOUTUBE.
        Hi Richard, Would you be able to create a little What to do/actions message about this and have it filed under Links? As I can’t see a category for ‘physical actions’.

        I wish this site had a category for practical actions so that the information wasn’t lost amongst the long discussions.
        EG: POST CATEGORY : Actions, or maybe ‘DIY for your meter box’
        Sub Headings
        ‘Actions. Letters. Signs. Physical barriers to meters. Protection from RF.’

      • Jason says:

        Or you could get one of your friends (one day when you have a bombproof alibi: locked up for being drunk, say!) simply clip the two wires that run from the meter to the radio transmitter.
        ….and do him a similar favour when he’s (provably) in another city.
        It COULD be the SM Liberation Army, couldn’t it? 😉

  12. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Nicholas, what you say is very disturbing. It means installers are now resorting to ‘breaking and entering’. Do you have evidence of meter box padlocks being cut?

    • Jason says:

      There were at least two of them cut at holiday houses in Loch Sport (Vic) which I was inspecting as a potential buyer. One was so carefully constructed that a hacksaw had to be inserted in the crack between the meter-box and its door.

      I suspect the thugs count on people not reporting such incidents. A better idea might be to cut an observation hole (for meter-reading) in the door and GLUE the meter-box door down with a good industrial glue such as ‘No More Nails’, etc. Anyone wanting to get in there would have to smash the whole box. 😉

  13. Paul says:

    Many years ago I worked as a carpet salesman for a company in Melbourne. I sold and arranged for the installation of a houselot of carpet and vinyl for a new property in Coburg. Payment was due on completion of the job but was never made. When I went out to the property to see the owner, I noticed that the property had a ‘Sold’ sign on it, which meant that every fixture, fitting, etc was (legally) in the possession of the new owner, who had bought it in good faith.

    What I’m getting at is this: when you buy a house (as Chris above rightly states), everything affixed to the house is now your property and that includes YOUR analogue electricity meter. Any challenges as to this ownership should therefore be directed to the PREVIOUS owner of the meter (in many cases the SEC) but for all intents and purposes the existing analogue meter belongs to the present owner of the house.

  14. Ada says:

    If only Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc. were to form a political party, I would be the first to vote for them! I also know that my family and most of my friends and colleagues would give them their vote. Everybody is so totally fed up with this awful ‘smart meter’ mess and everybody is totally fed up with the Victorian Liberals who implemented this disaster and the Victorian Labor Party who thought it up. It really seems to me that it’s time to reclaim our state – I’m sick of hearing of people who have had to move out of Victoria, because of the effects of these wireless meters (Steve is the latest victim) and I worry about the effects on my kids. It’s infernal!! I would be more than happy to help with grass root campaigning, if such a party was formed and I hope others will see that it’s time for some actions. Thank-you to those who have worked so hard for our health and democratic rights, now it’s time we all pitch in and show strength in numbers.

    • Disgruntled voter says:

      Ada, I am more than happy to join you. I have been a loyal Liberal voter my whole life, but NO way will I be voting for this callous, heartless & incompetent group ever again. Smart meters have totally destroyed my health ( I have had to leave my home & can no longer work) This government doesn’t even have the common decency to speak to ANYONE regarding this issue . Their wilful act of ignoring all those who are suffering is tantamount to criminal negligence. My whole family and those that know and support me would welcome a political party that will stop this nightmare.

      Time to shake the tree & get rid of all the bad apples!!!!

      • Mick says:

        Me too! I’m sick of this government, they could of handled it all diffrently, I think their criminals if you ask me.

      • Ashley says:

        Yes everyone, at the next election please shop around for REAL in service of humanity political parties – this is unlikely to be any of the major parties in this current climate of corruption and tyranny.

        It should not be forgotten that an awakening public elected seven senators from minor parties at the recent federal election, which is about seven times the number than for any election in the past forty years. Also, do not buy into the propaganda that this is a bad thing. Elements of the major-party controlled media has been portraying that some bozo gets elected through preferences if you vote away from major parties. Minor party candidates preference other parties that hold similar values, just as a Stop Smart Meters Party would rate highly opposition to Smart Meters when considering who to preference and, just as important, rate lowly those who are in favour of attacking society with Smart Meters.

  15. Miriam. says:

    Can you supply the actual reference / source for this information please.

  16. Chris says:

    I wonder if they are just going to “extend” the ruling now for another 6 months as was suggested in previous threads. I certainly hope not. I do wonder when I can finally “relax” and not have to watch my meter box like a hawk, and can finally take down the signs. It seems that from the employment advertising for smart meter installers, that it will be extended. This news is just currently hushed up? (I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to replace installers constantly, as I can imagine they would not last long, as one of the most hated workers in Victoria and be quitting in droves with stomach ulcers).

    re: Ownership…has anyone actually challenged this and asked the power company to provide a receipt / proof of ownership of the meter? Have they ever shown proof to anyone? Is this part of legislation? How are they claiming this? I brought my house with “all fixtures and fittings” and I have my receipt and proof of purchase, and the meter would be a fixture/fitting included. I would imagine it could stop them in their tracks if they had to show proof of ownership/receipt! This might be a very good angle to take for all of us if it can be supported legally.

    • Miriam. says:

      The companies do in fact own the meters – this is specified in the electricity legislations. They own them along with the power lines which are all part of the infrastructure. They supply the meter so that you can have electricity from the grid which you implicitly agree to having when you requested the electricity connection at your address.

      • Citizen for Democracy says:

        Even if the power companies did own the meter, they are only allowed by law to replace like for like – that is a meter with another meter. They are not allowed to sequester your property for the purpose of installing in it part of the infrastructure of their own wireless communication system. Installation of a wireless broadcasting antenna at someone’s private property without the owner’s consent is unlawful and actually constitutes ‘spying’.

      • Paul says:

        Sorry Miriam, but I disagree. To which legislation are you referring? I have searched high and low and can find no reference to the power companies’ ownership of electricity meters. No offence but I sincerely hope that you are wrong. In any case I bought and paid for my home, which (20 years ago) included all fixtures. As such, the meter is my property, however, I would love some advice on this if any SSMA member out there has some legal expertise.

        • Jason says:

          I agree. Not only found nothing in the CONTRACT I signed with the power company other than agreement to make access for reading available, but the fact that I was billed for the meter I have (‘Time of use’ that goes with the solar-system) and have a receipt quite obviously makes the meter mine.

      • Altered Meek says:

        Where exactly in legislation have you seen this specifically detailed ?

        Is it that newer meters “claim” to be owned by the power companies (hence the “property of” stickers on them) and older style (pre-deregulation) meters are owned by the property owner or SECV ? Does anyone have any clarity on this ?

      • Miriam,
        You are incorrect. They these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies DO NOT OWN the Safe and Passive Electricity Meters. It is a BARE FACED LIE. The Victorian State Electricity Commission still owns these Analog Electric Meters because the Victorian State Electricity Commission still exists and every Analog Electric Meter in the State of Victoria is the property of the Victorian S.E.C. They at the Victorian S.E.C are constantly pumping Electric Power down to Port Henry for the Aluminium Smelters there.

        If you look on the front of the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters you will see that the Name-Plate of Ownership by the Victorian State Electricity Commission is on every one of these Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.

        Please note that the new Electric and so-called smart meters are in mounting numbers of cases Victoria wide, proving to be INCENDIARY meters, thus making them far from SMART in any way at all, but a SCOURGE upon the face of the Earth. There are still outbreaks of fires on many so-called Smart Meter Sites here in Victoria ranging from fires in the Electric Meter Boxes to fridges burning out, to T.V. catching alight to Electric Kettles burning out to printers burning out etc. and only after these dopey and proven to be INCENDIARY meters had been, have been, and still are being rolled out. Therefore, if one foolishly allows a Microwave Smart Meter on ones’ property because one has not sensibly padlocked the Safe and Passive Analog Meter in ones privately owned Electric Meter Box, and only then put up ones Legal Common Law and Commonwealth of Australia Anti-Trespass Signs with the $167,000 Dollars Fine upon the Electric Meter Box and on your front fence or gate, then these very often sneaky smart meter (not so smart meters) installer men will quite UNLAWFULLY remove the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meter on your property and install the dopey and deadly to all LIFE dopey Electric Microwave so-called but far from smart INCENDIARY meter/s.

        After the far from smart meter has been installed, you may come home to find that your home has burnt down as has happened here in Victoria in a two storey home in Northcote with $350,000 dollars of fire damage to that home and proven by the Fire Insurance assessor. I know of up to seven fires which started in the Geelong area in the Electric Meter Boxes after the dopey so-called. but far from Smart Meters were installed. I also know of and have documented another two fires after the Microwave and far from Smart Meters broke out in Glenroy at the Haddon Dentists Surgery over a year ago. The same is still happening overseas as well, so firstly PADLOCK that Electric Meter Box of yours, after all, it’s YOUR Electric Meter Box. I know of four farm properties where the Electric meter box caught alight after the dopey so-called smart meter/s had been installed and damage was done not only to these Electric Meter boxes but to in every case to the farmers’ electric fridge in one case and to his electric jug and to the other three farmers’ various electrical household goods such as T.V’s and or Computers and or printers etc.

        Also note that the breaking of Padlocks securing the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter/s is a Criminal Offence punishable by a long prison sentence. Also note that to smash a Padlock to enforce a dopey so-called and now proving to be far from smart meter is Bullying of the Worst Kind and breaks Brodie’s Law for which a prison sentence of up to ten years is ENFORCEABLE in every State of Australia since June 2011. If you find that your padlock has been broken on your Electric Meter Box, you must notify your Local Police immediately and they will take the matter in hand to sue the C.E.O of the foreign Electric Power Company for your area and the agent who smashed your padlock, as breaking and entering is an Imprisonable Offence upon the Smart Meter Installer and upon the C.E.O of the contracted Smart Meter Boss and the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area thus making three (3) Imprisonable offences.

        Make sure you do as I and hundreds of thousands of us have already done which is to Join The Common Class Action To Sue the three aforementioned people by writing to the S.S.M.A as well and registering to go on the Common Class to Sue Action List as I have also done.
        I had also some eighteen (18) months ago sent to the C.E.O of Powercor a Mr Shane Breheny and lately to Mr Tim O’Rourke the new C.E.O of Powercor and to Mrs Janet Hogarty the Chief Officer in Charge of the Publicity Department for Powercor, the Commonwealth Refusal of Smart Meter Installation Notice, as well as the Commonwealth A.C.C.C’s Anti Harassment Notice for $1.1 Million Dollars.

        Also note that Mrs Janet Hogarty had admitted to one of her Electricity Clients in writing on a Powercor Letter-headed Notice, “That Powercor cannot guarantee that the Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meter are safe for her client as far as that client’s health is concerned.”
        This letter is now in the public domain. I have found out that she Mrs Janet Hogarty did get permission to send this Official Notice to this client from her boss. What I also found out to my amazement is that she is still working at Powercor. If she has had to admit this fact as she certainly did, why is she still working in this job when she stands by that totally DAMNING REMARK of hers’ in that letter which here Electricity Client then forwarded to us at Stop Smart Meters Australia? I would have thought that now Powercor have admitted that these Electric so-called Smart Meters cannot be guaranteed as safe for Human Health, that she would have had the sense to have left that truly dangerous job of hers. To me Mrs Janet Hogarty seems to be wanting to stay in her present job, although she knows that these so-called Smart Meters are a real health risk to humans health and lives, when she knows she and Powercor cannot guarantee these so called ‘smart meters’ are safe for humans’ health.
        This is DAMNING evidence indeed which begs the question, “Why hasn’t the Roll-Out of these so-called Smart Meters been stopped and the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters reinstalled pronto, with all costs for the removal of the Electric not-so smart meters and the reinstalment of the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters to be fully paid for by these five (5) foreign owned Electric Power Companies ?”

      • Informed Choice says:

        They only CLAIM that they own the meter and FYI electricity is an essential service which should be affordable for all and not be threatened with disconnection or extortion because ‘They’ say so. We have rights as their customers and they should remember that too.

      • Anonymous says:

        I photograph my meters every day around the time that they are to be read. This is to avoid any sneaky charges that Jemena may try to charge and, if necessary, to forward to the billing company so that I’m not charged a ‘service fee’ for meter reading should they decide to fire all their readers. Anyway, my meter clearly states ‘Property of Heidelberg City Council’ in black print on an aluminium plate. However, I still believe that the meters are mine, as I purchased the house almost 20 years ago, inclusive of all fixtures. Heidelberg City Council no longer exists (now goes under Banyule). IN ANY CASE THIS IS POSITIVE PROOF THAT THE METER DOES NOT BELONG TO ANY POWER COMPANY.

      • Snowy says:

        So then, in keeping with contract law if they own your meter then they charge you monthly rent for the use of “their” meter, and they take a damage or security deposit, and they itemize on your bill specifically that they are renting you the meter, do they? After all the burden of proof of ownership lies with the power utility, not you. Asked for it?

    • Eric says:

      Many have asked them to provide the paperwork showing proof of ownership. None of the Power Companies have come up with anything with a Powercor representative I know of, actually stating that “she” could not provide that paperwork.

    • Yes Chris,
      I have challenged Powercor already and they cannot prove to me that they own the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter, so they have already shot themselves in the head.
      They cannot give me any documentary proof of ownership.

    • To Chris:
      Perhaps apart from stomach ulcers these not so smart electric meter Installers will be getting brain aneurisms as well, with all the constant radiation they must be getting working so close to these accursed and now proving to be DEADLY and DOPEY and far from smart Electric Microwave Meters.

  17. Citizen for Democracy says:

    In 1989 Mikhail Gorbachev confronted the heads of the East German’s surveillance/police state with a warning about the dangers of not ‘responding to reality’ and that ‘life punishes those who come too late’. The Communist Regime, on the eve of its end, locked themselves up in their own buildings. Similarly, the Victorian Liberal Government, with their illogical and unwise insistence on the mandate no Victorian wants, are paving the way for the political oblivion that awaits them in November. They are orchestrating their own demise, setting themselves up for certain failure at the next election.
    Every participant in this attack on our Human Rights should eventually be personally prosecuted – Ted Baillieu, Michael O’Brien, Denis Napthine, Nicholas Kotsiras and others, who acquiesced and decided that it was ok for hundreds, possibly thousands of Victorians to be ‘collateral damage’ in their grand scheme of ‘smart gridding’ the state.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I agree about the personal prosecution. They think that “Parliamentary Privilege” gives them indemnity from their responsibilities. We are not laboratory animals and do not consent to being irradiated by their technology.
      I don’t trust them for a moment. They will try to install these deadly devices if we don’t keep on fighting. I believe that these meters are not “only affecting 3%” of the people who have them installed but in fact, are, because of their cumulative nature, going to affect everyone. When these pollies grandchildren get brain tumours, they will be screaming “foul” loudest of all!

      • Hi Cedar Wilde,
        Let’s hope that Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and his boss the soon to be OUSTED Mr Dennis Napthine, right now proving to be (Dennis the Menace) and his dynamite destructive friends get kicked out of office very soon, for adding to the now mounting cases of Microwave Poisoning coming from these now proving to be Deadly and Dopey and Filthy and truly far from smart Electric Meter. SMART is something these Human and All life Sickness making Meters definitely AINT.

    • To: Citizens for Democracy,
      Each of these people who have now proven themselves to be Criminals regarding this Criminal enforcement of the truly Not so smart Electric Meters, to my way of thinking, needs to go to prison for fifty (50) years in full, with no remission for good behaviour, including Mr John Brumby of the past derelict Victorian Labour Party and his Minister for Power and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor as well ,who started this Nest Of Vipers off in the first place.

  18. Dear Fengsuei 1,
    At the moment the following two states namely Western Australia and New South Wales appear to have given their citizens a choice as to whether they wish to have a Smart Meter installed or to refuse to have a Smart Meter installed on their homes and or Small Business Premises. Please note that here in Victorian it is the Victorian Government through an (Order in Council) who have placed a Mandate upon each of the five Foreign Owned Power Companies to use their best endeavours to get each power company to Persuade each Victorian Home Owner to accept a Smart Meter — read Dumb Meter. Please note that a number of the five Foreign Owned Power Companies are NOT using their BEST ENDEAVOURS but are acting both criminally and illegally by bullying and lying to us all which is unlawful for they can be prosecuted under Brodie’s Law and if found guilty of bullying by a court can be imprisoned for up to ten years.
    See Brodie’s Law enacted in June 2011 Justice Dept. Victoria — Its on Google.

    1. Do securely lock up your electric meter power box with a Heavy Duty Padlock.Our power box has been securely locked up since June 2011.
    2, Affix NO TRESASS NOTICE TO YOUR electric meter box and same to your front gate with the ACCC – Commonwealth of Australia $167,000.00 Fine. Get it off
    Do join our SSMA = (Stop Smart Meter Australia) Group who have the legal means to reassure and assist those of us who refuse to be bullied by our incompetent and uncaring Victorian Government and its Dishonourable minister for Energy and recourses Mr Nicholas Kotsiras who is acting as chief salesman for the five foreign owned power companies in contravention of his sworn duties as minister to uphold the rights and laws and welfare of all Victorians.
    What we need to do is to get a Common Class Action in force to sue those ministers and principles of our derelict Victorian Liberal Government, who have shown no Duty of Care for our – Health and Welfare, nor respect for our Democratic Human Rights. A pox upon this uncaring Victorian Liberal Party Government, who need to be ejected from office as soon as possible.

    Yours sincerely,

    Henry Leschen.

  19. MovingEntity says:

    “However, because approximately 150,000 households/small businesses have yet to have smart meters installed, be assured that power distributors and government authorities will still try to dupe people to believe that smart meters are compulsory.”

    Yes very true. The only way to assert rights is the declare you own the meter.

    • Well you do own the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, because the Victorian State Electricity Department still exists and is still supplying Electric Power down to Point Henry in Victoria for the Aluminium Smelters. Every Electric Analog Meter has the Victorian S.E.C ownership name plate on it, out of all of these Analog Electric Meters I have seen all over Victoria.

      Therefore this proves to me that as the Victorian S.E.C is very much alive and kicking and every Victorian still is tied to the Victorian S.E.C, we the people of Victoria are the owners of these Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters. Also note that when I challenged Mrs Janet Hogarty of the Publicity Department of Powercor, some many months back to PROVE TO ME that Powercor has documentary proof that Powercor actually owns these safe and passive Analog Electric Meters she took a week of sorting through her files for this evidence. She finally phoned me back after exactly seven days and stated,
      ” Mr Leschen I have searched through Powercor’s Paperwork and cannot find any evidence to prove that we of Powercor actually own the Electric Analog Meters.”
      I thanked her for phoning me and giving me this honest answer of hers. So there you have it folks, The Victorian S.E.C Safe and Passive Analogue Meters’ effectively belong to every one of us Victorian home and small business owners as the Victorian S.E.C is part and parcel of us the Victorian Individuals.

  20. Leaty says:

    This is fabulous news. Thanks everyone and a very very Happy New Year. Keep up the good work.

  21. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    That is Excellent News.

    We must all collectively continue to fight and stand our ground on this most important issue.
    We must let the Government, Distributors, Installers, etc, all know that we have had enough of their lies and we will not be party to any of it.
    We must also continue to educate the public who, in most cases, no fault of their own, have been misinformed, taken advantage of, lied to, coerced and BULLIED into accepting a “smart” meter, due to false and misleading information provided by our Government bodies, Distributors, Installers, etc.

    I also believe we must urgently, get vigilant, get active and get vocal in regards to Gas and Water “smart” meters as well now.
    There doesn’t seem to be much being said about these at the moment (I wonder why), however I believe some areas of inner Melbourne already have wireless gas meters installed (Westgarth?)
    Can anyone please provide any information as to whether this is true or not?
    I am currently trying to find out more.

    We need to let the distributors of these 2 other essential services also know that we will not accept any of their “smart” metering and associated devices either.
    We must act on this now, whilst it is still in it’s infancy.

    We need to take advantage of the State Election being held later in 2014, by making sure our voices are heard LOUD And CLEAR, that we have had enough from both Major Parties.



  22. Anne Jenkinson says:

    Happy New Year – well done everyone for all of your hard work. Jenkinson family.

  23. Peter says:

    I’d like to thank all the people of SSMA for all the hard work they’ve done in helping to inform all Australians on the issues of, not only SMs, but in revealing how ruthless governments and corporations are when it comes to profit at the expense of the general public. I believe that it is through their hard work that the majority of those 150,000 premises have not been vandalised, by providing us with the tools to help combat this plague. Well done.

  24. Wendy Rice says:

    I read in this blog some time ago that if we win our case, the power behemoths will charge every household an annual fee of over $100. We will have to read our meters and telephone them our readings. Of course, our health is priceless. I am concerned for people who are not in a financial position to pay.

    • Wendy,
      I am reading my own Electric Meter and phone in the details to my Retailer. They are happy for me to do this, but once a year I have to pay for the reading of the Analog Electric Meter Reader Man which is quite OK with me. I want him to keep his job.

      If these foreign owned Blackmailing Electric five power companies want to charge yet another $100 or more dollars so we can keep our Safe and Passive Analog Meters, get in touch with your Retailer, as I have already done, to get this Thieving Blackmailing Charge wiped from your Electricity Bill. Don’t let these Thieves of Powercor and City Power and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy SCREW You any further. They are a bunch of Monetary Rapists.

      I’m hoping we can get these Evil Ones into the High Court very soon before an honest judge and a jury of twelve (12) men tried and true. After a fair trial and if found guilty as we know these C.E.O’s of the above Money Grubbing foreign owned Electric Power Companies are, each C.E.O and their minions needs to get a Prison Sentence of Fifty (50) years minimum to be served in fully with no remission for good behaviour, for their past and now present and still ongoing WICKEDNESS in trying to force the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners to accept a dopey and now proving to be DEADLY to ALL LIFE and far from Smart Electric Meters. The same goes for the earlier and past Victorian Labour Party of John Brumby and Peter Bachelor the Minister for Power and Resources and for the Liberal Party Victorian Government of Mr Ted Baillieu and his STOOGE the also Dishonourable Minister for Power and Resources Mr Dishonourable Michael O’Brien who has proven himself to be a disgrace to the Human Race, as he has shown that he doesn’t give a Brass Razoo about the Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare. Every Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources owes every Victorian Citizen a Duty of CARE AND WELFARE as a very necessary part of his Office.

      At no time had the then proven to be Mr Dishonourable Michael O’Brien shown any Due Care for Victorians Health or Welfare, for which he should have been dismissed before the last Victorian elections. Another Disgrace to the Human Race is Mr Dennis Napthine who refused to demand that Mr Nicholas Kotsiras “Pull The Plug” on these accursed and dopey Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and far from smart Microwave Electric Meters, that is, he Mr Nicholas Kotsiras should have Stopped The Roll-Out of these accursed meters after he got into office.

      The reason Mr Nicholas Kotsiras refused to do this, is because he, just like the other Ministers for Energy and Resources was a Lick-Spittle like those same Minister for Energy and Resources to these accursed and Evil Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies and there equally corrupt minions of the Publicity Departments who continued to spin Lies to the Victorian Public in order to try and brainwash all of us into believing that we had to accept these Evil and Filthy Tools of outright Monetary Greed and Corruption allied to the DARK ONE or SATAN as he is known, who still rages about the Earth trying to steal MEN’S SOULS in any way that he Satan and his Servants are able to do and drive us the already over-taxed Victorian Public into further PENUARY with ever increasing Electricity Charges.

      What we really need to do is to SEIZE these now Chinese and Singapore Five Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies and Lay Claim to these foreign owned Electric Power Companies as our own, as it had been before the Victorian State Owned Electricity Company owned by the Victorian Public before 1994.

      Who sold our V.S.E.C to these overseas companies you may ask ?
      It was the then V.S.E.C which Geoff Kennett, the past Victorian Premier back in 1994 sold overseas and a damn stupid and Illegal move that was of his. For one thing the V.S.E.C was not his to sell in the first place. What he did was to sell a Victorian State owned asset (owned by all the people of Victoria ) without the permission of the Victorian People, which boils down to one thing, THEFT PLAIN AND SIMPLE. For this act of THEFT, he Geoffrey Kennett needs to be dragged kicking and screaming before the Victorian High Court and to be tried by an honest judge and a jury of twelve (12) men straight and true. Then if found guilty, Geoff Kennett needs to be flung into prison for the full term of fifty (50) years with no remission for good behaviour.

  25. fengsue1 says:

    Who should I contact to find out where smart meters are not installed? I may relocate. thanks, Sue

    • Jason says:

      No smart meters installed at my place, and security measures in place to prevent access to my meter except by appointment. Also a solar-system which can run the house (currently grid-connect but can be stand-alone). If you think you might relocate down to the LaTrobe Valley do get in touch; we may have something to talk about.

  26. For an even better new year folks in 2014,
    The Smart Meter Installers can take out every one these accursed and dopey sickness making and not so smart meters,and put back the Analog Electric Meters they illegally took out in the first place and charge the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies with the bills.

  27. Happy Dissenters says:

    Small tale to tell. Before Christmas I happened to come across a linesman in a street I was visiting in Preston. I asked him if he was a smart meter installer and he said he was from Optus. I said “Good…I hate smart meters.” and he replied “ALL Victoria hates smart meters.” Despite being in that electrical field, he was under the misapprehension that the SMs were compulsory. I pointed him into this forum’s direction here and FB, told him what I knew about the lies from the power cos and govts and he was enlightened. Bravo to the SSMA team and contributors here and around social media. We’ve made it into 2014 successfully. Let’s take a deep breath and continue to keep ourselves safe from this scourge. Kudos everyone. 🙂

  28. Dave says:

    this is great to read and congratulations to all who have been successful in NOT getting the meter, but I agree… the war ain’t over yet

    • To all readers,
      Be thou ever watchful as it says in the New Testament. We know not what tricks of EVIL This Liberal Party are up to in their WICKED endeavours to squeeze the last remaining Type 2B Microwave Electric Poisonous to All Life dopey and deadly and far from and not so smart meters onto you the Victorian People.

  29. Tanya says:

    Whoo hooh. Champagne time. One small step of victory on the way to a much larger leap of victory.

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